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Li Xingyun didn't have much of a reaction to Wei Ling's sneer. To him, he naturally wouldn't underestimate anyone else. However, he was curious as to why Wei Ling and Yun Su were able to see him.

In other words, what was wrong with his martial art?

In fact, the [Heavenly Shadow Nine Steps] was originally separated from the Spirit Void Scripture. The existing Spirit Void Scripture was incomplete, and the real Spirit Void Scripture was still in the stone book.

He had only obtained the complete cultivation technique by chance. As for everything else, he hadn't discovered it yet!

As such, it was normal for the Heavenly Shadow Nine Path to be incomplete!

When Xu Lang's guards saw Li Xingyun appear, they also charged forward without a word. If Xu Lang died in Li Xingyun's hands, no matter what, he would be implicated, unless he could escape!

Facing the onslaught of the two, Li Xingyun's expression didn't change at all. He activated the stone bead at the same time, causing his own defense to become extremely strong!

And at this moment, the others had already decided on who would win.

The twelve Mysterious Spirit Weapons had all belonged to him, but those people had already escaped!

At this moment, for some reason, the entire hall began to shake violently, as if it was about to topple over.

Rumble ?

The violent explosion made it so that no one was able to stand still. Noticing the shocking turn of events, Li Xingyun immediately made a decision and headed towards the edge of the hall.

"Hurry up and leave, don't just stand there. This place might collapse!"

When he passed by Nangong Xiaodai, he discovered that she was still at a loss. He couldn't help but be speechless.

It was only after he shouted at her that she came back to her senses!

"Oh, oh!"

"Yes." Li Xingyun nodded and left with Li Xingyun.

"What about you?"

Li Xingyun, who was running ahead of them, asked Nangong Xiaodai, who was standing behind him.

However, before she could reply, her voice suddenly rang out.

"Screech!" You actually started to care about your sister! "Hehehe ~"

Naturally, Li Xingyun automatically shielded himself from those exaggerated claims. Soon, they reached the edge of the great hall!


At this moment, some of the people in the hall had already been killed by the falling stones, and miserable cries could be heard one after another.

"Quick, to the north wall!"

At this time, someone finally discovered the difference. The north wall and dome hadn't collapsed yet, so it was a rare safe haven.

However, this question brought forth a new problem.

There were only so many safe spots in the north wall. At most, it could accommodate the average person. What about the rest of the people?

In this life or death situation, who would be willing to give up their chance to live? All of them charged forward with their lives on the line. Even Li Xingyun and the others were starting to get crowded.

"You guys be careful!"

Li Xingyun warned, before constantly taking precautions!

Boom ?

Suddenly, at this moment, a loud sound was heard. Everyone was horrified to find that the entire hall seemed to have been uprooted. Moreover, it was still rolling around!

Those who had made it up had a lingering fear. As for those who hadn't managed to get a spot, they were directly buried in the rubble.

BOOM! BOOM! Boom ?

The rest of the palace continued to roll along with the crowd. From within, one could feel the earth-shattering power. Under this power, the human force seemed very weak.

At this moment, Li Xingyun and the others could only grab onto some of the protrusions on the ground and try their best to maintain a steady pace.

Clang ?

After an unknown period of time, the entire hall finally calmed down and stopped moving!

At this moment, the survivors had time to check out their surroundings.

At this moment, in front of them appeared a strange space filled with floating gray mist!

The mist was as cold as ice water in winter.

Other than this, there were also a lot of other strange things flashing across this gray world. Their speed was extremely fast.

Li Xingyun and Qing Yan glanced at each other and pulled up Nangong Xiaodai, who was still lying on the ground!

"Ugh!" Have you calmed down? "So terrifying ?"

It was only when Nangong Xiaodai was helped to her feet that she realized everything was settled. Still, she couldn't help but feel a lingering fear.

In the distance, Wei Ling also stood up. However, she only glanced at Li Xingyun once before ignoring him.

In such a strange environment, the most important thing was to maintain his strength and deal with all kinds of unexpected situations! Since she didn't come looking for trouble, Li Xingyun naturally couldn't be bothered to think about it.

At the same time, everyone continuously walked out of the broken stone hall and stepped onto this unfamiliar land.

Li Xingyun and his group had also walked far away. However, when he stepped on the ground, he felt a different kind of aura.

This aura was a bit different from spiritual energy, and it was a bit cold. After a long time, he realized that this was thick demonic spiritual energy!

"There is such a dense demonic energy here?"

Li Xingyun couldn't help but cry out in alarm!

When Qing Shui noticed this, his brows gradually furrowed.

Soon, everyone was aware of this fact. Immediately, someone screamed out!

"AHH!" "It's the Infernal domain. We ran to the Infernal domain, there are many devils here ?"

