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The cold blade of the sword was like the summoner of the god of death, following the person in the shadows. At this moment, the person in the shadows was also scared out of his wits, he had never been so close to death before!

Especially since this feeling had always existed, it was impossible for him to get rid of it even if he wanted to!

If it were anyone else, they would have collapsed long ago. Luckily, this person's temperament was firm, and he continuously retreated through the empty streets. During this period of time, Li Xingyun did not stop his attacks and followed closely behind!

No one knew that in this quiet street, a game of death was playing!

Fortunately, the main character of this battle, Li Xingyun, was a hunter.

"Li Xingyun, if you don't return and defend, you won't be able to see that girl anymore!"

After the two had chased each other for a long distance, the person in the dark finally could not hold it in anymore and shouted!

It was obvious that he was panicking. If this carried on, he would die under this sword sooner or later!

Hearing this, Li Xingyun couldn't help furrowing his brows. He immediately spread out his divine sense. He didn't see anyone suspicious, but what if he hid himself just like the person in front of him?

Now, he already knew that the person hiding in the dark was Jing Mo Xun's man. This time, it was really a coincidence.

The speed of the person in front of him was so fast that it was definitely a threat. He had to get rid of him no matter what. He did not retreat when he thought of this, but suddenly threw out the sword in his hand.

Puchi ?

In next to no time, a blood-red light appeared out of thin air, followed by a muffled grunt!

However, just as Li Xingyun had guessed, the person hiding in the dark had still managed to dodge the attack. After all, throwing the greatsword would give the other party some time to recover!

At this moment, the opponent was most likely heavily injured!

With a thought, the sword returned to his dantian. He no longer paid any attention to that person. It was obvious that the other party had only sent one person, so there was nothing to be afraid of!

When he returned to the arena, there were no traces of Le Yin. He was not too surprised about this. He could talk about it in the future after seeing him. He believed that this time, he would teach him a lesson!

"Are you okay?"

Nangong Xiaodai heaved a sigh of relief when she saw that he was back safely.

Li Xingyun was a bit surprised by her concern, "Eh? Why are you so concerned about your uncle today? This doesn't seem like you! "

Nangong Xiaodai, "Scram ?"

"Haha ?"


Li Xingyun chuckled and was about to say something, but at this moment, a piercing sound came from the sky and his hair stood on end. A sense of impending doom enveloped him in an instant!

This time, it was different from the assassination attempt before. He could feel that he would never be able to dodge it!

Within his spiritual sense, a short, pitch-black arrow was rapidly approaching, and it didn't even give him any time to think.

At this moment, even Nangong Xiao Di was shocked speechless. She could see a ray of light had arrived behind Li Xingyun in an instant. Her heart was located right behind her. She didn't have the slightest ability to react to all of this!

It wasn't just her. Qing Yin had also seen this, but she didn't have the time to change it at all!

The opponent's timing was too accurate. When everyone thought that everything was calm and quiet, he took action, his patience was strong, and most importantly, his attack power was also too strong, too fast, so fast that no one could react!

The events of the day had changed so much that Li Xingyun had to rely on his soul consciousness to survive the many desperate situations he faced. However, at this moment, he didn't have the time to react at all.

Of course, he would never let go of any chance of survival!

When death came, the first thing he did was to pour all of his Holy Spirit Force into his heart.

Puchi ?

A light sound rang out as a dark golden light penetrated through his heart, flying out from his heart. And, it wasn't over yet!

In front of Li Xingyun, Nangong Xiaodan was now completely exposed to the dark golden arrow!

His opponent had obviously intended to kill him in one shot, but he had never expected that at this critical moment, Li Xingyun would use his body to stop him from doing so and instantly grab onto the Dark Gold Arrow. And at this moment, the Dark Gold Arrow was only half an inch away from Nangong Xiao Dai's heart!

At this time, his chest was still bleeding. A fist-sized hole of blood ran through his chest. With such an injury, his entire heart would probably break apart!

In an instant, his face turned as pale as paper, without a hint of blood!

"Li Xingyun!" "Die for me!"

Suddenly, at this moment, an angry voice rang out from behind Li Xingyun!

Immediately, Wu Lang's body appeared in front of everyone's eyes!

At this moment, Li Xingyun was already in a state of complete pain and his consciousness was becoming blurry. However, he knew that he couldn't fall down!

As soon as Wu Lang appeared, he turned around abruptly and used all his strength to shoot the Golden Crow Arrow in Wu Lang's hand!

Whoosh ? Puff ?

How could Wu Lang dodge such a short distance?

Moreover, he would never have thought that a person would actually be able to attack after having their heart pierced!

