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Li Xingyun didn't pay attention to his angry words. After he landed, he turned the strange fish over with great interest. In the end, he took out another fiery red spike from the mouth of the strange fish!

Seeing these spikes, the two of them understood. It had been so long since they had ambushed them!

"What is this?"

Qing Yan couldn't help but ask!

Hearing that, Li Xingyun curled his lips and said, "Who knows? It might be an unknown creature!"

Since this thing could live in boiling water, it was obviously no ordinary item. However, it looked a little ugly!

Hearing Li Xingyun's words, Qing Yan looked at him strangely and asked, "Why are you alright too?"


Li Xingyun was puzzled, but he didn't mind as he said, "I guess you're interested in my rough skin and thick flesh!"

Listening to his explanation, Qing Yin knew that this fella wasn't willing to say anything, so she gave him a coquettish look. Without further questions, she left with Nangong Xiaodai!

Seeing this woman's arrogant appearance, Li Xingyun felt helpless!

"Hey!" Be careful, this thing is very powerful! "

The three of them went down the river, but didn't encounter any more attacks. The reason for that was because Li Xingyun had smeared the three of them with the blood of some strange fish!

After being infected by this blood, the strange things in the water no longer bothered them. However, the grumbling of the two girls really annoyed him the whole way!

"Li Xingyun!" What the hell are you doing! So dirty, so smelly! "

"Yeah, hurry up and get us some water to wash it off!"

"Li Xingyun ?"

"Li Xingyun ?"

The two girls, Li Xingyun and Li Xingyun, had truly annoyed him. In the end, he simply shut out his hearing, turned a deaf ear, and did not feel annoyed!

After an unknown amount of time, the group finally felt that the cave had become wider, with a feeling of enlightenment. Moreover, they could see some light up ahead. It was clear that they had reached the end of the tunnel!

Very quickly, the few of them walked out of the cave. However, the scene in front of them left them inexplicably shocked!

What they saw was an incomparably huge city. Of course, this was not the reason they were shocked. What truly shocked them was that this large city was actually sitting on the palm of a gigantic hand!

This palm seemed to naturally bend slightly as it supported a huge city. At this moment, the few of them were at the tiger's mouth position of this incomparably huge palm. The river of blood flowed down and surrounded the entire city!

"This... This is... "Palm?"

Nangong Little Dai stuttered as she asked!

However, at this moment, no one replied as they looked at the scene in front of them with ineffable shock!

At this moment, Li Xingyun's heart also surged with monstrous waves. When he turned around, he saw an extremely huge statue standing behind him!

For some reason, this statue seemed to be standing in the sky, as if it was stepping on the boundless universe!

At this moment, it was unknown whether it was due to the angle or the distance, but it was impossible to see the sculpture's appearance clearly. However, one could tell that it was a man!

"Lord Qingyu?"

Li Xingyun was puzzled. Although he couldn't see this person clearly, the feeling he got was that of the Lord of Qingyu, making him feel that way for no reason at all!

"Lord Qingyu!"

This time, it wasn't because he was talking, but because he had actually recognized the sculpture. Presumably, it was also because of the Purple Marked Ring!

At this moment, Li Xingyun suddenly recalled that the river of blood he had traversed before, was the blood vessel of this sculpture?

Just thinking about such a thing was enough to make one's scalp tingle!

"Let's go!" Let's go to that city and take a look. There seems to be quite a few people already! "

Hearing these words, Qing Yan and Nangong Xiaodai nodded their heads in agreement. They cleared the bloodstains on their bodies, and the three of them set off for the city.

At the edge of the city, just above his wrist, there was a giant city gate. It towered into the sky, and there were three characters written in large characters floating in the air. It was none other than ? the three ancient characters of Glazed City!

"Liu-Li City!"

Li Xingyun looked at these words and muttered to himself!

At this moment, the city gates of Liu-Li City had yet to close. Perhaps, it had never closed before. From within the city, one could vaguely see the shadows of people!

Clearly, there were quite a number of people who had come here already. Most likely, some of them had been directly sent here. Some of them might have come through other channels, just like the rest of them!

When they entered the city, many people only glanced at them for a moment before not paying any more attention to them. Each and every one of them went to do their own things!

Suddenly, there was a ruckus not far ahead that attracted their attention. After thinking for a moment, they moved closer!

"Bastard, I saw this first, what right do I have to give it to you?"

"Hehe ?" Based on the fact that I am the Young Sect Master of the Heavenly Cloud Sect, why is it that I am not convinced? If you're not convinced, then hit me! "Hahahaha ?"

From far away, they could hear the sounds of people quarrelling. There were even many cultivators surrounding them, constantly pointing and discussing. It was obvious that both sides had a dispute over something!

In next to no time, they understood the whole story!

At this moment, a group of people stood in the front. There were clearly a small number of people in one group. There were only five people, three men and two women, while the other group had over a dozen people.

