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In the endless forest, everything seemed so peaceful. In this gloomy world, everything made one feel oppressed.

"Roar ?"

However, along with the roar of a beast, the entire forest suddenly began to boil, the trees began to move up and down like a wave of air!


The massive body of the star beasts had already knocked out a hundreds of meters deep crater on the ground!

Judging from its appearance, it seemed to be in extreme pain. Its malevolent eyes were blood-red, while traces of dark red seeped out from its abdomen.

Inside his body, in the nameless space, Li Xingyun was bombarding the body of a star beast as if he were eating pulp. Balls of essence blood constantly dripped onto his body!

What he did not know was that this blood was the blood essence of the star beast's heart. And the space that he existed in was precisely the space opened up under the heart of the star beast.

It could be said that at this moment, he was completely immersed in the essence of the star beasts. Facing such a baptism of blood essence, he could clearly feel that his physical strength was constantly growing stronger.

After an unknown period of time, he finally stopped.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Standing on the spot, he couldn't help but tremble, and the sound of beans being fried could be heard from within his body.

Then, he looked at the Star Beast's blood and flesh barrier in front of him and thought for a moment. He exerted 90% of his strength, throwing a punch!


This punch contained the purest of his power, and did not contain the slightest bit of spiritual power.

However, such a punch actually caused the entire body of the star beast to explode.

Dark red blood rained down on the area, making sizzling sounds immediately. The plants withered rapidly at a speed visible to the naked eye, turning into ashes in the blink of an eye.

Only Li Xingyun remained in the empty space.

He could no longer find the complete body of the star beast!

Soon enough, he saw a dark golden object the size of a fist inside the blood stain. It seemed to be absorbing the blood here!

Subconsciously, he picked it up, only to see that the dark gold pearl in his hand was still absorbing the Qi.

"This is ?" Star Beast Cores? "

Li Xingyun couldn't help asking as he looked at the strange pearl in his hand.

Soon, he discovered that the scattered blood and Qi of the star beasts had all been absorbed by the pearl.

The dark gold pearl in his hand also had traces of bright red lines on its surface, which looked rather strange.

Li Xingyun gripped the pearl and immediately felt the extremely violent and turbulent Qi and blood energy within it. Under this Qi and blood energy, his heart couldn't help but beat violently. It was only after a long time did he gradually calm down.

"Good stuff!"

Looking at the pearl in his hand, he could not help but exclaim in heartfelt admiration!

It was only after pausing for a moment that he remembered. It was as if he had forgotten about Yun Su's side!

His brows furrowed as he looked at the sky, then he quickly headed in the direction he had come from.


Just as his legs were about to exert their strength, a large part of the force suddenly shot out, and he was caught off guard, directly colliding into a large tree.


He saw that the tree that was as thick as a person had actually been knocked out a human-shaped hole!

Noticing this scene, Li Xingyun's eyebrows couldn't help but twitch. He immediately stopped and looked behind him in shock!

Such a thing was out of his expectations. Sensing this change, he could not help but harden his heart and immediately threw a punch at a huge rock at the side!

This boulder weighed over ten thousand jin. If it was an ordinary cultivator, they might not even be able to destroy it at the Cloud Realm. However, under Li Xingyun's punches, this boulder actually exploded into pieces.

The giant rock fragments hit his body, not even causing him the slightest bit of pain!

However, at this moment, he realized that his body was actually clean and naked!

"Ugh ?"

Li Xingyun couldn't help but mock himself as he took out a set of black clothes from his Green Marks Ring and put them on.

Ye Zichen clapped his hands in satisfaction, then walked in the direction of Yun Su.

It had to be said that his speed was extremely terrifying. He only saw a green ray of smoke flash through the forest before disappearing without a trace.

"Mubai L?, can you fucking do anything else? After so long, you still can't handle this little girl? "

At this moment, the Python clutched one of its arms as it furiously scolded. It was clear that it had suffered a big loss on Yun Su's body!

"Shut the fuck up!" Xi L? cursed loudly and said anxiously, "Do you think I don't want to? She doesn't look me in the eye, what else can I do?"


Hearing the two of them tearing each other up, the falcon couldn't help but curse, and then charged towards Yun Su once again.

At that moment, Yun Su was also not in a good condition. Her face was slightly pale. Her arm had probably been shaken by the huge rebound force before, so it was still trembling!


At this moment, the lower falcon immediately used its trump card. A dazzling light shot up like a rising sun.

