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The group of people took advantage of the less than half an hour of darkness to leave the Green Smoke World. They then saw a city a couple of miles to the north. Behind the city, the silhouette of a huge mountain range could be faintly seen.

The city was built right in front of the mountain and stretched out for several dozen miles, which was considered not a small scale. Moreover, the defensive work of the city was quite impressive, and the city wall alone was over a hundred feet tall. Even at night, one could still see the shadows of people on it.

On top of the city walls, there was a one hundred zhang tall city gate tower that stretched to the left and right for several hundred miles. Obviously, this was a border fortress.

Furthermore, the entire city was made up of bluish-black boulders, giving off a solemn and ancient atmosphere. Li Xingyun had fallen in love with the human presence here the moment he laid eyes on it. He nodded his head repeatedly to himself along the way.

Ding Bao was very smart. Seeing that Li Xingyun seemed to be very satisfied with this place, he couldn't help but ask with a smile, "Little brother, what do you think of this place?"

"Very good!" Li Xingyun praised sincerely.

"Then should we stay and develop?" Ding Bao was still smiling as he asked. At the same time, he was also sizing up Li Xingyun's expression.

Li Xingyun also knew that the other party was only treating him like this because of that woman from before. That woman's status wasn't low, so if they had the chance to befriend her, they would naturally spare no effort.

Even if he understood all of this, there was nothing to be dissatisfied about. This was a world where the strong preyed on the weak, so there was no need to act like this.

Therefore, he casually said, "I'll be troubling you for a few more days!"

His words were neither servile nor overbearing, and he did not state whether he wanted to stay. He only gave a vague answer.

Seeing that the other party was unfazed by his favors, had good manners, and seemed to be very mature and steady with his words and actions, Ding Bao immediately warned himself in his heart, "This person is definitely not someone to be trifled with, I need to be careful of his friendship!"

It had to be said that Ding Bao was indeed a good person. Not to mention his foresight, just his courage was shocking enough. Who could determine his future after knowing him for only a few hours? It was said that 'one knows the strength from the distance, and one has seen the hearts of men for a long time'. However, to be able to become like Ding Bao, it was definitely not a common thing.

Soon, they reached the city gate. It was already night time, and coupled with the fact that they were at the border, the city gate was already closed.

"Who's here?"

When they approached closer, a voice filled with energy suddenly rang out from above the city gate. This voice was mixed with a terrifying Spiritual Energy, causing one to be unable to help from feeling dizzy.

Just a loud shout had such power. Li Xingyun was secretly shocked by the strength of the Crippling Sun City.

Circulating his spirit energy slightly, he dispelled the pressure and quickly recovered.

"Meng Yuan! "I am Ding Bao, returning from the city to explore the world today. Please open the passage and allow me to enter the city!" Ding Bao shouted at the top of the city gate. At the same time, he threw out a golden token.

The person above could not see his appearance clearly, and could only vaguely see that he was wearing armor. Only after checking did he say in a deep voice, "So it's Steward Ding. Let him in!"

As Meng Yuan finished his sentence, a buzzing sound came from underneath the heavy steel door. Soon, a three meter long tunnel appeared in the middle of the door.

Only now did Li Xingyun realize that this wasn't to open the city gate, but to open a passage.

The huge city gate was over a hundred zhang long and was entirely made of fine iron. It was several zhang thick, and it did not look like a city gate, but more like a city wall.

If it wasn't for the fact that it was so sturdy, even stronger spirit beasts would have a breakthrough, let alone those mysterious and powerful evil monsters in the Wasteland.

Seeing the passageway open, everyone quickly entered. Ding Bao gave Li Xingyun a general explanation.

"Because the city gate near the Green Smoke World is a bit special, it basically won't open, only this small passageway will open. Moreover, if someone wants to enter the Wasteland, they'll have to go there at a time for a long time, so they won't go out every day!"

Li Xingyun nodded in understanding after hearing Ding Bao's explanation.

Speaking of which, he had never seen this kind of Battle City before, so he could not experience its bloodlust and terror. However, there should definitely be a chance in the future!

With this thought, they quickly entered the city.


The moment they entered, the passageway that had been opened immediately closed. A huge lump of refined iron hit the ground, causing the entire city gate to tremble!

Even though Li Xingyun was a tenacious person, his mouth couldn't help but twitch. He was secretly shocked!

As it was already late at night, there were no signs of anyone in the city. The border area did not look like the interior of the city, and the lights were still dim at night.

At this time, they couldn't see much of the scenery, so they didn't stop and headed straight for the City Lord's Mansion.

