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A man would walk, but be buried behind mountains of bones and seas of blood! A man should be able to hold up the sky and the earth in his hands! A man should be able to burn the heart of all living things in the world!

The silent atmosphere lasted for only a split-second. Soon, the killers charged towards Li Xingyun once again!

At this moment, Li Xingyun's entire body was drenched in blood. However, his heart was extremely calm. His greatsword was pressed against the ground at an angle, drawing out a line of blood, causing his aura to become even sharper!

At this moment, he was looking at the crowd with a mocking expression. If a killer was to be exposed, then they were no longer called assassins!

Zheng ?

The sword made a light sound, and in the next moment, he stepped forward again. Runes began to flash under his feet, and at the same time, life continued to rumble within his body as he desperately tried to fuse with the stone inscription!

He could feel that the fusion was almost complete. It was like a person who had reached the top of a cliff and was only missing the final jump!

In the crowd, a pale-faced, bloodless man in a gray robe was quietly watching this scene!

At this moment, Li Xingyun's sword skill seemed to be continuously disintegrating in his eyes. Even the slightest flaw could not escape his eyes. However, the more he observed Li Xingyun, the more serious it became!

"This person's sword skills are truly terrifying. Every single move has a slightly withered Concept, and within this Concept, it isn't completely dead yet. It fosters life, what a strong sword skill!"

The gray-robed man thought to himself as he slowly walked towards the battlefield!

However, his movements did not have the slightest trace of movement. Even the people beside him did not detect it at all!

Li Xingyun's divine sense naturally covered the entire battlefield. When the gray-robed man entered the battlefield, he sensed something. At the same time, he was overwhelmed with shock. This person was extremely powerful and posed a great threat to him. He couldn't help but raise his eyebrows!

However, he was not in the mood to pay attention to that person because the current situation did not allow for him to be distracted!

Adding on to Le Yin's group, there were currently twenty-two people surrounding him. All of them were in the early stages of the Netherworld Realm. If they were to join forces, it would be very difficult!

Every time he attacked, he would have to face at least five people at the same time. Furthermore, he had to take care of Nangong Xiao Dai. Even though Nangong Xiao Dai was struggling to protect herself in this situation, she did not panic!

With her keen spiritual sense, she would be able to coordinate with Li Xingyun and avoid his attacks!

In this state, Li Xingyun no longer held his hands and feet together. Instead, he recklessly brandished his sword skills!

Deadwood Sword Technique had a total of nine forms. These nine forms were powerful explosive spirit techniques. If combined, it was an exquisite technique!

As the battle continued, he became increasingly proficient at using this sword skill. Every stab, probing, poking, slashing, lifting up, and slicing was as if it was made from nature itself!

Gradually, he forgot about the situation he was in. It was as if there were no enemies in front of him anymore, he was the only one, and tens of thousands of rotten trees!

"Withering Bloom Sword Technique, what is withering? Why should I feel proud? "

One flower, one world. One flower, one bloom.

"Ku Rong isn't completely dead silent. There's no life left in that dead silence. Ku Rong is only temporary. When he's defeated to the end of the cycle of reincarnation, the only thing left is ? revival!"

"Hehe!" Maybe this is the real Withering Bloom Sword Skill! "

At this moment, Li Xingyun seemed to have understood the true profoundness of swordsmanship. He suddenly opened his eyes!

From start to finish, his movements hadn't stopped, nor did they change in the slightest. However, when he opened his eyes this time, the people around him clearly felt that the concept on the battlefield had changed!

If the battlefield from before was filled with killing intent and desolation, then the battlefield would be full of life, just like the rising of the sun!

However, this seemingly peaceful atmosphere concealed an endless amount of killing intent!

At this moment, the withered tree in Li Xingyun's eyes no longer remained silent. It was as if they were glowing with life. One new leaf after another began to swallow and breathe in splendor!

Buzz ?

The startlingly sharp sword let out a low cry as if it was exuding vitality. At this moment, it actually became even more nimble, as if it had a bit of its own consciousness that could make the sword technique even more perfect!

Noticing this, Li Xingyun was stunned for a moment before being overjoyed. He knew that the Withering Bloom Sword Technique he had practiced had finally reached the initial stage of mastery!

Once the sword technique had a concept and the sword had sword intent, it could make the attack more round and transparent!


The gray-robed man had already drifted to a spot not far away from Li Xingyun. However, at this moment, he couldn't help but frown as a bad premonition arose within him!

"Hehe!" "You are quite good at scheming. Do you want to ambush us?"

At that moment, Li Xingyun, who was in front of him, suddenly turned around and looked at him with a smile.


Before he could even react, Li Xingyun moved. His body shifted a few times as he shook off his assailants and charged towards the gray-robed man!

When the gray-robed man saw this scene, his expression didn't change much. From his waist, a thin and soft sword appeared, flashing with a cold light as it twined towards Li Xingyun!

Ding ding ?

