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Looking at the treasures within his reach, Li Xingyun couldn't stop thinking about how to obtain them. No matter what, this Star Beast was the biggest obstacle!

After pondering for a long time, he suddenly said, "I'll think of a way to lure away the star beasts later, you go steal the crystal vine!"

It was obviously impossible to kill star beasts, and with their current strength, they were still not a match for the other party.

Hearing this, Yun Su frowned and said, "I'll go lure it away. Your concealment technique is more profound than mine, so it won't be easy to be detected by it."

"No way!"

Once Yun Susu finished speaking, Li Xingyun directly interrupted her.

"The speed of the star beasts is not fast, as long as I can think of a way to lure it away 1000 feet, you will be able to succeed. Be careful when the time comes!" Li Xingyun solemnly said.

Yun Su, "?"

The speed of the star beasts was not fast? What kind of bullsh * t words was that? Was those giant wings on the back of star beasts vegetarian?

Faced with Li Xingyun's crappy reasoning, she was speechless. However, she also knew that once this guy made a decision, it was impossible to change. Thus, after thinking for a bit, she said, "Then be careful!"


"Yes!" Li Xingyun replied. With a solemn expression, he moved to one side to hide!

Star beasts, this kind of spirit beast was not very common, and he wasn't too sure about the habits of this thing. However, he had heard his master mention that this thing was violent, but it also loved sleeping.

It spent most of its free time sleeping. The first thing it did after waking up was to find food!

He just didn't know what star beasts liked to eat, otherwise it would be easy!

After silently pondering for a moment, he then moved towards the side of the Star Beast.

[This guy is sleeping comfortably. He feels like he is being struck by lightning.]

When Li Xingyun had already arrived at its side, it still hadn't woken up!

Gradually, Li Xingyun took out his Sightsword and fiercely stabbed it towards its chest!


"Aooo ?"

With a light sound, the Star Beast let out a painful cry. Due to its huge size, this sword did not manage to pierce through its heart. Instead, it was thoroughly infuriated!

Perhaps it had been in the ruins for too long, and there had been no danger, making it so tired. However, once it was angered, the consequences were unimaginable.

The instant that Li Xingyun had drawn his Swordplay, he had immediately dashed away. It was just that the enraged Star Beast was no pushover either.

When it saw his departing figure, a huge hoof foot ruthlessly smacked down at it!

Boom ?

The huge hoof landed on the ground, lifting up a cloud of dust and wolf dust. The violent shockwave completely blew Li Xingyun away.

Facing this attack, the star beast didn't seem very satisfied. It let out a low growl, then swept out its stick like tail, aiming straight at Li Xingyun.

Li Xingyun had just been flipped over. Right now, he was still in the air, so how could he possibly dodge?

At the critical moment, he slashed his sword towards the huge tail!


A clanging sound like the clashing of metals rang out, and he was once again sent flying.

Buzz Buzz ?

The Stunning Sword gave a low groan. Obviously, the terrifying power of a single strike from the Star Beast had already shattered the sword to the point of almost shattering it.

The Stunning Sword was a Mysterious rank treasure after all. It was also very powerful. Even after enduring the blow, it was still fine. However, Li Xingyun's arm was damaged.

Even after the huge recoil shattered his palm, his arms were still as powerful as before. The shock even numbed his arms, causing him to almost lose his intuition and be unable to hold his sword!


As soon as he landed on the ground, he didn't dare to hesitate and quickly chose a direction to head in.

At this moment, the star beasts were clearly angry. Seeing Li Xingyun running away, they didn't care too much about it. They directly chased after him.

Seeing this, the hidden Yun Su couldn't help but be happy. After the star beasts had gone far enough, she quickly reached out and dug out the sparkling vine. She was just about to leave!

"Miss, don't be in such a hurry to leave!"

Suddenly, a mocking voice came from behind her. Hearing the voice, her eyebrows jumped as she turned around to look at the speaker.

At this moment, a tall and sturdy man appeared in front of her, as well as a gloomy and cold looking eagle-nosed man. It was the two generals Jing Mo Xun had behind him, the falcon and the black python.

Seeing the two of them, Yun Su couldn't help but frown, because she felt that there was an evil presence around her, as if it was always around her.

"Who are you? What can I do for you? " Yun Su asked coldly.

"Ha!" The falcon sneered and said, "I didn't expect Li Xingyun to be in cahoots with the Demonic Cultivator. Tell me, what would he do if we told the others?"

"Of course it's to gang up on them and kill this adulterous couple!" The bear took over the conversation and said.

When she saw the two of them, Yun Su could not help but look at them with displeasure.


At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of her.

This person was wearing a red robe and was slightly fat, giving off a strange feeling.

As soon as this person appeared, he shouted loudly, "Look into my eyes!"