In front of them, there was a white-robed man holding a fan. He looked at the people in front of him with a disdainful look in his eyes!

He saw that the person's face was pale and his footsteps were empty. It was obvious that he was someone who was addicted to beauties.

This person's arrogant face had already attracted the disdain of the surrounding people. However, they were only privately speaking about it, and did not actually make an enemy of this person!

"So it's the Heavenly Cloud Sect's Le Yin, what an annoying fellow!"

While he was watching the scene, he heard Nangong Xiaodai's complaints and disgust!

Hearing this, he couldn't help but ask curiously, "Little Di, do you know him?"

However, before he could finish his question, he was already overflowing with the topic!

Tianyan looked at Li Xingyun in astonishment and asked in a strange tone, "Young Master Li, it can't be that you've never heard of the Heavenly Cloud Sect of Yanzhou, right?"

Li Xingyun couldn't help asking, "Should I have heard of it?"


She was speechless towards this guy. When he was smart, he was always like a ghost, but when he was smart, she always felt like he lacked a string!

Nangong Xiaodai knew a bit about Li Xingyun's situation, so she continued, "Actually, the Heavenly Cloud Sect is similar to our Nangong Family and belongs to a huge power in the entire Yanzhou Region. However, the territories we're in are different!"

There was a four-sided world in the entire Yanzhou Continent: the Southern Mountains, the Eastern Desolate Mountain Ranges, the Western Wasteland, and the Northern Annihilation Mountains!

The Heavenly Cloud Sect was in charge of the Eastern Wastelands!

Correspondingly, our Nangong Family is in charge of the South Ridge, the Battling Heavens brotherhood is in charge of the Forbidden Plains, the Yuwen Family is in charge of An Bei, and the most powerful Xiang Family, the Black Hawk Guild, is in control of Yanzhou City!

These five powers were also known as the five great powers of this world!

After listening to Nangong Xiaodan's introduction, Li Xingyun finally had a better understanding of the overall power structure of Yanzhou! Before this, he only knew the geographical divisions of the Yanzhou region. As for which power controlled which, he had no idea!

However, from the looks of it, the young sect master of the Heavenly Cloud Sect had quite the background!

Other than the Battling Heavens brotherhood, all of the major powers on this continent were of the same family, so whether it was sects or clans, they all had heirs!

"The successor to the Heavenly Cloud Sect's Le family doesn't seem to be much!"

Li Xingyun said as he looked at the more boastful Li Xingyun!

Qing Yan chuckled as she heard this, "Young Master Li, you have to think carefully. Do you think that a powerful family like this would hand the future of a family over to a popinjay?"

Hearing this, Li Xingyun couldn't help but furrow his brows. Judging from Qing Yan's words, it was obvious that Le Yin wasn't ordinary!

Could it be that the foppish young lord's face was just an appearance?

At this time, he only heard Qing Yin say, "Don't underestimate this Le Yin fellow. Sometimes, he is a smiling tiger with a cold front, and other times, he is soft and insidious. There is nothing that he doesn't do, whether it is adultery, plotting or scheming, here, if you look down on him, you will die miserably!"

Her words were not to belittle Li Xingyun, but to express how ruthless she was!

After Li Xingyun heard this, he already listed this person as a dangerous character that could be compared with Jing Mo Xun!

It seemed that many evil people were not so simple. No one who grew up to be the lord of a colossal power would be a fool. They would hand everything over to a useless person!

At this moment, the situation on the field became chaotic once again!

"Lan Zheng, how about this, if you don't want to hand over that sword, then that's fine too, hand your two juniors over for me to play with for two days. I guarantee that I will teach you well and make you want to die!"



Hearing this, Nangong Xiaodai and Tianyu cursed in a low voice at the same time!

How could Lan Zheng agree? Staring intently at Le Yin, his entire body trembled in anger!


Suddenly, Lan Zheng unsheathed the saber in his hand and shouted angrily, "Le Yin, even if we die today, we won't fight as you wish!"

Li Xingyun silently nodded his head when he saw this person's actions. This person was undoubtedly a true man. He would rather die than kneel and live. This was something to be commended for!

However, looking at the other two junior brothers, they didn't seem to have this kind of courage. At this time, looking at Le Yin in front, and then looking at his own junior sister, the two finally said weakly, "Senior Sister Liu, Junior Sister Xia, how about ? Just obey Young Master Le. Our numbers are not enough for us to kill! "

Hearing these two speak so weakly and without any backbone, that Senior Martial Sister Liu and Junior Martial Sister Xia were so angry that their chests rose and fell. After a long while, they finally cursed, "Scoundrel! I, Xia Yushan, was blind to be in your company, hmph! If you want to preserve your life, then go and seek refuge from your happy host! "

Being provoked by Xia Yu You like that, the two of them became anxious and immediately changed their expression from before as they said resentfully, "Lowly girl, how much do you think your chastity is worth? Would you feel wronged if I used it to exchange for the lives of my fellow brothers? You don't know what's good for you! "

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