However, this was not his main goal. Behind him, a black figure was the main force of this attack.


The eagle shouted, and then chopped down with its scimitar.

Seeing that, Yun Su couldn't help but lean to the side. As she raised the sword in her hand, she moved her feet slightly away, and very quickly, a crisis had arrived!

Sensing this danger, Yun Su could not help but raise her eyebrows. Then, as if she had made some sort of decision, she suddenly focused and tilted her head. Then, she completely ignored the curved blade aimed at her shoulder.

In addition, he even moved forward!

In reality, she had used some unknown method to float horizontally.

Puff ?

A light sound rang out, and then a streak of blood blossomed from her shoulder.


Having received such a heavy blow, she couldn't help but groan in pain. She was immediately sent crashing to the ground by the blade!

Such an outcome did not arouse any excitement from the falcon. Instead, it caused it to furrow its brows in displeasure.

"What are you doing!"

No one knew what he was saying, but after he finished speaking, he once again charged towards Yun Su.

On the other hand, Yun Su stood up immediately. Although she was heavily injured, she still possessed the strength to fight.

In fact, the reason why she did what she did was because she was sensitive to the fact that there was someone hiding behind the falcon and that person was giving her a life and death crisis. Perhaps, this was the feeling she had gained from experiencing many years of life and death situations!

However, although she managed to dodge the fatal blow, the damage to her body had already exceeded her limits. Seeing the falcon charge towards her once again, and the powerful attack from the Demonic Bear behind her, she couldn't help but feel despair!

"Could it be ?" Is this the end of my life? "

She closed her eyes and stopped thinking about it.

However, after a long time, she still didn't notice anything unusual about her.

This situation caused her to open her eyes. She saw that in front of her, a shoulder that was not very broad stood straight up. One of her hands was tightly grasping the scimitar in front of her, and on his shoulder was a thick mace!

Unexpectedly, he was still fine!

"You ? "How are you?" Yun Su asked with a trembling voice.

And right now, she was in Li Xingyun's arms, looking pitiful!

Hearing that, Li Xingyun lowered his head and looked at her. Then, he smiled and said, "I'm fine! It's just acting cool! "

"You ?"

Hearing that, Yun Su couldn't help but be speechless and actually looked at him reproachfully.

"Li Xingyun!"

Seeing Li Xingyun's appearance, the falcons and bulls couldn't help but cry out in alarm.


Li Xingyun didn't pay any attention to the two of them. His body trembled, and he directly threw out his Wolf Fanged Mace. With a flick of his wrist, he threw the falcon out as well!


Two muffled sounds rang out as the two of them were blasted away.

This scene left General Ying and the others dumbfounded. What was going on? Why did Li Xingyun possess such terrifying strength?

This was a common problem that lingered in everyone's hearts. Just now, when he lightly swung the sword, he already had the strength of several tens of thousands of Jin, right?

Anyone who saw this scene would've felt that it was inconceivable, but Li Xingyun had done it!

Li Xingyun ignored everyone and attacked like lightning!


Everyone only saw a shadow flash past before they noticed a figure appearing out of nowhere in Li Xingyun's hand!

"You bastards, you finally decided to give up after following me for so long?"

Creak ?

As soon as he finished speaking, he exerted his strength, and the person he was holding in his hand disappeared without a trace!

At the sight of this, the falcon's pupils shrank as it cried out involuntarily, "Li Xingyun! H-how did you find them?!"

"So these are the fellows that had ambushed me?" Yun Su slowly said, but her words made the falcon's heart jump again.

In reality, Li Xingyun had sensed these people when he first met Jing Mo Xun. It was just that at that time, he hadn't been able to freely control them with his Spiritual Sense, nor had he been able to clearly capture them.

But now, after experiencing the baptism of the Star Beast's blood, he had somehow managed to raise the strength of his physical body to a terrifying level. What he did not expect, was that at the same time, the strength of his soul had also increased by several folds!

This kind of increase was the increase in the strength of his soul, not the increase in quantity, so even though his divine sense was still 1000 feet wide, there was almost nothing he couldn't see within that 1000 feet.

This kind of change made him ecstatic. All along, the strength of his spiritual sense had always been the problem he was looking forward to solving the most. Now, it had finally been easily solved!

He was feeling this sort of feeling as he looked at his surroundings. He could not help but feel a little excited!


Immediately, he attacked with lightning speed. Very soon, the few black figures hidden in the surroundings were all pulled out by him!

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