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C13 Mount wolf

Zhang Chao holed up in his office leisurely, not expecting his treatment to be so good. Although the office only had one small room, it was equipped with all sorts of air conditioners, and there was even a place for him to rest inside the cubicle.

It was Zhang Chao's first time enjoying his bourgeois life. He brewed a cup of coffee and smiled as he read the little yellow book. He had to admit that the job Zhang Ling’er found for him was really not bad, the only pity was that he didn't have that many short skirt beauties to admire.

There was nothing for him to do in the whole morning. Seeing that work time was almost up, Zhang Chao thought to ask his boss out for a meal. No matter what, something unavoidable had occurred between them that night.

Of course, Zhang Chao had even more thoughts that he had drank too much that night, and didn't have any impression of it at all.

If he couldn't wake up in the future, he would give it a try?

With a 1 is 2 mentality, Zhang Chao wandered to the entrance of Li Mengya's office, at the same time, he received the gazes of countless people.

There was no choice, Zhang Chao was dressed in sports attire, which was extremely outstanding in this place full of suits and leather shoes.

Zhang Chao raised his hand to knock on the door, but who knew that it would be filled with a Li Mengya who hurriedly rushed out.

The sweet and soft touch made Zhang Chao's mind undulate a little.

"Sorry, I have something urgent to do!"

Li Mengya was a little embarrassed as she stood up from Zhang Chao's embrace and spoke in a somewhat impatient tone.

"Let's go together."

Seeing Li Mengya like this, Zhang Chao wisely chose not to mention what had happened that night.

No matter what, it would be very depressing to ask them if they wanted to come again at this time.


Li Mengya slightly hesitated to the point that she did not refuse.

Originally, Li Mengya disliked being a bodyguard, but after changing this person into a man, it was not hard to accept.

"Where to?"

Zhang Chao did not waste time with words, he casually got on the carriage to take over Li Mengya's carriage, extended his hand and grabbed the steering wheel, then turned his head to ask Li Mengya.

Since he was a bodyguard and a man, it was his duty to drive a car.

"Wolf Mountain."

Li Mengya's face was a little gloomy, obviously she did not have a good impression of this place.

In the early years, there were wolves in Wolf Mountain. Later on, because they were passing through a steep mountain, they became a place where the local young people would race their cars, making the local government feel especially troubled.

No matter how she looked at it, Li Mengya seemed to be out of place in that miasma place.

"Don't know the way?" "Then I'll open it."

Seeing that Zhang Chao did not start the car for a long time, Li Mengya became anxious. He reached out his hand to grab onto the steering wheel, intending to switch seats with Zhang Chao just like that.

"Don't move, sit properly."

Zhang Chao's face suddenly turned into a saucy color, he was not that kind of existence.

The piece of skin that he came in contact with Li Mengya was extremely hot and spicy. If he allowed Li Mengya to continue tormenting him, he was afraid that he would turn into a wolf before he even reached Wolf Mountain.

Only now did Li Mengya realize what she had done. Her face was red as she sat there and didn't even move from her spot in the front seat.

In his heart, however, he was constantly complaining about how he had met this pervert.

Zhang Chao started the car and quickly drove towards Wolf Mountain. Zhang Chao looked at the calm Li Mengya and asked: "What happened? Why did you go to Wolf Mountain? "

"My cousin loves to play, but something happened at Wolf Mountain and someone stopped me." I'll go and take a look. "

Li Mengya said somewhat helplessly. She was an only child, so she was extremely fond of her younger cousin who was four years younger than her.


Zhang Chao did not express any objections, this was after all, a family matter.

He stared fixedly at the road, but his gaze would occasionally land on Li Mengya's thigh.

Li Mengya was wearing a set of simple professional attire today. Black colored stockings wrapped around her slender, fair legs.

As she sat down, her skirt was pulled up slightly, causing her thighs to become faintly discernible.

Zhang Chao touched his nose. Luckily, there was no shameful nosebleed today.

"We're here."

Zhang Chao slowly stopped the car. The surrounding environment and the security in the office were incompatible.

Colourful youths with dyed hair surrounded the scene. The majority of the people who were surrounded were rich family members, and there were also professional racers surrounding them.

Zhang Chao raised his eyebrows slightly. The youngsters these days were getting more and more arrogant, playing in broad daylight.

If he were to become a police officer, he would definitely be caught red-handed.

Speaking of which, the police Zhang Chao suddenly remembered Xu Linlin, and he wondered if he would hate him more after he was angered by Bai Jing to the point of running away last time.

"I'm going to look for Meng Jie."

Li Mengya was obviously not used to this kind of chaotic environment, the metallic music shook her head and caused her to feel pain.

If it wasn't for her cousin Li Mengjie being in trouble, she probably wouldn't have entered this kind of place in her entire life.

Li Mengya reached out to the door and opened it to get out.

"I'll go."

Zhang Chao extended his hand out to the door and stopped Li Mengya from getting off the carriage. One was that this place was a mess.

Secondly, Li Mengya was also someone with an important position. If someone were to film him appearing in a forbidden race car, it would probably have a huge impact in other areas.

"This is a picture of Xiao Jie."

Li Mengya thought about it and understood the seriousness of the matter. Afraid that Zhang Chao didn't know Li Mengjie, he took out the photo from his phone and showed it to Zhang Chao.

"Mm, I'm going over."

Actually, even if there weren't any pictures, Zhang Chao would still be able to find Li Mengjie. He pointed to the place where most of the people were gathered, and then Zhang Chao swaggered over.

Li Mengya was unfamiliar with Wolf Mountain, but Zhang Chao was very familiar with this place.

"Oh, what happened?"

Zhang Chao squeezed to the front and saw a man proudly looking at a little girl. Needless to say, this little girl was Li Mengya De's precious cousin Li Mengjie.

"Who are you? "Brother Jiang, when will it be your turn to do things?"

Before the man could say anything, a delinquent who was standing behind the man jumped out first, indicating that he would definitely be the accomplice of the tiger.

"What kind of owner do you think he has? This dog doesn't have any education at all."

Zhang Chao glanced at the little hoodlum with dyed yellow hair and yawned lazily. He completely ignored the hostile gazes of the surrounding people and pulled the dazed Li Mengjie behind him, looking like he was protecting a baby.

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