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The bamboo shoot!

Li Xingyun had gotten up very early and returned to his room after performing a set of fist techniques to temper his muscles and bones.

It was still early in the morning, so he was in no hurry to do anything else. He took out a stone book the size of his palm from his cloth bag and started observing it.

The stone book was glowing with a green light. It was heavy in his hand and looked like it was open. It looked ancient and mysterious.

This was a relic of his sect and it was said that there was a real Spirit Void Scripture inside. However, over the years, he did not discover anything else. Every time he picked up the stone book, an old and benevolent face would appear before his eyes.

"Master! "I've safely entered the territory of Yan Zhou, are you still in the wasteland ?"

They had lived together with their Master since they were young, and even after the great upheaval in the sect five years ago, they had never been separated. In the Wasteland, their Master had repeatedly risked his life to save them, and the relationship between the two wasn't something that could be explained with just a few words.

When he thought of this, he suddenly felt depressed and frustrated. He immediately closed his eyes and chanted the 'Tranquil Heart Curse'. After a long time, he opened his eyes again.


With a helpless sigh, he quickly hid the loneliness in his eyes and returned the stone book to the cloth bag.

There weren't many things in the bag. There was a stone book, several small bottles, a snake gall, a beast core, and a small wooden box.

After rummaging through the box, he took out the wooden box.

The wooden box wasn't very large, and it was estimated that the space inside was only the size of two fists. However, Li Xingyun cared a lot about it, because the inside was the strand of dragon qi he had taken out from the head of the Cloud Swallowing Python!

In the entire continent, dragons only existed in legends. Many people would talk about dragons, but to date, no one had really seen dragons. At most, they would only see some flood dragons.

For example, the Cloud Swallowing Python also had a chance of becoming a dragon, but that chance was only one in a million.

However, the one he killed was different. The top of his head was infused with dragon qi, and this was not an ordinary opportunity. If he successfully grew up, then this Cloud Swallowing Python would definitely turn into a dragon.

No one knew what dragon qi was. There were very few records and legends about dragon qi in the entire continent.

He only knew that this was a strange energy that could wash muscles and marrow, strengthen one's own body, and change one's innate talent. The place it appeared in was also very different. It was either fertile or barren, and could be anywhere! He remembered that his master once said that a thousand years ago, there was an ordinary youth with mediocre aptitude. However, when he was chopping wood on a mountain, he accidentally absorbed a bit of dragon qi, and from then on, he displayed an extraordinary talent for cultivation and eventually became one of the top existences on the continent.

However, this kind of thing was only a story for him to listen to. He never thought that there would be a day where he would have this opportunity.

Dragon qi is a rare occurrence, but sometimes, you wouldn't be able to recognize it even if it was in front of you. This is because if it was possessed by a creature, it would definitely hide itself, and even someone as strong as Venerable Lord Sheng Yan wouldn't be able to recognize it.

If it wasn't for the reminder from the girl from before, he wouldn't have believed it.

Although he did not know how the other party had recognized him, he did not care about those things. Both parties had their own needs, and the blood-red Fog Flower was considered a top quality elixir due to its dragon aura.

At this moment, he held the legendary dragon aura in his hands, and his mind was unable to calm down.

He was silent for a long time. After confirming that no one was watching him, he opened the wooden box.

Opening the box, a bright golden airflow quietly lay inside the box. This airflow was either gas or liquid, and it was only a foot long. It was as thick as a thumb and seemed to be alive.

Seeing this miraculous scene, Li Xingyun's expression gradually brightened. "There is no doubt about it!"

It was night before, and they were in a hurry, so they did not investigate closely. The more they looked, the more amazed they became.

To be exact, this dragon qi was only a sliver. It was incomparable to what his master had said about the person from a thousand years ago. However, he had a faint feeling that things were not that simple.

The Dragon Qi that he had obtained seemed a little strange. He kept having the feeling that this was a living being, moreover, there were two purple strands on the back of the Dragon Qi. Although it was very faint, it was still there.

If it was said that it was not dragon aura but its aura was noble and pure. He could feel a sense of righteousness within it.

At this moment, he couldn't help but think of his master, Venerable Lord Sheng Yan. If his master was here, things would be much easier!

"No way!" Suddenly, Li Xingyun raised his head and muttered to himself with a grave expression, "From now on, I will have to rely on myself for everything. I want to grow, evolve, and the next time we meet, I'll make master feel gratified. I'm proud of this!"

In an instant, he had corrected his previous state of mind.

In the past, he had always had people helping him with everything and making decisions for him. But now, it was different. The whole ancient era was boundless. He was the only one left. He could only rely on himself for everything.

Only now did he understand that in these five years, regardless of the major matters, his master had to ask him for the real reason first. It wasn't that his master had grown old and timid, but that he had to do his best to grow up.

As he thought of this, the corners of his eyes couldn't help but moisten. After all, he was only a 15 or 16 year old youth who hadn't experienced much separation and life and death, and his feelings were always fragile.