Hearing that, Yun Su subconsciously wanted to look into her eyes, but she quickly reacted, forcing herself to avoid her gaze!

"Eh? "He actually dodged it. It seems like he's a pretty good girl. I wonder how he feels when he's in bed."

Xi L? laughed out loud. His slightly plump body continued to tremble. Clearly, this guy had done this many times.

Hearing the obscenities from Xi L?, Yun Su couldn't help but to feel murderous, but she did not attack.

At this moment, he didn't know how many people the other party had. If he were to act rashly, he would be at a disadvantage.

On the other side, after Li Xingyun had lured away the star beast, the star beast went completely crazy.

As the blood continued to flow from its chest, the star beasts also became more and more violent!

"Roar ?"

The roar of the beast shook the forest. He tried to use the Heavenly Shadow Nine Paths to get rid of this fellow, but the Heavenly Shadow Nine Paths were of no use in front of a Rank 4 Spirit Beast, especially a high ranked one like this.

Helpless, he could only push his speed to the limit in an attempt to shake it off. However, just as Yun Su had said, the wings on this fellow's back was just a decoration?

Clearly, that was not the case. After Li Xingyun left its detection range, it directly flew into the sky to investigate. Soon, it would be able to catch up to Li Xingyun again.

Li Xingyun had gotten angry over and over again. Finally, he stopped at a lake.

A hint of madness flashed in his eyes as he looked at the lake before him.

"Big guy! Did you chase well? Now, it's my turn! "

With that, Li Xingyun directly headed towards the lake. He was like a reed floating in the water, not sinking at all.

Seeing that the little thing in front of them had finally stopped, the star beasts also gradually slowed down their pace. With a flap of their wings, they flew above Li Xingyun!

Li Xingyun's hands were covered in sweat as he looked at the continuously spiraling star beasts. It was obvious that he was also heavily oppressed by this powerful aura.

"Roar ?"

The star beast let out a roar, and fresh blood constantly dripped from its wound, falling into the lake and spreading out.

Then, it suddenly stopped and swooped down like an eagle pouncing on its prey. It opened its bloody mouth and bit down towards Li Xingyun.

What made him even more speechless was that during the period of its dive, the feet and feet of the star beast suddenly turned into sharp claws like a tiger's, its sharp nails glinting with a cold light!

"Power of water, bind!"

Facing a star beast, Li Xingyun had a solemn expression as he shouted in a low voice.

As his voice faded, his hands quickly moved, forming a strange seal as he dove into the lake below him.

As the hand seal sunk into the calm lake, it suddenly began to churn violently, as if boiling water, and began to emit heat.

"Hua ?"

Suddenly, a sound of an explosion rang out and a water dragon jumped out of the water.

This water dragon was over 100 feet long, and as soon as it appeared, it coiled itself around the star beast!

Puff ?

The star beasts did not care about this at all. Their sharp claws continued to slap down, breaking the water dragons into pieces and dropping them into the lake. For a moment, they were unable to get close to it at all.

Seeing this situation, Li Xingyun did not hesitate as his hand seals changed once again!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Water dragons continuously flew out from the lake, bringing along bursts of high temperatures, and continuously crashed into the star beasts.

However, facing this kind of attack, the star beasts did not care at all. With just a few rotations, dozens of water dragons were twisted into each other, like twisted hemp flowers.

Boom ?

The water dragon exploded and scattered everywhere.

"The power of water, permeate!"

Seeing that, Li Xingyun shouted again.

As the sound of his voice faded, all the water in the lake gathered above him, gradually forming a semicircular barrier.


The star beast was caught off guard and directly crashed into the lake. However, this time it wasn't so lucky. After falling into the water, it continued to struggle. Meanwhile, Li Xingyun continued to control the water to enter the star beast's body.

Gradually, the star beast's body became even larger. It was plump and looked extremely strange. As for Li Xingyun, his face had also turned pale.

However, this was not the time for him to relax. He naturally understood the logic of taking your life while you were sick.

Seeing this, he once again changed his hand seals and softly said, "Everything in the world is divided into Yin and Yang, water is yin, it is the source of all life and also the essence of life. I said, the power of water is assimilated!"

Buzz ?

The moment his last word fell, the water barrier that was originally very calm suddenly began to revolve crazily.

The water above flowed downwards, and the water below seemed to form a yin yang fish, and the star beasts were in the middle of this yin yang fish, as though they were being struck by two gigantic millstones.

"Aooo ?"

The intense pain made it cry out uncontrollably, and its body began to struggle nonstop.

The more it struggled, the more Li Xingyun struggled, and the more he struggled, the more powerless he felt.

It was because his strength was too low. Otherwise, where else would he be able to behave so atrociously?

The two of them had actually reached a delicate balance in an instant. Neither of them was able to do anything to the other!

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