"Ah?" No way, how could it be the Infernal domain! "

Everyone was in disbelief. Even though nothing had happened, the mere mention of the Infernal domain made them feel fear.

Towards this, Li Xingyun couldn't help but be speechless. Even if this was the Infernal domain, it was still the Infernal domain from tens of thousands of years ago. There were no more devils here; otherwise, how could it be so calm!

However, he soon realized that he was wrong.

Buzz ?

There was a slight hum in the air, and everyone felt a tearing pain enter their minds!

"Ah ?"

Some of those with weaker bodies could not help but hold their heads as they fell to the ground!

This sound wave wasn't that ear-piercing, but it was unbearable to many people.

At this moment, Li Xingyun also felt as if something was gnawing at his mind. If it wasn't for his powerful soul power, he wouldn't have been able to bear the burden right now!

Chu Feng's eyebrows knitted together in pain as he tried to defend himself. However, Nangong Xiaodan appeared to be unaffected by the situation.

"Little Di, why are you fine?"

She couldn't help but ask in confusion when she saw how relaxed Nangong Xiao Di was.

Hearing this, Nangong Xiaodai tilted her head and said, "My physique is a bit special. I'm naturally immune to many sound waves attacks. Furthermore, I can even find out their specific origin!"

Hearing this, Li Xingyun and Tianyun couldn't help but be surprised. There was such a physique?

Li Xingyun immediately said, "Little Dai, since you can find the source of this sound, then hurry up and bring us to destroy it!"

To be honest, if this level of pain were to continue, he would probably die miserably in this dangerous place.

However, Nangong Xiao Di shook her head helplessly and said, "The source of the sound is a little too far this time, at least hundreds of miles away. Furthermore, the closer we get to the sound wave, the more powerful it becomes. Are you sure you want to go over?"

Hearing this, Li Xingyun and Tianyun couldn't help but feel helpless.

However, he couldn't just do nothing, right?

"Since that's the case, we might as well retreat in reverse and reduce this kind of attack!"

After thinking for a while, Qing Shui could not help but speak up.

There were no other good methods left now, so it seemed that this was the only way.

Li Xingyun couldn't help but agree with this statement.

After which, they directly retreated behind them. Gradually, the sound wave became weaker, as though something was preventing them from moving in that direction.

Very soon, the others also noticed this and couldn't help but head in this direction as well.

In reality, the space here seemed very strange, but after walking for a long time, they actually didn't encounter any sort of danger. This caused Li Xingyun to be puzzled!

"Could it be that the Infernal domain has been completely destroyed, and even the danger from back then has disappeared?"

He could not help but think in his heart!

Soon, the three of them arrived at a large stone forest.

"Eh? "What is this?"

Suddenly, Nangong Xiuda noticed a fist-sized red gemstone on a huge rock. Feeling a sense of novelty, she couldn't help but grab it.

When Li Xingyun saw this, it was already too late to stop him.

Just as she took out the red gem, the huge rock actually moved.

Rumble ?

It was as if a thunderbolt had struck down, causing the surrounding huge rocks to roll up continuously!

The three of them were quickly surrounded.




It was as if there was an enormous object closing in on them. The giant boulders that were besieging them couldn't help but retreat in two directions!


Finally, with a loud bang, a ten foot tall stone golem appeared in front of them.

This stone statue had a pitch-black body. Its eyes also flashed with a red light! There was also a red stone on his chest. It was exactly the same as the one Nangong had taken earlier!

It had to be said that Nangong Xiaodan's luck was not that good to be able to obtain it.

At this moment, the statue stared at them with its scarlet eyes as its aura gradually became more and more powerful!

"Li Xingyun, I, I ?" It was not intentional! "

Nangong Xiaodai pursed her lips as she spoke in an aggrieved tone.

Hearing that, Li Xingyun didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "It's nothing. Just be careful later. This guy should be very strong!"

While they were speaking, the statue's aura had already climbed to the peak of the Netherworld Realm, and then ?


They saw a scarlet aura rise up, and the strong waves of Qi and blood caused them to feel as if their hearts were beating rapidly. Clearly, they had been affected as well!

Noticing this, Li Xingyun's gaze turned even more serious. It was obvious that the statue was no longer a living creature, but a living creature!

Only living beings would have such powerful vital energy and blood.

"Roar ?"

At this moment, the statue spread open its arms and let out a long howl towards the sky. Its aura suddenly reached its peak. At this moment, Li Xingyun couldn't help but feel his heart contract ?

Peak Cloud Realm!

The difference between their strength at the Cloud Realm and that of the Cloud Realm was like a watershed that was beyond the limits of what they could face!

Moreover, the Stone Golem's defense was its true strength!

In that instant, a powerful sense of danger descended upon them, completely suppressing them!

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