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Above the lake, a huge water ball was gathered. The water ball was still spinning, trying to destroy the star beast. Underneath the water ball was Li Xingyun. He felt like he was an ant trying to shake a tree.

At this moment, he could already feel that his strength was insufficient. After all, his injuries had not completely healed. His attacks were not always smooth, and the enemies he had to face were so powerful.

Boom ?

At this moment, the gargantuan star beast in the water ball suddenly struggled violently!

Puchi ?

Li Xingyun couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of blood. His expression immediately became quite dispirited.

Taking advantage of this slight gap, the star beasts immediately grabbed the opportunity and began to rage.


The star beast within the water ball continued to struggle, while Li Xingyun carefully maintained the circulation of the water ball.


Suddenly, the star beast stopped struggling. It stared at Li Xingyun with its huge eyes, bloodshot and bloodthirsty.


No one knew what the star beast had done, but they could suddenly hear a strange sound ring out from its body.

Immediately after, Li Xingyun saw the star beast still in the water ball open its hideous mouth. Following that, a suction force suddenly erupted!

"Damn!" What the hell is this? "

Noticing the powerful suction force, Li Xingyun couldn't help but curse.

"It can't be... its innate skill, Devour the starry sky? "

Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and looked up at the star beast in shock.

It was said that high level creatures were born with innate abilities, such as Phoenix Fire Control, Black Tortoise Water Control, and so on!

And this star beast seemed to have an extremely powerful spatial skill ? Devouring the Space!

It was said that this skill was extremely terrifying, but nothing that was eaten by it came out alive.

As a result, even though there were very few of these star beasts, they were the top existences in the entire beast race.

At this moment, facing such a powerful innate skill, he felt completely powerless. Under this suction force, he couldn't help but float towards the Star Beast.

He wasn't sure if he would be able to dodge this attack. The star beasts seemed to have activated their fierceness. When they looked at Li Xingyun, their eyes were dancing like flames!


When it saw Li Xingyun get closer, it couldn't help but roar in excitement. It's huge mouth didn't even close.

Li Xingyun could vaguely see a huge pitch-black hole. It was like a black hole in the universe, sucking in everything.

Li Xingyun continuously circulated the power of water with all his might, wanting to destroy it before he was devoured. However, that big mouth of the star beast seemed to be completely unaffected by Li Xingyun.

Soon, he was less than three meters away from the star beast's bloody mouth. At this moment, he could already feel the cold and terrifying black hole in its mouth.

It was like a bottomless abyss, yet also like an eternal darkness that wanted to devour everything.

"The power of water, assimilate, assimilate ?"

At this critical moment of life and death, Li Xingyun crazily shouted. He could even hear the sound of the star beasts' bodies being overwhelmed.

However, this was still useless. He was getting closer and closer!


The star beast stared at him with murderous eyes full of hatred, vowing to completely exterminate him.

In the end, Li Xingyun still lost by a bit. Before the star beasts were completely exhausted, he was swallowed whole!

This was a gray, misty space. Circles of light were spiraling everywhere, emitting a strange light that made people feel as if they were about to be torn apart.

Very quickly, the rings of light began to continuously emit some red lights. Looking carefully, it was actually clumps of blood mist.

This blood fog was extremely corrosive, and one could even see the corrosive spatial patterns in the air.

Li Xingyun's first reaction upon seeing this thing was to dodge!

However, this blood mist was dense. It was like rain; there was no place to hide!


When the first drop of red blood hit him, it immediately made a light sound. He then saw that a thumb-sized hole had been corroded into his body, making him look horrifying.

A piercing pain made him grimace.

Soon, he was completely surrounded by the rain of red blood. His body was constantly being corroded, making him look horrifying.


The intense pain made him unable to resist protecting himself. At this critical moment, he hurriedly took out the thunderous bell.

Then, he quickly hid inside!

Ding ding dong...

Blood dripped onto the Thunderclap Bell, constantly ringing. Fortunately, the material of this Thunderclap Bell was not bad, so it was able to withstand this wave of attacks!

Only then did he check on his injuries.

The main injury was a superficial wound. It looked as if it was dripping with blood, but it actually wasn't a big problem, just that it was incomparably painful.

Li Xingyun couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air when he looked at his broken body.

"Damn!" Isn't this Star Beast too terrifying? " Li Xingyun couldn't help cursing silently.

Then, he stood up with lingering fear in his heart and looked at his feet!

