Charmed Young Master in Huadu City/C14 Beat a dog to see who the owner is?
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Charmed Young Master in Huadu City/C14 Beat a dog to see who the owner is?
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C14 Beat a dog to see who the owner is?

"Who are you calling a dog!"

Ever since the yellow-hair followed a few rich kids, he had never been scolded in such a way by anyone. His face instantly flushed red, he pointed his middle finger at Zhang Chao's nose, as if he was about to make a move.

"I say, Meng Jie, do you hear anything making a ruckus?"

Zhang Chao very politely ignored them. Impatiently, he shook his ears and turned, preparing to take Li Mengjie away from this place.

With her sharp eyes, Li Mengjie saw Li Mengya's car early on. This strange man had gotten off from her cousin's car.

Li Mengjie's eyes contained a little more probing look. Could it be that this person was actually her cousin's boyfriend?

How come I've never heard my cousin mention it before?

"I say, do you understand human speech?"

The yellow haired guy was being ignored by Zhang Chao again and again. He still had a bit of anger left in him.

The yellow-hair reached out his hand to grab Zhang Chao's shoulder.

Zhang Chao seemingly unintentionally shook his shoulders, and leisurely dodged the yellow hair's claws.

He never intended to cause trouble, and bringing the little girl back would be considered as an act of kindness.

Furthermore, during the hours after work, he still wanted to reminisce with Li Mengya about the old days.

The yellow hair felt that he had lost all of his face today, and looked at the rich young master behind him who did not try to stop him. As a result, he grew more confident, gave his friends a look, and surrounded Zhang Chao.

"Jiang Rui! What do you mean by that! "

Li Mengjie looked at the few vicious looking people surrounding him, and started to panic in her heart.

After all, Zhang Chao didn't seem to be one who knew how to fight.

Li Mengjie glared at the man who was watching from the side, his tone carrying a little arrogance. It was clear that he was also an existence that had been spoiled by his family.

"Meng Jie, admit defeat. We agreed on that before we played. "

Jiang Rui looked at Li Mengjie calmly, the corners of her mouth slightly raised, causing her originally refined appearance to become gloomy and gloomy.

Even if he set up this trap for today, Li Mengjie had still agreed to it due to the resources, so she couldn't blame anyone else.

"What did you promise them?"

Zhang Chao frowned slightly. He originally thought that the little girl had been bullied by others here, but things seemed to be more complicated than he thought.

"This... "Nothing much …"

Li Mengjie lowered her head in guilt. Although her cousin usually pampered her, she clearly knew that what she had done this time was too preposterous.

"Actually it's nothing much, this is just to help us introduce the Li Jong to the disciples, and it's just for the sake of signing a contract."

Jiang Rui said in a relaxed tone. One must know that if this business deal were to be linked to the Li Family, it would be extremely profitable.

"Guess if your cousin will hit you."

Zhang Chao's gaze turned on Li Mengjie's butt with ill intent. What Jiang Rui had said was just a contract, but one must know, once the Li Family and Jiang Rui reached a partnership, even if something bad happened, the Li Family would have to be in charge.

To actually rely on deceiving a little girl to obtain opportunities, without even thinking, one could already tell that there must be something fishy about this contract that Jiang Rui was talking about.

"Can you not talk to my big sister?"

Li Mengjie looked at Zhang Chao with utter innocence. She had really overdone it today, coupled with Jiang Rui's lousy racing skills, that was why she could do such a trivial thing.

"Heh heh."

Zhang Chao's smile was a little vulgar, but he didn't give Li Mengjie a clear answer.

Such as ruthlessly destroying sisters' flowers … Pah pah pah! He was a gentleman, how could he do such a heartless thing!

"Who can prove that you signed the contract?"

Zhang Chao patted Li Mengjie's arm, looking like everything was under his control.

He kept his hands in his pockets, looking at Jiang Rui sloppily.

"Don't even mention them, these people all talk to you from the side."

"This is a bet."

Jiang Rui took out a chapter of wager that looked like a contract from the bodyguard's hand.

Three big words.

Jiang Rui still had some brains, he was only interested in this bet, and was afraid that Zhang Chao would take it.

But since it was something Zhang Chao wanted to take away, how could it be stopped?

Just as Jiang Rui finished speaking, Zhang Chao's claws had already grabbed onto Jiang Rui's wrist. Without waiting for anyone to react, the gamble had already begun to float into Zhang Chao's hands.

"This is how the bet looks like."

Looking at the light paper in his hand, he tore it into pieces in front of Jiang Rui with two or three tries, and even lit up two cigarettes to burn clean, "Now, no, can we leave?"

Jiang Rui had also just thought that Zhang Chao probably wanted to do something, but he never thought that Zhang Chao would actually do something like this, openly "destroy the corpse and erase the evidence".

He could only feel a group of crows flying over his head. Just where had this bandit's man been released from?


Li Mengjie, who was standing beside Zhang Chao, was also startled seeing Zhang Chao's actions in the beginning, and he immediately slapped him on the shoulder. It had to be said that Zhang Chao did this too straightforwardly.

Zhang Chao reached out and rubbed Li Mengjie's head, then, ignoring the dumbstruck look of a group of people, he decisively walked towards Li Mengya's direction, at the same time helping him to clean up everything that had happened.

"Aren't you looking down on us too much?"

Jiang Rui's face became ugly. What they valued the most was face, as Zhang Chao's every move today was a naked face-smacking smack.

"Tell me, how do you want to deal with this?"

Seeing the crowd become noisy once again, Zhang Chao also became somewhat impatient.

If he wasn't afraid that he would cause trouble if he acted too arrogantly, he would have beat these people up to the point that they wouldn't be able to get back on their feet.

Actually, Zhang Chao did not realize at all. His current actions were already extremely arrogant.

"Since the bet has been broken, let's have another round. Do you dare?"

Jiang Rui's eyes flickered. Although he was not sure where this man came from, but racing cars were not something that anyone could easily do.

Wasn't it just a bet? Since he could win the first time, naturally, he could win the second one as well.


Zhang Chao yawned lazily. He would never do something that was hard to do.

Since there was no more bets, Jiang Rui had no place to negotiate.

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