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"Pear Blossom Spring Rain!"

Suddenly, the youth bellowed and the shadows of his fists disappeared. It was as if the shadows of thousands of fists had merged into one and the shadows of a single fist had split apart into tens of thousands of shadows.

There really was the feeling of rain hitting pear blossoms, one after another!

Seeing this, Li Xingyun's gaze turned serious for a moment, before he also sent out a punch!

There was nothing mystical about this punch, but when it was unleashed, the Spiritual Energy was like an incomparably sharp sword, directly splitting apart the opponent's fist force!

Boom ?

The sound of air clashing rang out. This scene looked very spectacular!

The two retreated after their first exchange of blows. However, it was Li Xingyun who had the upper hand!

How could the young man not know that he had met a tough opponent? He clasped his fists and said, "This brother here is very strong. I, Yin Chengfeng, will be experiencing it!"

"Li Xingyun!"

Li Xingyun also replied with a cupped fist.

At this moment, that youth had actually become a lot more serious. Not only that, but his natural disposition had made him look up to him.

After saying that, Yin Chengfeng didn't stop at all. He signalled to Li Xingyun before joining the battle for the treasures.

Li Xingyun thought for a moment before turning to Nangong Xiaodan, "Be careful, I'll go up and get some stuff to play with!"

With that, he headed straight for the battlefield.

The treasure being fought for here was a short sword! The dagger was only a foot and a half long and three fingers wide. It looked like a symbol!

At this moment, there were more than ten people fighting over this sword. However, it was like a hot potato in their hands, and could not be completely obtained by someone.

The moment Li Xingyun had joined the battle, he had attracted the attention of everyone else. There were even a few people who attacked him!

Boom! Boom!

Li Xingyun didn't care at all when he saw the incoming attacks. He punched and kicked at them. However, his attention was still focused on observing the darkness!

"Kid, you're courting death!"

A large bald man shouted. Then, a palm the size of a palm-leaf fan came smashing down towards Li Xingyun!


The palm wind was strong, bringing with it a whooshing sound. Behind him, there was another person who had attempted a sneak attack. One of his fists had landed directly on Li Xingyun's back!

His right foot flew up like lightning and kicked the fist of the person behind him. At the same time, his leg suddenly exerted force and directly flew up. His body suddenly spun in the air and directly kicked the baldy to the ground!

Puff ?

In that split-second, he actually ignored it and directly kicked the flying dagger out of the air. When the dagger received the attack, it instantly disappeared from everyone's line of sight.

And it had even disappeared into thin air in an instant!

After finishing all of this, the corner of Li Xingyun's mouth lifted slightly. After landing, he took another step and headed towards the next battlefield!

"What's going on?"

Even now, the crowd still did not understand what had happened. Why had the dagger suddenly disappeared?

Of course, it wasn't that they didn't suspect Li Xingyun, but the dagger had clearly flown away!

"Damn it, I've been tricked by that brat!"

The crowd cursed in anger, then chased after Li Xingyun's back, obviously to take their revenge!

However, this time, their luck seemed to be even worse. Just as they approached the battle circle, the same scene happened again.

The culprit, Li Xingyun, left again!

Seeing this, how could they not know that they had fallen into his trap? Immediately, someone said in a deep voice, "Brothers, that brat is too greedy. He has already taken away two treasures. He must have an accomplice. Let's follow him and take him away!"

Hearing this, everyone was filled with righteous indignation, and they all joined hands to form a common enemy.

"Right, fuck him, we don't fight over the steamed buns. He won't let us have a good time, and we won't let him have a good time either!"

Very quickly, these dozens of people were completely roused. One by one, they furiously stared at Li Xingyun's back before charging forward to kill him ?

This battle was rather troublesome because Li Xingyun saw his old acquaintance, Xu Lang!

It wasn't that he was afraid of Xu Lang, but that Xu Lang had also advanced to the first level. Now that he was at the middle level of the Netherpassage Realm, the person he truly cared about was the man behind him who was at the late stage of the Netherworld Realm!

That person was a little fat, but his body was nimble.

"Old friend, long time no see!"

Li Xingyun looked at Xu Lang with a smile and said with his clear voice.

For some reason, when Xu Lang heard his voice, his entire body couldn't help but tremble. He then looked at him with both fear and hatred.

Li Xingyun helplessly shrugged when he looked at them like that and said, "Don't look at me like that. You were the ones who chased after me!"

He was naturally talking about the matter of Wei Dongcheng. After leaving this place, it was unknown just how crazy Old Man Chiyun would be.

Hearing this, Xu Lang said resentfully, "Li Xingyun, today is the day you die. Don't think you can leave this place alive!"

Sou sou ?

