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C11 New task

Zhang Chao squatted at the same place as yesterday. This was a paradise, the sun wouldn't even shine if he went under the big trees. Moreover, there were many beauties wearing short skirts coming and going here.

"What are you looking at, you scoundrel!"

Probably because Zhang Chao's gaze was too presumptuous, a girl who looked like a university student finally couldn't help but scold him.

She pointed angrily at Zhang Chao.

"Beauty, do you want to buy a carrot? Delicious and fun. "

Zhang Chao respectfully sold his cucumber, with an innocent look on his face, as if what he saw was really just an issue from the angle.

Just then, a gust of wind blew by. The short skirt immediately floated up, and a white triangle flashed by.

Zhang Chao felt a heat under his nose.

This woman must have trained in some insidious way, Zhang Chao thought as he wiped the liquid inside his nose. His eyes looked at his skirt, wondering why the wind only blew for a short while.

Looking at the beautiful lady leaving in a huff, Zhang Chao reflected on his mistake seriously. He had to sit shorter next time, otherwise, he would miss out on such a beautiful scenery.

"If you are like this, you will be beaten to death sooner or later."

was "seriously reflecting" on it.

When he said that, a pair of long and thin white legs appeared in front of Zhang Chao. Zhang Chao looked at those beautiful legs, and felt that the nosebleed that he had just stopped had almost flowed out again.

He immediately raised his head and saw Zhang Ling’er wearing sunglasses.

"Sister Ling, do you want to buy some carrots?"

Zhang Chao had an evil smile on his face as his mind played a few restricted images. Looking at Zhang Ling’er speechlessly flipping through his carrots, Zhang Chao had a bit of wild imagination.

"No, your Sister Ling does not lack men."

Zhang Ling glanced at Zhang Chao who had never been serious all day, and without anything particular, sat on the stone stage beside Zhang Chao, laughing casually as if he was talking about something fun, but his tone was filled with coldness.

"Next, I'll give you the mission."

Zhang Ling’er looked at the tender carrot inside the plastic bag, and felt a little depressed in his heart.

According to Zhang Chao's ability, he could totally muddle his way through, but why was he always doing such vulgar things?

She was extremely convinced that if not for Zhang Chao's skills, she would have been beaten to death a few hundred times by others for flirting with girls.

"Tell me about it."

Hearing that there was a new mission, Zhang Chao raised his eyebrows slightly. He had been resting for a long time, so he did not know what was important to him that allowed him to move around.

"It's very simple. Go and be a bodyguard for a young lady of a thousand gold. Ensure the safety of your employer."

Zhang Ling’er pursed his lips. According to her understanding of Zhang Chao, he should be the standard lazy eater.

If nothing unexpected happened, he would definitely refuse.

"No!" I have no time! "

As expected, Zhang Chao rejected him immediately without thinking.

He rubbed his head. He wasn't in the mood to play with those rich kids. Rather than accompanying those hedonistic sons of bitches everyday, he might as well spend some time running around with some girls.

"What are you busy with?"

Zhang Ling’er was a little speechless. Recently, Zhang Chao had been bored to the point of growing grass.

Originally, Zhang Ling’er did not care, since he had to pay for the drinks. However, ever since Zhang Chao had arrived at the bar, his own bar always had the drama of the morning of the second day where girls came to ask for people. If this continued, Zhang Chao would probably be blacklisted.

"You're selling radishes? You don't know that this is something that benefits everyone. Thus, do not use those random things to disturb me. I still need to benefit humans to save countless painful girls."

Zhang Chao spoke in a righteous tone, as if what he was saying made sense.

Hearing these shameless words, Zhang Ling’er suddenly had an extreme admiration for himself, and was not angered to death by Zhang Chao.

He reached out and dialed an encrypted number and threw it into Zhang Chao's hand: "Speak!"

Zhang Ling’er finally understood why the person above had told her to find that person. The only person who could suppress this little bastard Zhang Chao was most likely the man standing at the top, the one who caused the storm.


Zhang Chao looked confused. Did Zhang Ling’er find some kind of helper?

But no matter what kind of assistant Zhang Ling’er found, he would never agree to it.

"Little Zhang, it's me."

An elderly voice came over, immediately causing Zhang Chao's flames to disappear without a trace.

Zhang Chao glared at Zhang Ling’er, who was sitting at the side and gloating, and said while sighing.

"Leader, why did you give me a big call? I'll go back and buy you tea some other day. I still have important things to do, so I'll hang up first. "

Zhang Chao said quickly, not giving the other party the slightest opportunity to speak. He reached out and prepared to press the hang up button.

"Little Zhang, this matter involves a lot."

When the Leader heard Zhang Chao's rejection, he spoke out helplessly.

These ordinary words seemed to have some deep meaning, it made Zhang Chao who was about to hang up, unable to hold back.

Zhang Chao believed that the Leader would definitely not casually say these words. The thing that was related to him in any way, was only that one thing … " "What do you mean?"

Zhang Chao's tone gradually cooled down, completely unlike his usual sloppy self. His fingers tapped on his knee with a rhythm, which was what Zhang Chao started to think with.

"You know these big companies always have some kind of backer behind them. Maybe this dark faction is the one you are familiar with. "

Leader believed that he had already said everything he needed to say. Sometimes, things just needed to be said clearly to each other, and once said, it would not be the case.

"I got it. The information is on my computer."

Zhang Chao slightly frowned. Could it be that, as he had guessed, it was related to the "Blackwater Society"?

Does it matter?

If it's like this... Zhang Chao extended his hand out and hung up the phone, his expression becoming increasingly cold.

That year when he returned, it was for the sole purpose of taking revenge.

There had been no news for so many years, and now that he had grasped some clues, how could he miss it so easily?

"You've agreed to it?"

Zhang Ling’er was so smart that he did not ask Zhang Chao what he had said. Looking at the man's ugly expression, he was a little conflicted over whether he had done something wrong.

"Of course, how could a beauty refuse?"

Zhang Chao smirked as he looked at Zhang Ling’er. He then extended his hand to his chest.

It was impossible to see the serious look on her face.

Looking at Zhang Ling’er's blushing face, Zhang Chao's heart slowly calmed down. He thought that he would be able to calmly face what had happened all those years ago.

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