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Li Xingyun felt a wave of helplessness as he listened to the conversation between the two of them. What kind of people did he meet? At this moment, he was actually speaking such flirtatious words!

His internal injuries were not to be delayed at all. Thankfully, he was a medicinal pill, so the Holy Spirit power instantly gushed out and spread to his entire body, healing the damage.

Liu Ming was quite familiar with this point. His Spiritual Sense continuously searched every part of his body, taking in every single injury. Following which, his Holy Spirit Force quickly surged to heal his wounds.

This process was undoubtedly very long. Fortunately, the stone forest was already completely closed, so they were not worried that someone would disturb them.

There wasn't much Holy Spirit Force in the first place, so he had to buy even more time. Every four hours, he would be able to recover.

There was nothing else that could be done to restore the Holy Spirit's power, it was just medicine being taken. Therefore, a Holy Spirit Master rarely appeared in this world, and just a single Holy Spirit Master alone would consume over ten thousand medicinal ingredients.

Two days later, Li Xingyun left his cultivation state. It wasn't that his injuries had recovered, but the medicinal ingredients had all been exhausted.

There were two people talking about it, but it wasn't his.

Helplessly quitting his cultivation state, he began to ponder on how to find medicinal ingredients.

There seemed to be very few herbs in the entire ruins, or it could be said that they didn't find the right place! Now, all of the medicinal ingredients he brought before were gone, and his injuries had only recovered about seventy percent.

After a moment of contemplation, he noticed something. Glancing at the two people not far away, he slowly said, "You two stay here, I'm going out to handle some matters!"

Hearing that, Qing Yin stood up and asked in confusion, "What's wrong? Your injuries do not seem to have fully recovered. Where are you going? "

Li Xingyun only shook his head at the question, but didn't say anything.

After a while, he said to Nangong, "Little Dai, open the stone forest!"

The mechanism of the stone forest was the statue. Now that it had been completely subdued by Nangong Xiaodan, she no longer had to worry about its safety.

However, before Nangong Xiaobai could say anything, she interrupted her and said, "No! If you don't clarify what you want to do, I can't let you go out! "

Seeing this, Li Xingyun couldn't wait any longer and directly shouted, "Open it!"

Seeing his expression change, even Nangong Xiaodan couldn't help feeling a bit scared. She had never seen Li Xingyun in such a state before.

It wasn't that Li Xingyun was being unreasonable, but that he couldn't control his emotions right now.

His injuries began to heal from the bottom up, but he was unable to continue at the heart of the spiritual altar. This caused the fires in his body to accumulate, and any mistake would cause him to be angry!

Qing Yin was also startled by Li Xingyun's shout, causing him to freeze on the spot for a moment.

Upon seeing this, Nangong Xiaodai quickly patted the statue and opened up the stone forest!

Li Xingyun knew that his emotions were unstable, so he no longer cared about the two and directly floated out of the stone forest!

"Li Xingyun ?" He doesn't seem to be in the right mood! "

After Li Xingyun left, Nangong Xiaodan couldn't help but say in a weak voice,

"Who cares if he lives or dies!"

Qing Yin cursed angrily.

However, when Nangong Little Dai saw her expression, she couldn't help but say, "It seems ?" From the beginning, you were the one who cared about them! "

"I ?"

Gritting her teeth, she was speechless. It was really meddling in other people's business!

"I... I was afraid he'd throw you out! "

In the end, she made up a reason that even she herself didn't believe in. She hurriedly walked to the side and stopped talking. Who knew what she was thinking!

"Is that so?"

When Nangong Xiaodai saw the strange actions of Qing Yan, she couldn't help muttering her doubts.

As for Li Xingyun, after he left the stone forest and headed towards the north, he discovered something.

A single withering vine flower, a Mortal level spiritual herb. Its level was very low, but it was better than nothing. Thus, he accepted it without any hesitation.

However, with such a speed, who knew how long it would take? However, this place didn't have any good herbs, so he had no choice but to slowly search for it.

Gradually, a day passed, but his harvest was pitifully small.

The fire in his heart burned hotter and hotter. He felt that he could lose his mind at any time. But at this time, he also discovered that he couldn't seem to remember the way back!

The further he went, the more fertile the ground became and the denser the trees became. He didn't even know where he was, but the demonic energy seemed to be even denser!

In this endless world without any direction, Li Xingyun gradually began to forget why he had come out. His eyes turned red, and he seemed to have gone crazy. From time to time, he would bombard the surroundings.

From the very beginning, he had never thought that the Heart Flame Inversion was actually so powerful, even more so than Qi deviation!

