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In an empty stone room, Xiao Yan and Nangong Xiaodan were anxiously looking at Li Xingyun!

At this moment, Li Xingyun was lying flat on the ground, completely motionless. He looked like he was dead, but what was surprising was that his body was still warm and he was breathing heavily!

As for his heartbeat ?

His heart was already half broken, how could he still jump!

At this moment, after giving him the Heaven Mending Pill, he had no other choice.

This pill was truly powerful. As soon as he consumed it, the wound on his heart was immediately wrapped up by a strange energy, and gradually stopped bleeding!

At this moment, the wound had been completely filled with new flesh and blood. From start to finish, only two days had passed!

Li Xingyun had been unconscious for two days. If it wasn't for the fact that he was still breathing and had body temperature, they would have thought he was dead!

At this moment, Nangong Xiaodai impatiently propped up her chin and asked, "Sister Tianyan, do you think Li Xingyun will be fine?"

Although Qing Yin was silent at the moment, he didn't show much of a reaction. After all, she and Li Xingyun were friends at best. Furthermore, this guy had always been straight to the point when he spoke to her.

However, the mysterious fog around this guy still lingered in her mind.

Now, instead of decreasing, it had increased. Another thing that he had gained was the medicinal pill!

What kind of pill in this world could treat a wound in the heart? At the very least, she had never heard of such a thing before. However, there were pills like this one in Si Yang's possession, and not one at that. There were a total of seven pills in total, and even if she used one, there were still six.

Not to mention her, if word of this got out, all of the cultivators on Yan Continent would probably come to find Li Xingyun!

"Don't worry, this guy's life is stinky and hard, how can he die so easily? I guarantee that in three to five days, he'll be able to stand up and be your lover!" After thinking about it, she smiled and said!

Hearing that, Nangong Xiaodai pouted and unhappily said, "Sister Tianyu, Li Xingyun and I really have no relationship. I have someone I like!"

"Ouch!" When Qing Yan heard this, he couldn't help but laugh and tease, "The little girl has really fallen in love with someone. Tell me, which family's young master is it?"

"I, I ?"

After all, Nangong Xiaodi was thin-skinned. At this point, she could not find anything to say!

Seeing this, how could Qing Yan let her go? She couldn't help but stretch out her Demon Claw to scratch her!

"Ouch ?" No, don't... I, I said, "If I say it's not enough, then why can't I ?"

How could Nangong Xiaodai be her opponent? She was easily defeated in just a few moments!


Qing Yin stopped and asked with a smile!

Hearing this, Nangong Xiaodai's face reddened and she said shyly, "He, he ?" the third young master of the High King, Ao Cang! "

"Ao Cang?"

When she heard this, Qing Shui couldn't help but exclaim out loud. He looked at her with a strange expression on his face!

"How do you know Ao Cang?" Qing Yin asked.

Nangong Xiuda didn't seem to notice the change in her expression, as she lowered her head shyly and said weakly, "That's right, that's right ?" When I was young and went to the capital, my father paid a visit to the High King. I played with him before, and he was tall and mighty, handsome and extraordinary, like a god. At that time, I decided that when I grew up, I must marry him! "

"My Heavens ?"

Qing Shui sighed as he heard this. He was helpless against the childish words of Nangong Xiaodi. He was about to say something, but the words stuck in his throat!

At this moment, just as the two girls were discussing some boring matters, Li Xingyun was also desperately rushing out of the darkness!

At this moment, he was closely staring at the outline of the figure, floating in the darkness with all his might!

But, this darkness was like the distance between heaven and earth, as if it would never reach its end. He didn't know how long he had been floating like this, nor did he know how much further he still had to go.

It was as if he was going up in reverse and wanted to punish the heavens.

Dong ?

At this moment, an intense bell chime suddenly sounded in the sky, as if it were the revolving sound of the great dao of the world.

As the sound of the great Dao fell, he could not help but feel his body suddenly become heavy, as if something was pulling him towards that dark abyss!

Facing this boundless power, he gritted his teeth and fought back with all his might!

"Roar ?"

He could not help but roar like a wild beast, as if venting his anger!

He had a feeling that if he gave up now, he would fall into the endless darkness.

For the sake of everything he had insisted on, he would never give up!

Dong dong ?

The sound of the Great Dao once again quaked as the pulling force between heaven and earth increased explosively. In that instant, he felt exhausted, as if he was dragging a small mountain!

"Soon, the darkness will be destroyed ?"