The moment he said that, several people immediately surrounded Li Xingyun. Including the twenty to thirty people that Li Xingyun had brought with him earlier, Li Xingyun was quickly surrounded. On the contrary, the censer treasure was not being taken seriously!

Li Xingyun stopped and looked at Xu Lang with interest. Then, without a word, he disappeared into thin air!

Seeing him use this move once again, Xu Lang could not help but let out a fiendish laugh. "I've been waiting for this move of yours!"

As his voice fell, his subordinates suddenly scattered some white powder on the ground. Very soon, the entire battlefield was covered in this white powder!

At this moment, Li Xingyun's figure had also been exposed!

The second level of the Nine Steps of Heaven was not about merging into the void, but was about concealing himself based on the characteristics of spiritual energy. In reality, his body existed.

Moreover, every time his foot landed on the ground, no matter how light his step was, it would naturally leave a mark!

And this move of Xu Lang's couldn't be said to be the right one. Li Xingyun, who had disappeared, couldn't help but reveal himself again. He frowned as he looked at everything!

"Hahahaha ?" Li Xingyun, you didn't think about it, right? I've racked my brains for this thing.

Xu Lang laughed crazily, as if he was very satisfied with his actions!


Li Xingyun cursed in a low voice and then disappeared again!

Whoosh ?

The moment he disappeared, a longsword appeared in the place where he had been standing just a moment ago. However, there was not a single trace of blood!

After reading up to this point, everyone was stunned for a moment before they all looked towards the ground!

Puff puff ?

However, just as they were about to take action, two people had their throats slashed by a sword and fell to the ground!

To Li Xingyun, doing so was indeed a bit of an effect, but at the same time, didn't he have an effect as well?

Everything had its pros and cons. The downside of this move was that they needed to spend time and energy to figure out where Li Xingyun was.

However, the situation on the battlefield drastically changed. By the time they had noticed Li Xingyun's figure, he had already succeeded.

This was also the advantage of his speed, but his opponent had never thought of this!

When Xu Lang looked at the people who had just fallen, he heard several more muffled groans from behind him!

"Tsk ?"

Before the few of them could react, they felt a sharp pain in their bodies before they completely lost consciousness!

Only now did Xu Lang realize that he had still underestimated Li Xingyun's strength. He had overestimated his own brilliant plan!

He couldn't help but shiver and involuntarily retreat!

Those people who had come forth to fight for the treasures could not help but tremble in fear. They no longer cared about their reputation, they immediately retreated!


Bloody flowers bloomed as figures fell one after another. The pungent smell was constantly rising, causing one's heart to be covered by a layer of fog of fear.


Li Xingyun's sword descended without mercy. The cultivators who were fighting on the other battlefields also saw this scene and couldn't help but swallow a mouthful of saliva. They were determined not to deal with this sort of death god.

At this moment, Li Xingyun was as relaxed as he could be. Ever since the fusion of the stone inscription and his own life force, he discovered that his attack power had increased by a lot. Furthermore, it seemed to have become much more effortless.

"Xu Lang, prepare to die!"

Suddenly, Li Xingyun's loud shout rang out in the air. Xu Lang felt his skin tighten, and then he felt a sharp pain in his chest!

When he looked down, there was a big hole on his chest, blood was gushing out!

"You ? "So vicious!"

In the end, he was only able to say these words before he fell to the ground.

Hearing that, Li Xingyun disdainfully looked at him and said, "You're so childish!"

Since they were enemies, they had to have the awareness of being killed. No matter who it was, no one could step foot into the martial arts world and be the only one who could do what they wanted!

Now that he killed Xu Yuan's son, Wei Chiyun's son also died in the ruins. He wondered what would happen if they got the news?

Li Xingyun ignored all of this, because at that moment, Xu Lang's guard had already charged towards him!

This person's strength was at the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm. Furthermore, his spiritual sense was extremely sharp and he was usually able to detect his movements. Therefore, he was unable to do anything for a while!

As the two battled, Wei Ling also charged forward with her sword raised. What made him even more speechless was that Wei Ling was even more difficult to deal with than that cultivator at the late stage of the Netherpassage Realm.

She seemed to be able to find him, causing him to think of Yun Su. Yun Su also seemed to be able to see him.

Now that she had entered the Heavenly Shadow Nine Paths for the second time, he reckoned that Yun Su would not be able to see it. However, if even Wei Ling could see it, then Yun Su would no longer be able to be certain!

He did not understand why his movement technique would sometimes be ineffective against women.

Of course, there was a high chance that this was because of Wei Ling and Yun Su's unique constitutions!

"Wei Ling, can you see me?"

Thinking of this, he couldn't help but ask in a low voice.

Hearing his words, Wei Ling scoffed and said, "Li Xingyun, there are no flawless cultivation techniques in this world. Everything has a loophole. Don't you think you're invincible?"

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