A series of sounds of collisions could be heard. However, the person in front of him didn't seem to have regressed much despite being at the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm. This caused Li Xingyun to be stunned.

Leng Yue's killer was usually not very strong in combat, but this person was not. He felt that this person's strength wasn't any weaker than Lord Grim!

"Qing Yin, help me take care of Little Di!"

Li Xingyun didn't dare to be careless at this moment. He spoke a few words with ease to the nearby people, and then threw Nangong Xiao Dai away!

She was currently watching Li Xingyun battle with great interest, so when she heard his words, she couldn't help but twitch her lips. However, she didn't say anything!

Li Xingyun no longer had any worries after sending Nangong Xiaodan off. His figure flashed as he charged forward!

In mid-air, the broadsword shone brightly as two silhouettes fell to the ground!

The gray-robed man's figure was extremely strange, as if he was weightless. Just as Li Xingyun finished off the two assassins, he had already reached Li Xingyun's side. The flexible sword silently reached Li Xingyun's chest!

Li Xingyun didn't panic at all. His body was still in the air, barely dodging the attack. However, the attack power of the flexible sword clearly wasn't that simple. Just as he turned to the side, the flexible sword tightly wrapped around his body!

As the Spiritual Energy gushed out, the flexible sword actually emitted a faint cold light!

Seeing this, the grey robed man smiled sinisterly and immediately retreated, shaking his hand!


A tearing sound rang out. Immediately, Li Xingyun's ribs were torn apart and blood splattered everywhere!

However, what surprised the gray-robed man was that this attack, which should have severely wounded Li Xingyun, only slightly injured him!

Seeing this scene, Li Xingyun couldn't help furrowing his brows. It was clear that he had underestimated Li Xingyun's physical fitness!

After Li Xingyun was injured, he didn't say a word. He relied on the twitching traction force of his flexible sword to quickly attack the gray-robed man!

The Awakening Sword carried with it a strong concept of 'blooming and wilting'. In that instant, it affected the gray-robed man's state of mind!

Taking advantage of his short period of absent-mindedness, the broadsword stabbed straight into the gray-robed man's chest. However, the gray-robed man quickly regained his consciousness, and in the nick of time, his body abruptly twisted, dodging the fatal blow!

Bang bang!

The two of them struck out with their palms at the same time, and after which, both of them rebounded.

Before Li Xingyun landed on the ground, the assassins that were waiting for the opportunity moved again. Sharp swords were waiting where Li Xingyun landed. If he fell down like this, he would soon become a hedgehog!

At this critical moment, Li Xingyun forcefully suppressed the surging Qi and blood in his body. He gathered all of the spiritual energy in his body into his palm and shot it towards those assassins!

Boom ?

An angry roar sounded out, instantly turning into a sea of fire!

"Ah ?"

Miserable screams rang out. It was obvious that they had been caught off guard and had been drawn into the flames. Soon, they were reduced to fine powder!

At this time, he landed on the ground. After landing on the ground, the sacred spirit fire wrapped around his body to prevent the flames from becoming addicted to him. Very quickly, he jumped out of the sea of fire!

This sudden scene immediately devoured the lives of the five killers. No one had expected Li Xingyun to have such a trump card!

Li Xingyun had only used the fire attribute power a few times. It was likely that only Jing Mo Xun knew of it!

The battle finally came to a stop at this moment. The scene just now was both thrilling and quick. Many people did not even have the chance to react before it ended!

At this moment, none of the people participating in the battle were unharmed. They were all injured to varying degrees, especially Li Xingyun. His body was covered in blood, and his clothes were tattered.

After the battle, there were still ten assassins, three Heavenly Cloud Sect cultivators, and the gray-robed man who was also injured!

When Le Yin saw this situation, a complex expression appeared on his face. After which, he nodded to the two middle level Netherpassage Realm guards beside him!

After receiving his order, the two people did not say a single word. They immediately stepped forward and joined him once more!

What made people speechless was that in such a short period of time, Li Xingyun had managed to solo dozens of cultivators and still hadn't used up all of them!

It was just that he seemed to be in a sorry state. Even his vital energy and blood were not weak at all!

"They are really f * cking monsters!"

Some people in the crowd couldn't help but curse in a low voice, resonating with many people!

Both sides were clearly in a stalemate, but Li Xingyun wasn't happy at all!

At this moment, he understood his own situation. He only had about a third of his spiritual energy left, and what made him depressed was that the stone inscription had completely fused with his Wheel of Life!

This was originally a good thing. It could allow his attack power to increase explosively, and it could also reduce the amount of spiritual energy spent. However, at this moment, this fusion had directly pushed him to the heart of the struggle!

Following the fusion of the stone inscription and the Wheel of Life, the Spiritual Energy within his body suddenly erupted out. The Spiritual Energy of the surrounding heavens and earth also continuously poured into his body.

How could he not know this? It was too late for him to have a breakthrough, yet he happened to be in this critical juncture. He felt somewhat depressed!

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