He was trying his best to keep a trace of his spiritual consciousness clear, so that he would not have no ability to resist his surroundings. At the same time, he gave himself a subconscious order.

The fifth day ?

Li Xingyun was completely lost. His true self was also completely sealed away by him.

It could be said that the current him was no different from the Stone Golem from before. He only subconsciously attacked, and he wasn't that strong yet!

That evening, he finally discovered something. It seemed that there was something floating in the distant sky.

Seeing this, he couldn't help but feel his body tighten and his consciousness become much clearer.

Taking advantage of this gap, he quickly changed his direction and headed towards the floating object in the distance.

At this moment, 10 miles away, a massive stone tablet quietly stood there. In front of this stone tablet, there were dozens of people constantly fighting.


At this moment, a bright light flashed and a figure stood in the middle. He could not help but say, "Everyone, I am Mo Changtian, the leader of the sect. This monolith brimming with demonic qi is definitely useless to us, I think we should destroy it first!"


Just as he finished speaking, he was hit by an energy attack.

Seeing this scene, he couldn't help but shake his head and sigh inwardly, "Sigh! Foolish, ignorant! "

Seeing how everyone was fighting over the tombstone, he had no choice but to give up. Although the tombstone had only appeared for a few days, hundreds of cultivators had already rushed here to fight for their lives.

Right now, the situation was not only not getting better, but it was getting worse. He didn't know why, but when he saw the group of people in front of him seemingly unconscious, he realized the severity of the problem.

Suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in his eyes. When he saw this figure, he couldn't help but be startled and was about to step forward to converse with it!

However, he soon discovered that this person seemed to be in a state of unconsciousness, just like those who were vying for the Demon Tablet.


The newcomer let out a loud bellow, and then immediately entered the battlefield.

"Heavens ?"

Mo Changtian said helplessly. He felt that the situation had gone beyond his expectations and he could not help but stop them once more!

"Brother Xingyun, Brother Li ?"

The person who had rushed over at this moment was naturally Li Xingyun. He only felt that something was calling out to him. After that, he followed the feeling in his heart and arrived here. He did not know about anything else.

At this moment, he was completely oblivious to Mo Chang Tian's shout. After all, his consciousness had been completely retracted into his mind.

He only knew that there seemed to be a life-saving medicine in front of him, he just needed to get it.

This state was similar to self-hypnosis, only knowing to follow one's subconscious.

At this moment, a few more people had died. Li Xingyun's joining seemed to be quite a coincidence. The moment they entered the field, they encountered a few of their weakest moments.

"Li Xingyun, wake up!"

However, his actions seemed somewhat strange, and even Li Xingyun didn't seem to be able to hear him at all.

Soon, another two figures appeared in the distance. After the two of them entered the arena, they entered into the battle without a word.


Suddenly, a loud sound rang out. It was unknown who used a great amount of strength to hit the Devil Tablet. This sudden situation stunned everyone who was fighting for the Devil Tablet for a split-second!

Seeing this, Mo Changtian's expression changed. Without further ado, he rushed to attack the Devil Tablet.

BOOM! BOOM! Boom ?

A series of violent explosions rang out. Li Xingyun's originally lost consciousness was also suddenly relieved, and he instantly returned to his body.

When he clearly saw the situation before his eyes, he couldn't help but be stunned.

When did he run into the pile of corpses? Besides, what were these people fighting around them?

Very quickly, he noticed that Mo Changtian was constantly attacking the Devil Tablet.

Seeing this scene, he couldn't help but think back to the events of the past few days. Suddenly, he fixed his gaze on the Devil Tablet.

"Brother Mo, you stop the rest. I will keep this Devil Tablet. This way, it might be able to alleviate the symptoms of these people."

Li Xingyun's figure flashed as he neared Mo Changtian and shouted at him.

Hearing his words, Mo Changtian's face lit up, "Brother Li, you're awake!"

Li Xingyun didn't have the time to talk to him, he could only urge, "Brother Mo, this isn't the time to talk. Help me stop them first!"


Upon hearing this, Mo Changtian did not hesitate at all. He quickly rushed out and went to meet the few people who had yet to regain their consciousness.

Seeing this, Li Xingyun nodded to himself as he looked at Mo Changtian's back. He no longer cared about the situation of the battle and directly wrapped the Devil Tablet with his spiritual sense.

Currently, his strength had improved greatly and his spiritual sense was also much stronger. Moreover, this Devil Tablet seemed to be less than 10% of its previous strength. Thus, he quickly kept it in his Green Marked Ring.

At the moment when the Green Coin Ring disappeared, the people fighting suddenly stopped!

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