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Nangong Xiaodai and the others also did not expect Le Yin to be so easy to talk about. He actually allowed them to leave. However, just as they were about to leave, Le Yin's voice rang out once again!

"Wait!" Le Yin called out to a few people, and said in a weird tone, "I said let the beauties go, but did I say let the two men go? "Could it be that I can't even see that the two of you are women?"

Le Yin's words were truly vicious. He clearly didn't want to release them, but he found such an excuse. Moreover, he even wanted to humiliate Li Xingyun and Lan Zheng!

Li Xingyun had never been afraid of things. Now that he had been humiliated, he smiled evilly and turned around to look at Le Yin!

For some reason, being stared at like that by him, Le Yin felt somewhat guilty!

His strength was only at the initial stage of the Green Nether Realm, so he was not very strong. However, there was still a late stage Green Nether Realm martial practitioner behind him, three middle stage and nine early stage Green Nether Realm martial practitioners.

However, in comparison, Li Xingyun was still a bit more afraid of Jing Mo Xun. The two of them were like a poisonous snake in the dark, while the other was a wild dog in the open!

No matter how sinister he was, his expression was still too hasty!

Glancing at Le Yin, Li Xingyun slowly walked towards Le Yin. At the same time, he said calmly, "Le Yin, Prince Le, right? Today, I will let you know that there are some things you cannot speak carelessly about! "


The moment he said that, he did not even give his opponent a chance to speak. In the next moment, he completely disappeared from the crowd!

Being humiliated like this by others, he wasn't really that angry, but he had never felt that being magnanimous was the same as letting himself be wronged!

When Le Yin saw Li Xingyun suddenly disappear in front of him, his pupils constricted. A sense of danger suddenly descended upon him. Without much time to think, he immediately shouted, "Quick, be on guard, defend ?"

Puff ?

Before he could finish his words, the neck of the outermost Netherezim Stage Initial Phase expert had already been wiped clean, and a bright red mist sprayed into the air!

Right now, Li Xingyun was about to break through to the Netherpassage Realm, and his first stone inscription was about to be merged. It could be said that he urgently needed a battle to break through his boundary!

Originally, he had no intention of becoming enemies with this person as Jing Mo Xun was still a venomous snake. However, since this person dared to bully him, he naturally had to repay him!

The Heavenly Shadow Nine Line Sword combined with the Heaven Shaking Sword was truly elusive. In addition to the Heaven Shaking Stone's increase in attack power, it allowed him to truly be like a fish in water when doing this assassination!

Puff puff ?

Very quickly, the sound of one person after another being torn apart filled the air. From time to time, people would fall down, leaving behind a trail of blood!

This feeling was maddening. He could only despair and fear, but he could not see even the slightest trace of his opponent!

At this moment, if Le Yin said that he didn't regret it, it would be a lie. Facing such a elusive fellow, no one would be able to do anything. Moreover, he had underestimated this person!

He saw that Li Xingyun had tried to overestimate his strength, but he knew that he had failed!

"Brother, brother ?" If you have something to say, then let's talk! Don't be angry at me! "

Le Yin, on the other hand, was resolutely cowering in fear. In his world, there was no such thing as disgraceful. Everything had to be done in order to protect one's life. We can talk about it after revenge!

Li Xingyun had hidden himself in the darkness, but he paid no heed to Li Xingyun's words. From time to time, he would look for an opportunity to kill the enemy!

"This young master, you can't catch him, but can't you catch his companions?"

Suddenly, just as Le Yin was at a loss for what to do, a sharp voice sounded from the crowd!

Hearing these words, Le Yin was stunned for a moment before feeling overjoyed!

Li Xingyun, who was secretly watching, couldn't help but frown when he heard this. However, when he looked towards the crowd, he didn't see a single person!

Before this, he had not paid attention to the situation outside the arena, but had been taken advantage of!

At this moment, it was too late to think about it further. He could only wait for Blessing's next move!

However, when Le Yin saw the lineup of the other side, he frowned!

Bai Yu's strength was originally at the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm. Now, he had a middle stage Netherpassage Realm Lan Zheng and two early stage women. Wouldn't he be sending out his strongest forces?

In that case, wouldn't he be nothing more than a nobody?

"What kind of stupid idea is this? Are you trying to kill me?"

He couldn't help but curse in a low voice as he secretly weighed the pros and cons of this plan.

Buzz ?

Right at this moment, a sudden change occurred on the battlefield. Before the waves calmed down, several figures suddenly launched an attack at the edge of the crowd. Beams of cold and resplendent light shone, illuminating the entire battlefield!

"Qing Leng Yue!"

When Li Xingyun saw this light, he couldn't help but shout in a low voice!

At this critical moment, his old rival, Qing Lanyue, had attacked again, catching him off guard!

There were quite a few people gathered here today, so he reckoned that a majority of his opponents had arrived!