Li Xingyun wasn't afraid at all. Since it was already late at night, he might as well go to the City Lord's Mansion and stay there. Furthermore, with that woman's warning from before, there shouldn't be anyone who would make things difficult for him, a mere Spirit Opening Realm cultivator.

The feeling that the shadow guard gave him before was too strange. Such a person would be very difficult to deal with, but along the way, he did not discover any traces of him.

With great caution, they quickly arrived at a rather large manor. Unlike the buildings in the Sacred Domain, the buildings here were all quite tall, domineering, and mostly made of bluestone.

Each piece of bluestone was several thousand jin in weight, and each piece had been polished and made into a standard shape. This bluestone structure was not only beautiful, but also sturdy, solemn, and suited the atmosphere of the Ancient Desolation.

"Little Brother, you can rest for the moment. I'll bring you to pay a visit to the City Governor tomorrow!"

Ding Bao exhorted one of the maidservants to bring him to the guest room to rest. He didn't mind this and directly left!

After Li Xingyun left, Ding Bao looked into the distance with a grave expression. He then said in a deep voice, "Bring me to the City Lord. I have something to report!"

In the guest room of the City Lord's Mansion!

He wasn't surprised that Li Xingyun had been arranged to not see anyone. He relaxed and fell asleep, his tense mind finally relaxing for a moment.

The room was simply furnished. There was a bed, a table, and a few chairs. Even the color inside the room was quite heavy. Logically speaking, it was not easy to fall asleep in this kind of environment. As a result, he fell into a deep slumber soon after. However, for someone like him who spent all his time dealing with death, he would be able to wake up in time if the wind blew, so he wasn't afraid of anything.

At this moment, in a side hall of the City Lord's Mansion, Ding Bao was respectfully standing behind a middle-aged man.

This middle-aged man had a square face, long hair, and a grand figure. One could tell with a glance, he was a loyal and outspoken person.

This person was the city lord of the city, An Yuanshan, a master at the early stage of the Cloud Level, and he was in charge of the current Crippling Sun City. Due to his efforts, his reputation was extremely resounding in a hundred mile radius, and not only because he was strong, but also because he loved and treated his people well, he had a very high reputation in the areas under the jurisdiction of the city!

At this moment, An Yuanshan was quietly listening to Ding Bao's report. His expression was solemn, giving off a feeling of self-confidence.

Finally, Ding Bao silently stood behind him, waiting for his orders.

"You mean, that guy from Yan Zhou?" An Yuanshan suddenly asked after a long time.

It could be seen that when he was speaking, his eyes were somewhat serious. Suddenly, he turned around and stared at Ding Baodao with sharp eyes, "Ding Bao, at this time, other than me, no one else is allowed to mention this, including the spirit medicine that the young miss is looking for!"


Ding Bao suddenly felt as if an invisible hand was pressing down on him, causing him to be unable to breathe. When he spoke, he was also in a trance!

"Big, big... "Lord, the Violent Wolf Gang knows about this matter as well. Moreover ?"

Ding Bao stammered as he regretted his decision. If he had known that this would happen, he would have killed them to keep his mouth shut. Only this would be the safest way out. At this moment, he wished he could slap himself twice.

"To let you love talent, to let you have foresight ?"

He scolded himself in his heart and realized that An Yuanshan was staring at him with a serious expression. His legs and stomach were trembling.

"And what?" An Yuanshan asked.

Ding Bao was only in the Awakened Soul Realm, so how could he withstand such pressure? He immediately said, "Moreover, the young master that I brought back has always been with that lady. Your subordinate doesn't know if he knows anything?"

With that, he used his peripheral vision to peek at Siyang An and saw that his expression was still unsightly. He immediately expressed, "My lord, he is currently in the City Lord's Mansion, otherwise ?"

He did not finish his sentence, but An Yuanshan obviously understood what he meant.

Hearing this, An Yuanshan didn't say anything. He slowly walked out of his room, his mind deep in thoughts.

He should be weighing the pros and cons, or thinking about the risks.

Abruptly, he turned around to look at the sky outside the house and said in a deep voice, "Not to mention the youth in the manor, I'll go and probe him tomorrow. However, you should understand the people of the Violent Wolf Gang that were left outside!"

Hearing this, Ding Bao's fat body violently trembled. However, this decision was within his expectations. Not to mention that the young man was with him, he didn't even dare to ignore the fact that he had saved his life two times.

Previously, the young miss had warned him that he must treat this person with respect. He was already very thoughtful, so how could he not know about this?

At this moment, hearing the City Lord's arrangements, he couldn't help but let out a sigh of relief, secretly rejoicing!

Soon after, a group of several dozen black-robed people took advantage of the night sky to quickly leave the city. Like a black sharp sword, they silently and soundlessly disappeared into the boundless night sky ?

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