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With regards to Li Xingyun and his men, who had suddenly barged in, everyone's expressions were naturally different as well. Soon after, they no longer paid attention to him.

Only Wei Ling glanced at Li Xingyun. With killing intent in her eyes, she slowly walked towards him!

"You killed Wei Dongcheng?"

Wei Ling was dressed in black and had a sexy and enchanting figure. However, she always gave people a very serious look, as if she couldn't do anything as she pleased.

Unlike Yun Su's elegance, both of them had a cold personality. However, Yun Su's coldness made people feel as if they were thousands of miles away, whereas Wei Ling's was strict and strict!

On the other hand, Li Xingyun preferred to see Yun Su's cold expression, so he didn't mind at all, "So what if I am?"

However, Wei Ling's expression did not change at all, and she immediately asked, "You lied! You colluded with the witch, and it was the witch who killed Wei Dongcheng!"

"So what?"

Li Xingyun calmly said.

At this moment, the situation on their side had already attracted everyone's attention. When they heard that Li Xingyun had colluded with the witch, their expression couldn't help but turn serious as they stared at him in alarm.

Lord Grim, on the other hand, hadn't been surprised.

In addition, this was also the first time that Xiao Yan and Nangong Xiao Dai had heard about this witch. They couldn't help but cast a doubtful look at Li Xingyun.

Li Xingyun helplessly said when he saw their puzzled gazes, "This is a long story. I'll tell you about it later!"

Wei Ling, however, didn't care about that. She coldly looked at Li Xingyun and said, "Li Xingyun, our Crippling Treasure Trading Company has made a clear decision regarding Wei Chiyun. We won't go against you. Everything is just a grudge between you two!"

"However, we entered the ruins together in Wei Dongcheng, so we are enemies that will not give up until we die. As for demonic cultivators, you better take care of yourself!"

With that, he ignored Li Xingyun's strange expression and went straight back to his comrades!

Li Xingyun couldn't help but be speechless. "This woman ?"

Suddenly, his expression flickered and he frowned as he looked towards the side of the stone hall. In next to no time, he returned to being calm!

"There are twelve weapons here. According to what I've said, everyone should be able to obtain them with your own ability. What do you think?"

At this time, a tall man in the crowd cupped his fists and said to the crowd.

Hearing this, everyone could not help but quiet down!

Twelve weapons, and there were several hundred people here today. Who would be willing to accept someone else?

As a result, when this suggestion was said, no one agreed with it.

Seeing this situation, the person who spoke was quite straightforward. He did not seem to feel that it was shameful and consciously retreated!

"In my opinion, let's just fight in chaos. Whoever can obtain it will have to rely on their own ability!"

The person who spoke was a somewhat dissolute man. To be able to say such words was indeed worthy of his appearance. However, this was an indisputable fact. Saying or not was no different!

Seeing so many people gathered at this place, yet unable to do anything about it, Li Xingyun couldn't help feeling speechless!

Just when everyone was at a loss as to what to do, Wei Ling from the Crippling Treasure Trading Company coldly said, "Ignore them. Let's begin the fight!"

After saying that, he ignored the others and directly grabbed onto one of the swords! Seeing this scene, how could the crowd be willing? All of them couldn't help but attack Wei Ling.

Of course, there were those who took advantage of the chaos to take advantage of the situation. Moreover, there were also those who ignored Wei Ling and went for other weapons instead!

For a time, the entire crowd was in chaos!

Seeing this situation, Li Xingyun couldn't help but feel happy. He immediately stood in the distance and didn't fight for it!

Seeing him so lazy, Qing Yin couldn't help but be speechless.

"Hey!" Why don't you compete? That's a Mysterious Spirit Treasure, even if you take it out, it's still worth a lot! "

Both Dongyan and Nangong Xiaodai did not fight for the seat with Li Xingyun. At this moment, Dongyan was even more direct in his question!

Hearing that, Li Xingyun curled his lips and said, "Why don't you just snatch something as good as this?"

"Isn't it because I'm too weak!" Dongfang Wenyi's coquettish body swayed, and he directly pressed himself onto Li Xingyun. He breathed out in an indistinct manner, "How about you help this little girl?"

Li Xingyun's blood could not help but speed up when he sensed the warmth from her body and his tempting aura. However, in the end, he silently retreated a few steps!

Li Xingyun seemed to be very happy to see him like this. He actually dared to bully Li Xingyun again!

After repeating this several times, Li Xingyun was finally angry. He frowned and then proceeded to another place.

In truth, the space here was very large. In the center of the great hall, there were four stone pillars. It was unknown just what these stone pillars were used for, but they actually hadn't reached the dome!

As Li Xingyun watched the fierce competition on the battlefield, he twitched his mouth and directly left!

To be honest, the Mysterious Spirit Treasure had yet to reach the Profound Realm, so he was actually looking down on it.