Gradually, a teardrop escaped from his vision and fell right on the side of the golden dragon qi.

The originally active golden dragon aura seemed to have been infected by something. It instantly became depressed and dispirited. It was like a child that had lost the care and care of its relatives and friends. It silently became sorrowful.

The grief continued and became more and more intense. After an unknown amount of time, the golden dragon aura suddenly raised its head. It looked very human-like as it glanced at Li Xingyun, then it rushed into his body with a swoosh, disappearing without a trace!

After an unknown period of time, Li Xingyun finally broke free from the heavy atmosphere.

"Eh? Where's the dragon aura? "

Li Xingyun's eyes widened as he looked at the wooden box in his hand in disbelief. It was just that there wasn't any form of dragon aura in the box right now. It was completely empty, even cleaner than his face!

At this moment, he was stupefied. He flipped the wooden box upside down a few times but didn't discover anything. When he looked inside the room again, it was completely empty without a single trace.

"Holy sh * t!" "He ran away ?"

At this moment, Li Xingyun was extremely angry and filled with regret. How could he have the time to be sad? He only kept on searching for the dragon's Qi, hoping that it was joking with him and would come out on its own later.

However ?

A quarter of an hour, half an hour ? It wasn't until two hours later that he realized that the dragon aura had really escaped!

He wanted to cry, but there were no tears!

He had originally been looking forward to his lucky chance, hoping that he would be able to dominate the world in the future. However, in the blink of an eye, everything had changed.

"Humph!" "If you want to run, then run. I am a talented genius, blessed by the heavens with endless luck. Even if I don't have the dragon qi to run around the world, I am still invincible in this world!"

Li Xingyun comforted himself in such a sour manner. However, his bright eyes continued to sweep across the room, hoping for a miracle to happen!

Dong, dong, dong!

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, pulling him back to reality!

"Who is it?"

Due to the escape of the dragon aura, he was not in a good mood, so his tone of voice was not very good either. This made Ding Bao, who had just worked his way through the night, depressed.

"Damn it, I'm still running around dragging this' parental favor 'with me. I still haven't lost my temper. Kid, who do you think you are?"

Ding Bao was secretly unhappy in his heart, but he didn't show it on his face. Someone like him, at the very least, should be able to keep his expression calm on the surface, right?

"Cough cough!" It's me, Ding Bao! "

Ding Bao's tone of voice contained a hidden bitterness, causing Li Xingyun, who was in the room, to suddenly shiver. He thought to himself, "What's wrong with this fatty? Why does it feel like he was given a night of rotations by eighteen strong men like wolves and tigers?"

In an instant, the depression from the escape of the dragon's breath was suppressed.

His spirit quivered for a moment. Then, he amiably went to open the door and let Ding Bao into the room!

"Ah!" "Manager Ding, what's wrong with you? You must be tired and have gone through the transition!"

Looking at Ding Bao's panda eyes, Li Xingyun confirmed his previous guess and couldn't help sympathizing with Chief Steward Ding!

When Chief Steward Ding felt the pity in Li Xingyun's eyes, he immediately threw his earlier unhappiness out of the window. He thought to himself, 'This kid still has a conscience.

Due to the wrong thoughts, a coincidental expression instantly closed the gap between the two of them.

Ding Bao's' tiger body 'trembled as he said, "Little brother, I, Ding Zi, have worked all night and came here early in the morning. I'm not in a good condition, so I hope little brother will forgive me!"

"Not at all!" Hearing that, Li Xingyun hurriedly waved his hands and looked at Ding Bao as if he understood what was going on. He comforted, "Bro, your health is more important. Hurry up and go recover later!"

After getting his concern, Ding Bao exclaimed 'It's hard to get news from someone who knows the way', and his expression became even friendlier.

They chatted for a while before they stopped.

"I wonder why elder brother is looking for me this time?"

Only after the two of them calmed down did Li Xingyun ask with a serious expression.

He lowered his voice and said, "Little brother, I will not hide it from you, you also know what happened last night. I am looking for you because my master is looking for you, if you ask, then you can tell me the truth, but there is one thing you need to tell me, when you ask the Violent Wolf Gang, you only need to say, you have never met these people!"


Hearing Ding Bao's words, Li Xingyun felt astonished. At the same time, he was also thinking about the relationship between the two.

After a while, he said seriously, "Don't worry, Manager Ding. I've remembered this matter. I just don't know who is behind this Violent Wolf Gang ?"

Ding Bao gave Li Xingyun a meaningful look and said three words.

"Jingyang Manor!"

Li Xingyun was deep in thought at the Jing Yang Estate. He secretly took note of it and made a rough judgement in his heart.

"Hehe!" Little brother, if there is nothing else, let's go. Ding Bao chuckled as he saw Li Xingyun's expression gradually relax.

Hearing that, Li Xingyun also replied, "Yes, yes, yes. Let's head there as soon as possible!"

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