There was no time to ponder over the matter, he could only rush back to protect Nangong Xiao Dai. The rest of them had their own ways to protect themselves, except for Nangong Xiao Dai!

However, perhaps he was overthinking things. Nangong Xiao Dai had also mysteriously disappeared the moment the killer appeared. However, her disappearance was different from Li Xingyun's. She was just using a camouflage technique, so Li Xingyun's divine sense couldn't hinder her!

Then, he recalled that Nangong Xiao Dai was the apple of the assassin's eye. Could it be that she really didn't have any power to protect herself?

Assassins and assassins had some similarities, but they were not the same!

Assassins specialized in moving far and wide after being assassinated. They rarely stopped to fight, but in terms of speed and concealment!

Assassins, on the other hand, specialized in camouflage. They created murderous intent that was hard to guard against. Under the contrast of the two, the assassin was more like a bat searching for food in the dark, and the assassin was more like a hidden poisonous snake!

At this moment, Nangong Little Dai was also using the other party's light and blind spots to dodge and counterattack!

When he saw this, he could not help but feel more at ease. He then landed firmly beside Nangong Xiao Di, ready to protect her at any time!

She was not surprised that he was able to find her. Instead, she was looking around at the crowd with a serious expression on her face.

Other than that, the rest of them were a little more troublesome. Their strength was not bad, but they could not handle Qing Lanyue's assassins easily.

Fortunately, the strength of this wave of assassins was not very strong. Hence, Lan Zheng, Xia Yu You and the others only suffered minor injuries!


Just as Li Xingyun was observing his surroundings, several rays of cold light shot out. Five figures charged towards him and Nangong Xiao Dai at the same time, surrounding them!

Looking at the situation, he understood that he could not fool these assassins with his disguise. They must have guessed that he was around with all these men.

How could he not know by now that there was a difficult commander hidden in the crowd? It was just that he didn't have the heart to care about it, so he could only brace himself with silence!

When those assassins appeared, he knew that he couldn't be merciful today, so he didn't panic much. When those assassins approached, he made his move in a split-second!

Puff puff puff puff ?

He slashed across the necks of the crowd and with a single strike, the entire body fell to the ground. In the face of all these, the other side did not seem surprised at all.

Obviously, they knew that this attack had exposed his position, and Nangong Xiaodi was his weakness.

Seeing where the assassins were attacking, Le Yin was first stunned, and then his eyes flashed with crazy hatred!

"Go!" "Chop that kid into mincemeat!"

Le Yin shouted out maliciously and maliciously. After which, other than the few people with the highest strength beside him, everyone else followed Qing Leng Yue's assassins into the fray!

Although they couldn't see the exact position of the humans, they could roughly guess their range and just randomly cut them down!

In this way, over twenty cultivators with extraordinary strength quickly surrounded Li Xingyun and Nangong Xiaodan. Nangong Xiaohai's strength was truly too low, and she didn't even have the slightest bit of power to protect herself in this environment. What surprised Li Xingyun was that she didn't show any signs of changing in this situation.

However, he was not in the mood to care about this. Facing the crazy attacks of the assassins, he could only passively defend. However, when the sounds of blades clashing rang out, he was completely exposed!


It was unknown who shouted loudly, but following that, a dense cluster of swords and sabers came at him!

Swoosh swoosh!

Very quickly, there were several wounds on his body. While the wounds were soaked in blood, he was no longer able to continue hiding and decisively withdrew from the Heavenly Shadow Nine Paths. He held his broadsword in his hand and crazily slashed at the crowd!


Miserable screams rang out. Broken limbs were everywhere. Blood mixed with sweat. His skin was scorching hot. Li Xingyun's eyes were also bloodshot, and he completely ignored the injuries on his body!

Nangong Xiao Dai would occasionally retaliate, but her attack power was simply too weak.

Seeing Li Xingyun's entire body covered in blood, she couldn't help but feel a pang in her nose. Thinking back to how Li Xingyun had been acting for the past few days, she couldn't help but plead, "Li Xingyun, hurry up and leave. I am a member of the Nan Gong Family, they don't dare to do anything to me! "

However, Li Xingyun ignored her words. To put it bluntly, Qing Leng Yue was his enemy, and Nangong Xiao Dai and the rest were just involved in this. What's more, could they really capture Nangong Xiao Dai without harming her?

Even if Le Yin didn't hurt her, what about Qing Leng Yue?

That power did not care that much. It was likely that there was no one in the entire Ancient Wastelands that they did not dare to attack!

"Shut up! "Uncle, you have to kill him today. Do you really think I don't have any cards left in my hand?!"

At this moment, Li Xingyun was also completely enraged. The corner of his mouth curved into a demonic smile, and madness flashed through his eyes!

Seeing him like this, Nangong Xiaodai couldn't help but be surprised for a moment. She didn't say anything else and obediently followed his footsteps ?

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