Beneath the Thunderous Bell, traces of crimson blood were already seeping out, corroding his soles in a short period of time.

Seeing this scene, he couldn't help but frown. At this rate, it wouldn't be long before he was corroded by this power.

What made him helpless was that it was impossible for him to leave now. Otherwise, facing the red blood of the star beasts that was like a storm, he would probably be corroded in no time.

After thinking for a while, he started to use his spiritual energy to heal the wounds, but in reality, there was nothing to heal. He only did it to comfort himself.

However, when he tried to resist the corrosive power, something that surprised him happened!

As the spiritual energy gushed out, the corrosive energy was actually eaten by the spiritual energy in a single gulp!

Yes, it was eating. This strange feeling appeared in his mind, and he could clearly feel that the Holy Spirit Force was eating the scarlet blood!

Soon, all of the blood on the surface of his body had been swept away, and his damaged body began to recover!

Sensing this scene, he couldn't help but feel overjoyed.

Then, without caring about anything else, he sat down cross-legged and started circulating his Holy Spirit Power to "eat" the scarlet blood.

Soon enough, he couldn't help but feel no more pain. Even his previously restless Qi and blood had calmed down, and he didn't know when he had completely recovered from his previous internal injuries.

Only then did he open his eyes.

But when he clearly saw the situation before his eyes, he was instead dumbstruck!

He didn't know when, but the red blood had already reached his chest area. He could still feel a numbing sensation on the parts that were soaked in the blood. It was truly unpleasant.

When he realized this, he could not help but feel ecstatic.

This was a free peerless spiritual medicine. If he could raise it up and swallow it when it had nothing better to do, then wouldn't his worries be easily resolved?

But then again, he knew that such a thing was impossible. Not to mention the brutal and cruel personality of the star beasts, just taking it out would be more than enough for him to work hard.

After thinking for a long time and failing to come up with a good plan, he had no choice but to give up!

In the end, he simply put away the Thunder Bell. His naked body was exposed to the crimson blood, allowing the crimson blood to baptize his body.

Gradually, he felt his body becoming stronger, but he wasn't sure exactly how strong it was.

In order to verify the guess in his mind, he couldn't help but jump up and punch the star beast's belly!


"Aooo ?"

After being struck so fiercely, the star beast couldn't help but to let out a roar towards the sky. That sound was extremely mournful and unbelievable.

Soon, the star beasts began rolling in the forest, painfully curling up on the ground!

However, Li Xingyun, who was in the middle of the star beast, was completely unaware of all of this. However, Li Xingyun, who was in the middle of the star beast, was completely unaware of all of this.

Seeing this scene, his expression couldn't help but change. Very quickly, he discovered that the Holy Spirit Bead increased in size yet again, becoming even rounder and more transparent than before. Moreover, the reserves of the Holy Spirit Energy was more than three times as much as before.

"Has my Holy Spirit Force advanced again?"

Li Xingyun couldn't help muttering to himself. It was clear that his spiritual force had increased by another level in this situation!

Sensing this, he went even crazier towards the belly of the star beast!

BOOM! BOOM! Boom ?

The sound of violent collision resounded in the stomachs of the star beasts, but in the outside world, the star beasts were constantly roaring and screaming.

The sound travelled far and wide, giving the falcons and bears, who were several dozen kilometers away, a fright.

"What is that sound?" The falcon frowned and asked in a cold voice.

However, the two of them couldn't help but shake their heads.

"It can't be that brat Li Xingyun, right? That's a Rank 4 Spirit Beast!" Xi Honglu said with fear in his eyes.

It was obvious that the incident with Li Xingyun had left a deep shadow in his heart, causing him to tremble the moment he heard Li Xingyun's name!

However, none of them believed that Li Xingyun was the culprit. After all, this sound was simply too tragic. How could Li Xingyun have that kind of strength, especially when it came to astral beasts?

But, no matter what, this was an unforeseen event!

"This won't do. Hurry up and get rid of this woman. We need to properly arrange everything so that we can cripple her this time around!"

In the end, the falcon had no choice but to issue such an order. Any later and the situation might change. He was very clear on this point.

Once he said that, they did not stay any longer. They looked at each other and rushed towards Yun Su.

Yun Su was also confused. The movements of the star beasts had put her at ease, but she wasn't sure if it was Li Xingyun's doing. After all, his strength was still far from being comparable to his!

However, no matter what, it was not her place to think, because the people in front of her had already charged out. Moreover, she could clearly feel that there were even more dangerous people hiding in the surrounding forest!

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