Wu Lang's figure suddenly appeared a few meters in front of Li Xingyun. The dark golden arrow had already pierced into his chest. Unfortunately, his position wasn't fatal!

In the same instant, Dian Yan and Nangong Xiaodi reacted and rushed towards the source of the voice.

Seeing this, Wu Lang spat out a mouthful of blood as he smiled sinisterly, "Li Xingyun, you're dead for sure. It's a pity that I can't cut your head off myself!"

As soon as he finished speaking, Wu Lang didn't linger any further. He coldly looked at Li Xingyun, and then quickly disappeared into the surrounding buildings!

"Li Xingyun ?"

At the time of his arrival, he was already unable to gather his consciousness. Even though the Holy Spirit Force was still pouring into his heart, it was unable to stop his fading consciousness.

In this moment of imminent death, his strong desire to live made him suddenly glare angrily. Forcefully suppressing his endless exhaustion, he took out a small bottle from his Green Wood Ring and said, "Give me ?" Subdue... One! "

After saying this, his consciousness sank into endless darkness.

Icy coldness and loneliness completely submerged him ?

This was a land of darkness without end. It was like the end of the world, yet also like the starting point of the world.

A deathly stillness filled the air. Li Xingyun's consciousness slowly floated in the air, making this dark world even more strange!

After an unknown amount of time, Li Xingyun's consciousness suddenly sat up, and he slowly opened his eyes!

Those were a pair of deep and empty eyes. It was as though they could swallow the entire world up. Within those eyes, a hint of clarity was swiftly expanding ?

Soon, he completely recovered, but there was still some confusion in his eyes!

"Where is this place?"

He could not help but mutter the question to himself. His hurried words were like a cold hell, with tens of thousands of people answering him at the same time!

He stood up in a daze, but he didn't have the slightest feeling of standing on solid ground. It was as if he was floating in the world, floating and sinking!

Sensing his own condition, he couldn't help but be stunned, then said bitterly, "It seems that even the Heaven Mending Pill that Master gave me was unable to keep me here!"

The pill that he had taken out at the last moment was the bean-sized pill. This pill had cost his master a hundred years of effort, and it had taken him several more years to refine it in the Wasteland!

This pill could be said to be the pinnacle of the Medicine Sovereign's skill, but it was still unable to keep him!


Sighing helplessly, he stopped thinking about it. Since he had already passed on, then let's look at the so-called 'hell'!

The Infernal Realm and the Land of Samsara were things that he had often heard of. This was his first time experiencing them, so he naturally wanted to see this mysterious and legendary place!

However, at this moment in front of his eyes, other than the endless darkness, there was still endless darkness. There weren't any ghost soldiers or horses, nor was there any so-called Bridge of Helplessness or River Gazing.

This couldn't help but make him curious. Could it be that at the end of life and death, the Land of Samsara was this sort of endless darkness?

Suddenly, he remembered a line from the Spirit Void Scripture!

"The universe is vast and endless. Life and death are intertwined, and they begin in darkness!"

From the meaning of those words, it could be seen that the Sutra of the Void believed that regardless of whether it was Heaven and Earth, or the Universe, or life or death, everything was connected to one another, and all of these things originated from the same source ? Darkness!

There was no contradiction between the theory of hell and the theory of darkness. It was just that the former focused on life and death, while the latter focused on all living things in the world, directly towards the source!

All of this flashed through his mind. Of course, he did not have a brain at the moment because his body of consciousness was illusory!

In fact, sometimes death was not necessarily the most terrifying. For example, endless darkness!

Walking in this darkness, the world was vast, lonely, and helpless. It was very easy to go crazy!

Even though it was only his consciousness, he still felt endless loneliness and cold despair!

There was no end to everything. The torment was enough to make people go crazy ?

After an unknown period of time, he felt as if it had only lasted for an instant, yet it felt as if tens of thousands of years had passed. He finally stopped!

"Perhaps ?" From start to finish, I have been here, and have not moved an inch forward right? "

Li Xingyun quietly floated in the air and suddenly said this!

There was no concept of time or space here. He felt that he had been walking the entire time, but in reality, he had never moved!

Just as this thought rose in his mind, he suddenly raised his head to look at the sky!

He had a feeling that there was something in the darkness and that he could sense it very clearly!

It was like looking at your hands in the dark. Even if you couldn't see anything, you were sure that your hands were right in front of your eyes!

And at this moment, he felt that there was an enormous silhouette in the darkness.

He did not hesitate as he stared at the darkness in the sky. Then, he took large strides and ran away.

This time, he did not have any other thoughts. His mind was preoccupied with the matter behind the darkness. What exactly was it?

A veil! I must uncover...

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