At this critical moment, he could not help but remind himself as his pair of deep eyes stared fixedly at the horizon!

Crack ?

As the sound of the third Great Dao was about to fade away, he could clearly sense that something had broken!

When he looked up at the sky again, the darkness was no longer there. What followed was a dusky curtain in the sky. Behind this curtain, an enormous shadow was standing there!

That shadow was actually an actual object. It was just that it was a bit illusory compared to the sky!

When he saw that shadow, he could not help but think of something and once again headed upwards!

This time, he was not stopped, everything went according to plan. Soon, he felt a light in front of his eyes, and then a familiar place appeared in front of him!

In the endless void, every inch of land was illuminated with a pure and noble light. And above this vast sky, there was a massive stone book!

"Sea of consciousness?"

When Li Xingyun saw this, his expression couldn't help turning cold. Because at this moment, the place he was in was his own sea of consciousness!

At this moment, a familiar feeling welled up. It was the feeling of regaining control of his body!

However, he was not in a hurry to wake up. Instead, he curiously looked at the stone book, the mysterious book that contained the Void Spirit Scripture.

The stone book was not big to begin with, and was only the size of a palm, but in this sea of consciousness, it was incomparably large.

At this moment, he had some doubts. Why would he come to the Sea of Consciousness after breaking through the darkness?

Did he not die?

At this moment, he finally understood. Perhaps he hadn't died at all, and was merely exiled out of his consciousness before. Only now did he return!

However, what he did not understand was how he could sense the stone book in that endless darkness. Could it be that a strand of connection between him and the stone book allowed him to feel it and thus save him?

He did not understand all of this, but he did not want to think about it any longer. It was fine as long as he was alive!

Ka-cha ?

At this moment, the stone book in the sky suddenly let out a crisp sound!

Hearing this sound, he couldn't help but look up. He saw that the gray stone book had suddenly cracked apart like a spider web, shattering into pieces!

Very quickly, the fragments fell down along the stone book!

However, those fragments did not directly fall into his sea of consciousness. Instead, they penetrated his sea of consciousness and fell straight down!

At the same time, a great repelling force dispersed his consciousness, and in the blink of an eye, his consciousness returned to his body!


Suddenly, Li Xingyun, who was lying on the ground, opened his eyes, startling both Nangong Xiao Di and the others.

Just as they were joyfully preparing to ask, Li Xingyun directly sat down cross-legged and silently closed his eyes again. The two girls were a bit confused when they saw this scene. Cultivating to such an extent? And he just started cultivating?

Of course not, that was because the moment Li Xingyun's consciousness returned to his body, he felt the stone sloughing off from his sea of consciousness all the way down to his forehead, as if it had broken through all constraints. It landed directly on his dantian, beside the Holy Spirit Bead!

Gradually, the stone skin on his dantian began to gather. Not long after, a round gray stone bead appeared within his body.

This stone bead was only the size of a thumb, and wasn't too different from the Holy Spirit Pearl, so it didn't look like much!

Seeing this scene, he was somewhat puzzled, unable to understand why.

He kept scanning his body with his spiritual sense, and only after he was certain that it had no effect on him did he feel relieved!

After which, with a thought, he tried to communicate with the stone pillars.

"Hua ?"

Just as his mind was about to touch the stone bead, the stone pillar suddenly shook and then disappeared!

On the other hand, he felt that his body seemed to have gained something. It didn't look out of the ordinary, but he felt that his defensive power had increased by quite a few levels!

In order to prove his suspicions, he took out the Swordsman Training Scroll. Then, under the astonished looks of the two, he took out the sword and cut his own arm.

Zheng ?

When the Stunning Sword touched his arm, a powerful resistance appeared, repelling it from the outside and causing him to cut off one of his sleeves!

"Hiss ?"

At this moment, he couldn't help but gasp. It wasn't shock, but pain.

Although this strike hadn't caused him to bleed, the pain was real.

He felt that the stone pillar could only make his skin as hard as iron, but the flesh, blood, tendons, and bones inside them had not changed!

After pondering for a while, he understood. This thing was similar to the Holy Spirit Force, it needed to be strengthened slowly. After realizing this point, he couldn't help but feel ecstatic.

He had almost died this time, but he did not expect the stone book to be drawn to him.

As its protector, Shi Shu probably feared that he might accidentally die, so he opened up a small stove and prepared a defensive shell for him!

"Hahahaha ?"

After coming to this realization, he couldn't help but burst out laughing. He laughed maniacally and laughed without restraint ?

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