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"Don't think too much into it, just quietly lurk around. This guy is not hard to deal with!"

Li Xingyun spoke slowly, not caring about what had happened to Yun Su.

"This is the moment!"

Just as he finished speaking, he shouted again, and his entire body shot out like an arrow that had left the bow. Seeing that, Yun Su also followed closely behind.


The Armored Rhinoceros couldn't help but roar at the sight of Li Xingyun and his companion. It then charged towards them.


Li Xingyun seized the opportunity and swung his sword at its horn, producing a crisp sound. At the same time, Yun Su also charged at the rhinoceros, aiming for its lower abdomen.

Sensing the danger, the Steel Armored Rhinoceros swung its huge head, forcing Li Xingyun to retreat. It actually managed to dodge Yun Su's sneak attack.

Seeing this, Li Xingyun couldn't help but feel speechless. He inwardly sighed to himself that the Armored Rhinoceros' IQ seemed to be too high.

Originally, he hadn't thought that the armored rhinoceros would be difficult to deal with. But now, he knew that it wasn't an easy thing to deal with either!

However, he did not stay idle. Seeing that Yun Su did not succeed, he pounced towards Blood Yulan.

Sure enough, when the Iron Armor Rhino saw Li Xingyun pouncing towards Xue Yulan, it immediately exploded. It let out an angry roar before standing up and pouncing towards Li Xingyun.

How could Yun Su dare to be slow? A long sword pierced towards the abdomen of the Iron Armor Rhino. Due to the huge size of the rhinoceros, it could not avoid the sword this time.


With a light sound, the Iron Armor Rhino's body suddenly shook!

"Aooo ?"

An enraged roar resounded through the world. Following which, it shook its head and used its gigantic horn to attack Yun Su.

Due to Yun Su being too close to the Iron Armor Rhino, she was unable to dodge this attack. It looked like Yun Su was about to be killed by the Iron Armor Rhino.

At this moment, a destructive light suddenly lit up. Following that, Li Xingyun's slightly anxious and angry roar sounded!

"Void Extermination!"


In the blink of an eye, the beam of light arrived in front of the Armored Rhinoceros. With a light sound, the horn was cut off by Li Xingyun's sword.


The horn powerlessly fell to the ground, while the steel armored rhinoceros swung its head around, finally striking its own body.


However, at this moment, it was like a tiger without teeth, so it wasn't a threat. However, for the sake of safety, Li Xingyun made a prompt decision. The runes beneath his feet flashed, and he quickly arrived in front of the Iron Armor Rhino.

Puff ?

The broadsword completely sunk into the ground, bringing with it a splash of blood. Following which, the Iron Armor Rhino's massive body collapsed like a mountain!

Rumble ?

The Iron Armored Rhinoceros' huge body brought up a cloud of dust, then it stopped moving completely.

Only now did the two of them have a chance to catch their breath. From start to finish, it didn't seem like the two of them had consumed much energy, but Li Xingyun was already injured.

One could faintly see that both of his legs were slightly shaking. Evidently, he had exhausted too much energy.

After resting for a while, he finally recovered and started to sort out the corpse of the Armored Rhinoceros with Yun Su.

This steel armored rhinoceros was covered in treasures, and the outer layer of armor was also high quality equipment, especially its horn, a dark golden horn that could even be used to refine heavenly treasures.

Of course, that required other materials of the Heaven grade!

After collecting them, the two cleaned up the Blood Yulan. And then, they left once more!

In the following period of time, their days were quite fulfilling and leisurely. They also collected quite a few medicinal ingredients. The highest grade among them was none other than the Xuan class medicinal ingredients.

On this day, the two were resting in a gorge.

"That's right, Yun Su, did you see anything wrong with the Devil Tablet?" Li Xingyun asked aimlessly.

Hearing that, Yun Su slowly opened her eyes. She frowned and said, "Not for now, but I think it's probably the possession of the Demon Lord!"

Previously, Li Xingyun had given the Devil Tablet that he had obtained to Yun Su. The Devil Tablet looked very impressive, but he didn't know if it was something that belonged to the Demon Lord.

He still couldn't understand. Since he was the Demon Lord, why would he come here?

Also, why would his inheritance be left behind in someone else's grave?

However, from the looks of it, the tomb of the Lord of Qingyu was not as simple as it seemed. Just the continuous existence of a small world was enough to show that it was extraordinary.

Hearing this, he didn't ask any further and only rested for a bit before continuing on his journey.

The two of them continued to head east. In fact, both of them had the feeling that the ruins were about to close!

This trip to the ruins was quite fruitful for him. First, he cultivated his spiritual sense, then he mastered the two attributes of water and fire. He advanced to the Netherworld Realm and obtained the Thunder Bell. And most importantly, he obtained a set of mysterious stone inscriptions.

Faintly, he felt that the stone inscription was his biggest gain from this trip.


