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Those who had stopped gradually regained their consciousness. However, when they saw the situation before their eyes, they couldn't help but feel extremely terrified.

"This... "What's going on?"

"Why did I come here? Am I not healing?"

"Me too, why is my injury even worse. Also, where is this place? Who are you?"

The few people who had regained their senses could not resist asking each other. Clearly, they were completely unaware of what had happened recently.

"Brother Li, what's going on?" At this moment, Mo Changtian could not help but ask seriously.

Li Xingyun thought for a moment before saying, "I think it's because of the Devil Tablet. It lured all of the injured to this place. It's clear that it's to fight for the Devil Tablet, or perhaps it's for some other reason. We don't know!"

Li Xingyun slowly analyzed the situation. Combined with the discussions of the surrounding people and his own condition, he also understood the crux of the matter.

He had originally thought that the fire in his heart was too strong, causing him to gradually lose his way. Now, it seemed that it wasn't the case!

The reason why the Devil Tablet was able to affect the injured people was probably due to the Qi and blood of the injured person. Otherwise, why would Mo Changtian be fine?

Hearing his explanation, Mo Changtian nodded his head in agreement after thinking for a long while!

"Oh right, why are you here?" Li Xingyun couldn't help asking.

"Sigh!" This is a long story! " Mo Changtian sighed and said, "Let's walk and talk!"

The two of them headed towards the direction Li Xingyun had come from. Along the way, he had also learned a lot from Mo Chang Tian.

It turned out that not all spaces were like this. White and boundless, as well as other places. There were places with boundless deserts and endless seas. He had heard of all of these places before.

As for him, he had been at the borders of the world of white mist, a place filled with mountains.

When he heard that Li Xingyun was in need of medicinal herbs, he finally couldn't hold it in and said, "Over there, there are many medicinal herbs in the mountain range. I was in a hurry back then, so I picked some too. If you need medicinal herbs, you can go over there!"

Hearing this, Li Xingyun immediately stopped. He looked at Mo Changtian in surprise and asked, "Is that true?"

"Seriously!" Mo Changtian seriously replied.

Hearing this, Li Xingyun clasped his fists and said, "Brother Mo, please enlighten me!"

Seeing this, Mo Changtian quickly waved his hand and said, "There's no need to do this. If you walk another 200 miles from here to the southeast, you will probably reach the border of two places!"

Hearing this, Li Xingyun thought deeply for a bit and then came up with a plan.

Both Dongfang Jingyue and Nangong Xiaodai knew that he would be leaving if he didn't return. Moreover, Nangong Xiaodai could be said to be safe now that she had the protection of the statue. Thus, he wasn't too worried.

Seeming to have seen through his thoughts, Mo Changtian clasped his fists and said, "Then let's separate here. I want to take a look at the other side!"

Hearing that, Li Xingyun slightly nodded and cupped his fists as he said, "Take care!"

"Take care!"

The two of them spoke of their value to each other before heading in the opposite direction.

Along the way, Li Xingyun did not encounter any trouble. It was as if there was no danger here. However, he arrived at the place Mo Chang Tian had mentioned in less than half a day.

Looking at the endless mountain ranges and the vast expanse of white land behind him, he felt that these ruins were not simple!

The stone statue from before, the world that had suddenly changed, all of this was like a mystery that deeply troubled him.

Soon, he shook his head, cleared his mind, and headed towards the heart of the mountain!

"Roar ?"

Just as he entered the forest, he heard a violent roar. This roar shook the entire forest, as if he had encountered some sort of danger.

Li Xingyun's heart skipped a beat when he heard the beast's roar, as if he was a bit excited.

He was also a little curious when he sensed this. It was as though this kind of situation rarely occurred to him. Why was he doing this now?

After thinking for a while, he followed the source of the beast roar.

At this time, several miles away, a woman in a black dress was fighting with a demonic dragon python.

The Demonic Dragon Python was a Spiritual Beast at the peak of the third grade, and the woman was also at the late stage of the Netherworld Realm.

Suddenly, the woman raised her head and looked into the distance with a puzzled expression.

She only saw a silhouette rapidly nearing her. For some unknown reason, when she saw this silhouette, she couldn't help but feel her heart pounding involuntarily. She didn't know why ?

Just as she was distracted, the Demonic Dragon Python suddenly swung its huge tail and smashed down towards her.

She felt a sense of crisis. It was too late for her to dodge, so she could only swing the sword in her hand and slash out!


After a muffled sound, she could not help but turn pale as she quickly flew backwards!

"Why are you so careless!"

Suddenly, a powerful arm wrapped around her waist, removing the huge recoil. At the same time, a familiar refreshing scent entered her nostrils, causing her body to involuntarily shiver!

Hearing the gentle voice, a sense of security inexplicably hit him.

The two of them floated with the wind until they landed, then they continued to embrace each other as if they were separated from the ground!