Treasures of this level were definitely not bad, but for the Stunning Sword, their grade was still too low.

Furthermore, the Thunderous Echo Bell that he currently possessed was also extraordinary; it was at least at the Profound Rank. At this moment, his gaze was fixated on an even higher level.

However, if he could fish in troubled waters later, it would also be good to get two Mysterious Spirit Treasures.

And now, he had decided on these stone pillars!

The stone pillar was made of jet-black jade and there were many lines on it that looked like veins!

In addition, each of these stone pillars were only 10 feet long and as thick as a person's thigh. They stood in a four cornered fashion, perfectly matching the 12 Mysterious Spirit Weapons!

Whoosh ?

Just as he was thinking about how to obtain this item, a sword flew over from the other side. Behind this sword, there were several people fighting over it!

Seeing the long sword flying towards him, he couldn't help but shake his head. Then, with a casual pat, he sent the sword flying to Qing Shui.

Just as she was looking at what he was doing, she saw this fellow suddenly slashing at her with a long sword. For a moment, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

Very quickly, she put away her longsword, but it was to fight with Wei Ling and the others.

He was quite strong, so it didn't matter who he was dealing with. He seemed to be skilled at it!

As for Nangong Xiaodan, she had always been following behind Li Xingyun, she was actually quite obedient!

Li Xingyun couldn't help but ask when he saw how she didn't seem to be interested in these things, "What's the matter, young miss Nangong? The quality of the items here is too low?"

Hearing this, Nangong Xiaodai tilted her head in thought. "I can't say it's too low. That would seem a bit exaggerated. I can only say it's average!"

Li Xingyun: "?"

However, that was to be expected. Nangong Xiao Dai was the precious daughter of the Nangong Family. What kind of treasure would she need?

Seeing her obediently following him, he didn't say anything more and started to walk around the stone pillars.

It was unknown how these stone pillars came about, but they looked rather ordinary and ordinary, except that they were a bit more beautiful.

After walking a few rounds, he finally had a thought and put them away!

At this moment, the others were all fighting, and no one was paying attention to what was happening over here. Thus, it was very easy for him to get his hands on them!

Nangong Xiaodai saw him take this seemingly useless item and could not help but be puzzled, "Why did you take the pillar? She looks very ordinary! "

Hearing that, Li Xingyun thought for a moment before speaking seriously, "My house just happens to lack a few pillars. There's no need to worry anymore!"

Nangong Xiaodai, "..."

What? Missing pillars? Heh heh, how could the City Lord's Mansion be so unreliable?

However, looking at Li Xingyun's serious expression, she couldn't smile at all!

When Li Xingyun returned, he ran into a person.

This person was the youth who had previously proposed a free-for-all.

He was rather petite, but his eyes were narrow and sharp.

"Bro, what did you just take?"

The youth looked at Li Xingyun and asked with a sideways glance.

He naturally knew what Li Xingyun had taken away. It was precisely because he knew that Li Xingyun had come to cause trouble!

He was originally a middle level Netherpassage Realm expert while Li Xingyun was an early level Netherpassage Realm martial artist. In his opinion, Li Xingyun was a fat sheep to him. After all, how could someone who possessed storage equipment be ordinary?

Li Xingyun naturally understood the meaning of this man's words, but he didn't. A man is innocent, and having a treasure is a crime. He naturally understood this principle.

However, he wasn't afraid, he just smiled and said, "It's nothing, just a few pillars!"

Hearing this, the youth nodded thoughtfully, and then said, "Oh! How about this, then, each of us will take half! "

"Haha ?"

Li Xingyun sneered. He didn't pay any attention to him and directly avoided him as he wanted to leave.

Just as the two of them crossed paths, the youth suddenly launched an attack towards Li Xingyun with a heavy punch!

Li Xingyun had naturally been on his guard against him. The moment the youth made his move, Li Xingyun's body moved, brushed past his shoulder, and his opponent's fist also passed by his waist!


The man's brows furrowed after the strike and his expression turned serious. He then threw another punch!

A strong gust of wind came from his fist, it was obvious that the other party also wanted to kill him.

Facing this ferocious move, Li Xingyun's expression was as normal as ever. He quickly moved his feet and closed the distance, directly leaning on the youth!

In the blink of an eye, his fist was like a torrential storm as it landed on the young man's body!

This person's strength was also extraordinary. When he sensed the change, he was shocked to the point of turning around and defending himself at the same time!


Dense clashing sounds rang out, and the two were at a stalemate for a moment!

After the exchange of blows, Li Xingyun was somewhat astonished. He had never met anyone from the younger generation who could match his speed. He might look like he wasn't that special, but the speed of his entire body was extraordinary!

However, he was astonished. The youth was even more surprised than he was. He didn't know how many people had been defeated by his Pear Blossom Rain Fist, but he had found an opponent today. How could he not be shocked?

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