Suddenly, a strange sound was heard when the two of them passed by a dense forest while they were walking.

Hearing this sound, the two of them could not help but slow down their footsteps as they carefully inspected their surroundings.

Soon, Li Xingyun's divine sense caught a trace of a peculiar aura. They followed it and entered the forest.

"What a powerful aura!"

Yun Su also seemed to have noticed the tyrannical aura and could not help but frown.

"He should have the strength of a rank 4 beast!" Li Xingyun added, "If there's no need to provoke us, just leave!"

With that, he took the lead and left.

But very quickly, he forced a smile as he looked in front of him.

Yun Su couldn't help but look through the layers of leaves when she noticed his abnormality.

At this moment, deep in the forest, a gigantic figure the size of a small mountain was peacefully sleeping on the ground.

From time to time, it wagged its thick tail to chase away the mosquitoes.

"Star beasts?"

Seeing that, Yun Su could not help but exclaim!

At this moment, in front of the two of them was a head of gray fur. It was ten feet tall and had a horn as exquisite as white jade on the top of its head.

It had wings on its back, and its hooves were like an elephant. Its tail was like a lion's, and its shape was that of a giant beast that resembled a rhinoceros or a tiger.

This was the star beast, a savage and ferocious spirit beast.

Star beasts were of a very high rank and were comparable to sacred beasts like qilins. The star beast before him was still young and had yet to reach adulthood.

However, this wasn't a difficult situation for Li Xingyun. Even if he couldn't beat them, he wouldn't provoke them.

However, there was actually a green vine at the side of this star beast, winding up towards the branches above.

The vines were crystal clear and looked like gems. Even the leaves were magnificent, causing one to be unable to help but be moved!

Crystal Vine!

A type of Heaven Grade medicinal herb had its own unique uses in the entire medicinal plant.

Not only could it give off a unique scent, allowing people or demon beasts to calm their minds while cultivating, it could also prevent them from going berserk.

Apart from this, it could also be used to refine medicine and refine Heaven Grade pills. It could also be used to treat internal injuries and was a top quality item.

How could he let go of such a good item?

He made a decision in an instant. So what if it was a Rank 4 Spirit Beast? Hadn't he resisted the Stone Golem, which was at the fourth rank?

For a treasure like the Vine, which could only be found by chance and not sought after, a price without a market in it, he was tempted!

Yun Su also noticed the change in his mood and asked, "You have a treasure?"

She didn't recognize the crystalline vine, or rather, she wasn't an alchemist, so she didn't know many good things. She only knew a few commonly used medicinal ingredients.

Hearing that, Li Xingyun nodded slightly and stared at the vine in front of him.

"Crystal Vine, Heaven Grade medicinal plant, its entire body is a treasure, it can prevent cultivators from going berserk, cure hundreds of poisons, and calm their mind and soul. Once it blooms, its flower can even allow people to unhesitatingly advance to a small level!"

Hearing Li Xingyun's words, Yun Su Mei's eyes gradually widened as she looked at Li Xingyun in disbelief!

"Advancing without any qualms ?"

She was muttering to herself, obviously shocked by his words.

It didn't matter when one reached a certain level of cultivation. One needed to slowly understand and understand the nature of the world. There were tens of thousands of great Daos that would allow one to become one with the world.

Therefore, the further down the path, the more difficult it would be to make a breakthrough. However, this flower could actually ignore levels and directly raise it by a level. One could well imagine just how precious this item was.

It could be said that the more powerful a person was, the more they would care about this item.

As if he understood her thoughts, Li Xingyun couldn't help but say, "It's not as simple as you think. The crystalline vine has another name, 'Flowerless Fruit Vine'. This isn't to say that it will never blossom, it's just that its cycle is too long.

"This crystalline vine should be close to a thousand years old, but look, it has never bloomed!"

Li Xingyun pointed to the crystal vine in the distance.

Hearing that, Yun Su watched quietly for a long while before she asked, "Why does it look like it has never bloomed?"

"Look at its vines!" Li Xingyun said, "The vines that have bloomed will turn dark red, and the degree of sparkling and translucent will decrease. Those that have not bloomed will become completely translucent and transparent!"

Hearing this, Yun Su looked again and found that this vine really was like that. It did not seem to be suppressing her at all from bottom to top. If she was not careful, she would not even notice anything strange when she passed by.

In fact, Li Xingyun had only been able to recognize these things because he had learned them from the Old Master.

Within the Wasteland, they had once been fortunate enough to obtain a crystalline vine. That crystalline vine was several tens of thousands of years old, and it had also bloomed before. It was just that they did not know when it had happened.

As for the crystal vine, it had finally been used by Venerable Lord Sheng Yan to refine pills. This was the Heaven Mending Pill in his hand!

From this, it could be seen that although the heaven defying part of the crystalline vine was classified as a Heaven grade medicinal herb, the blooming crystalline vine could be considered a strange treasure!

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