For a moment, the atmosphere froze. No one spoke to break this rare silence, nor did anyone let go of the other person's hand. It was unknown if it was because they were afraid of seeing the other party's awkward expression.

"Aooo ?"

However, even if the heavens were not happy, there would always be someone that would ruin the atmosphere and jump out.

The Demonic Dragon Python seemed to be extremely angry at this moment. It dragged its huge body, and like a rolling stone, it quickly approached the two of them.

The huge, bloody gaping hole closed in on the two in the blink of an eye. It seemed as if it wanted to swallow them whole like a delicious meal.

When the two of them heard the sound, they were alarmed and went up and down in tacit understanding. At the same time, they drew their swords and stabbed towards the eyes of the Demonic Dragon Python.

This sudden turn of events gave the Demonic Dragon Python a fright. However, it was too confident before, so it only had time to close its eyes.


Two light sounds rang out, and the Demonic Dragon Python let out a painful roar, as its huge body couldn't help but fall backwards.

"Aooo ?"

Seeing this, how could the two of them be willing to give up such a good opportunity? They immediately went forward and dismembered the corpse in a matter of seconds.

When the dust settled, the two awkwardly stood together.

"Why are you here?"

"Why are you here?"

"I'm here to look for medicine!"

"I'm here to look for medicine!"

The two of them spoke at the same time. Even their tone of voice were the same.

These two people were naturally Yun Su and Li Xingyun, who had always been fated to be together.

The two of them were both dressed in black clothes, and from the looks of it, they were truly a perfect couple, a match made in heaven!

"Since we're all looking for medicine, then we ? Shall we go together? " Even he didn't know why!


Yun Su replied in a shallow manner and could be considered to have responded to his invitation.

Just like that, the two of them became silent for a moment. One in front, one behind, they started to walk forward absent-mindedly!

A few hours later, at the foot of a cliff, Li Xingyun and Yun Su were hiding under a huge boulder.

Li Xingyun sat cross-legged quietly. Suddenly, he opened his eyes and said, "Let's go. There's a Blood Jade Orchid not far in front of us. It's just that there's a Iron Armor Rhino guarding it!"

With that, he walked ahead.

Yun Su followed behind him and could not help but ask, "When did you cultivate your spiritual sense?"

After such a long time together, if she still didn't know Li Xingyun's abilities, she would've died from buying a piece of tofu.

Li Xingyun wasn't surprised by her question, and didn't hide anything either. He said, "I think it's been a few months since we entered the ruins!"

Looking back, they had already been here for four or five months, but he felt that this trip would end very soon.

Before the end of his journey, he reckoned that he would be able to advance to the middle stage of the Netherpassage Realm. Now, it was about time. He was just a step away from success.

Hearing his reply, Yun Su nodded her head and stopped talking. No one knew what she was thinking about.

Suddenly, Li Xingyun, who was at the front, stopped in his tracks. Surprisingly, she bumped into his shoulder.

"Ugh ?"

Li Xingyun turned around and looked at him!

"That... "We're here!"

Li Xingyun took the initiative to retract his gaze, breaking the awkward silence.

At this time, what appeared before the two of them was a huge black rhinoceros, its entire body seemed to be clad in an iron armor, about 20 feet long, and on its head was a huge dark golden rhinoceros horn that was 2 meters long!

"Peak of the third level, Iron Armor Rhino. Its defensive power is extremely strong, and its weakness is below its front legs. Later, I will directly clamp down on it and you can freely attack!"

Li Xingyun looked at the giant fellow in front of him as he spoke in an orderly manner.

Hearing his words, Yun Su lightly nodded her head in acknowledgement.

However, the Armored Rhinoceros didn't seem to be able to fight back at the moment. It lazily lay on the ground with a one-foot tall dark red orchid growing out of its stomach.

Orchid flowers had already bloomed, exuding a faint fragrance.

The Armored Rhinoceros liked the Blood Jade Orchid because the fragrance of the flower could help it fall asleep as soon as possible. Therefore, the Blood Jade Orchid had been in bloom for a long time without being picked.

This Blood Yulan was the best medicine in treatment of internal injuries. Whether it was its flower or its rhizome, they all had their own unique uses. Li Xingyun naturally wouldn't give up this opportunity.

"Moo ~"

Suddenly, the Steel Armored Rhinoceros opened its huge eyes. With a rumbling sound, it crawled back up, vigilantly looking in the direction of Li Xingyun and Chu Feng's hiding place. Clearly, it had also detected the danger.

This was the spirit beast's unique ability to sense danger. Even if they didn't see the danger, for a murderous spirit creature like them who was naturally sensitive to danger, they would still be on guard as long as they felt anything.

Seeing the Armored Rhinoceros stand up, Yun Su said in a slightly hoarse voice, "Sorry, I was unable to control my killing intent!"

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