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C12 Beauty ceo

Zhang Chao was someone who kept his promises. Since he had agreed to Leader taking over this matter, that afternoon, Zhang Chao returned to his small apartment with the carrot after buying it. He turned on the computer and looked at the documents that Leader had given him.

Originally, Zhang Chao thought that it would be a mission like usual, the Leader sending him detailed information about the person under protection as well as their daily schedule. However, when he opened the folder, he discovered that there was only a simple address inside, and he didn't even mention whether the person inside was male or female, or if the person inside was beautiful or ugly.


Looking at the empty documents, Zhang Chao felt a sense of despair. He smashed himself on the bed and turned his head to look at the unsold carrots, seriously considering whether he should send some back to Leader.

"I already said I don't need it!"

Li Mengya impatiently waited. Just as she finished holding a meeting with the company, she received a call from her father saying that she had found a bodyguard, and a man at that.

Li Mengya didn't know what her father actually thought. Even if she was to let a man stay by her daughter's side, she wasn't afraid of anything happening.

And she didn't like being under surveillance all the time. She needed private space.

"Meng Ya, I'm doing this for your own good."

Li Tianhua helplessly looked at his only precious daughter. In the past few days, there had always been cases of people being kidnapped to extort rich people, so he was naturally worried that his daughter would also be taken away.

"I already said I don't need it."

Li Mengya sat down on the sofa. Looking at her father's gentle face, she did not know where to vent her anger.

But when she thought about how she would have another follower following him, Li Mengya felt an exceptionally headache.

"How about this, you'll meet her tomorrow. If you really don't like her, then forget it."

Li Tianhua could only choose to compromise. Ever since he was young, this child had had his own way of thinking. Although being independent was a good thing, Li Mengya's current state had caused him to be utterly defeated.

"I know."

Li Mengya had already made her decision in her heart. Tomorrow, she would send her own assistant to carelessly send that person off. She didn't have that much American time to waste.

"Meng Ya, the company hasn't had many things to do in this period of time. It's about time for you to relax for a while."

Looking at his daughter who looked like a workaholic, Li Tianhua couldn't help but advise.

In terms of business, his talent was not as good as Li Mengya's, so he had long given the company to Li Mengya. However, every time he saw his precious daughter acting like a workaholic, he would feel sorry for her.

"I know."

Li Mengya was not the type of person who didn't know what was good for herself. Her tone softened as she sat and chatted with Li Tianhua for a while, before she hurriedly left.


In the early morning, the small apartment was already filled with the man's screams. Zhang Chao crawled up from the bed with his hair in a mess, looking at the bag on his face that was being stared at by the mosquitoes.

He was going to the interview today, okay? He didn't expect his handsome face to be so cheap as a dead mosquito.

"Zhang Chao, what are you screaming about!"

The soundproofing of the small apartment was not good in the first place. Zhang Chao's shout had woken the young man next door up, and he shouted at the top of his lungs.

Zhang Chao was too lazy to bother with his neighbors, so he crawled up from the bed wearing only a pair of underwear.

Looking at the time, it was obvious that the scheduled interview time had already passed, yet Zhang Chao still did not slow down.

"Mr. Zhang, the CEO said that you are already late. She doesn't need any bodyguards who can't even keep time. You can leave now."

The little assistant that was standing in front of the door to the CEO's office looked at Zhang Chao with a cold expression. She actually made her high and mighty CEO wait for such a long time;

Out of habit, Zhang Chao looked at the body of the little assistant. It had to be said that this assistant was also tender and tender, causing Zhang Chao to unconsciously think of the carrot that he weighed home yesterday.

Don't know which taste is better?

"I'm very sorry. There was some emergency this morning, so I was delayed. I hope that I can personally apologize to your esteemed CEO. I wonder if … "

Zhang Chao said politely, but his eyes were filled with aggression.

With a sincere expression, he bowed to apologize. However, his gaze never left the assistant's chest. If he looked any lower, he would be able to see the color on it!


Seeing that Zhang Chao was actually such a guilty and polite little assistant who had not been in charge for long and had not completely guessed his superior's intentions, his heart softened. He thought that his CEO was currently resting and did not have anything important to do, so he let Zhang Chao into the office.

Li Mengya lied on the office sofa. Originally, she wanted to give some face to the bodyguard her father had hired, and then euphemistically send him off.

Who would have thought that the other party would be late on the first day and completely give her a reason to fire him?

"Who is it?"

Hearing the sound of the door opening, Li Mengya was stunned for a moment, then couldn't help but frown as she asked. How exactly did the subordinates do things, they just casually let people in.

"Hello, I'm a bodyguard …"

Zhang Chao actually didn't know how to introduce himself either. He explained the reason why he came here simply, and felt that the other party's voice was exceptionally familiar.

When Zhang Chao raised his head and looked at the woman's face that was sitting up from the sofa, he was immediately stunned.

Wasn't this woman the same woman who slept the night he got drunk?

Li Mengya's face was pale white, but following that was flushing red, indicating that she recognized Zhang Chao.

The atmosphere immediately became a bit awkward. It was the first time Li Mengya faced an outsider, and her hands and feet were all right.

"Um, we meet again …"

With the spirit of a man being responsible, Zhang Chao broke the awkward atmosphere.

Looking at Li Mengya's delicate face, she felt her heart warm. To think that a beauty of this level had actually gotten married with him.

"Hello, Li Mengya."

Li Mengya was also a bit embarrassed, but she soon recovered her usual expressionless face. She reached out to shake Zhang Chao's hand, and then quickly let go as if they had touched some kind of taboo.

"You can leave first. I'll call you if there's anything."

"Huh?" "Alright."

Zhang Chao was startled. He thought that he would be able to explain his lateness, but unexpectedly, he already passed the interview!

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