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C15 Face smacking

Jiang Rui did not expect Zhang Chao to actually reject him in such a straightforward manner, and he was momentarily at a loss as to what to say.

It was as if at this moment, there was no other way besides letting Zhang Chao leave.

If it was anyone else, he would still be able to speak with his fists, but the Li family stood behind Li Mengjie.

"Farewell, we will be leaving now."

Li Mengjie had realised that Zhang Chao was definitely his lucky star.

He was even more certain in his heart that if his cousin and Zhang Chao wanted to break up in the future, she would definitely help Zhang Chao.

"Li Mengjie, are you going to lose face if you go back on your words?"

She stood by the man's side without speaking a word. A little girl who looked weak walked out and looked at Li Mengjie with a face full of mockery.

She had long disliked these young mistresses. Why were they destined to be high and mighty when they were born?!

"Who do you think you are?"

Li Mengjie looked at this delicate woman speechlessly. In her eyes, this kind of white lotus that pretended to be weak was nothing.

He didn't see that Jiang Rui didn't say a word, so when did this woman have the chance to make a sound?

"Young Master Jiang!" Look at her! "

Hearing Li Mengjie's fierce words, the woman did not feel aggrieved for the title of white lotus anymore. She immediately looked at Jiang Rui with an aggrieved face, waiting for him to give her justice.

"Meng Jie, what she said isn't wrong either. Why don't we have another match? "

Jiang Rui looked at the lady at his side indulgently. Of course, indulgence did not mean that he liked this woman a lot, but rather, her words gave him an excuse.

"Let's compete then."

Zhang Chao looked at Jiang Rui who strongly requested to race with him, and felt helpless.

They really didn't want these brats to understand that there was a heaven above the human world, they could probably hit their tails to the sky.

"Can you do it?"

Li Mengjie looked at Zhang Chao with uncertainty. She had fought with the opponent's racer before, he was definitely not a simple person.

What if Zhang Chao lost in a way that was too ugly?

"Get in."

Zhang Chao shot a glance at Li Mengjie, and then led his people over to Li Mengjie's sportscar without any pressure at all. Sitting in the luxurious car, he sighed at the fact that the people here compared to him would definitely die, and the goods would be thrown away.

Li Mengjie sat beside Zhang Chao, looking at his as if he was "Grandma Liu that entered the large ornamental garden".

The same action, he couldn't help but cover his face.

It couldn't be that this person didn't even know how to drive, right?

"Kid, don't be too arrogant."

The other party's racer was also full of pride. Seeing that Zhang Chao was an outsider, he could not help but challenge him by raising his middle finger. If he wanted to do something with the money, he would definitely use his techniques to crush Zhang Chao.

"Can you, why don't you go up to heaven? Why don't you stand by the sun's side? "

Zhang Chao could not resist and asked, he really did not know why this person felt so good about himself, in a moment he would let him cry so much that he would go home to find his mother.


Li Mengjie, who was sitting at the side, could not hold back and laughed out loud. She reached out to pat Zhang Chao's shoulder and said with a kind heart, "It's fine if I lose, at worst, I'll just get beaten up by big sister."

"wolf brother, why are you here?"

Just as Zhang Chao was holding onto the steering wheel with one hand and the cigarette in his mouth, the Driver started making a ruckus instead.

A tall man wearing a helmet walked over, escorted by a group of people.

"They said that someone was looking for trouble here today, so I came to take a look."

wolf brother was already used to this kind of situation. Ever since his skills gained a bit of fame in the country, he would always be sought after by the Driver wherever he went.

Seeing the fervent expression on the group of people, wolf brother's lower jaw could not help but rise a little. In Wolf Mountain, this was his territory.

"They broke the rules here, they didn't acknowledge it even if they lost."

The yellow haired man obviously knew wolf brother, he immediately ran over and said while nodding and bowing.

She pointed in Zhang Chao's direction with a face full of malice.

"Oh? "Is that so?"

The wolf brother frowned slightly. Although he had not bothered with the matters at Wolf Mountain for many years, he still had to take a look since he was causing trouble in his own territory and he was also present.

Otherwise, when the news spread out, those who didn't know of it would think that their wolf brother had admitted defeat.

wolf brother waved the crowd and walked in the direction of Zhang Chao. When he saw Zhang Chao leisurely smoking in the driver's seat, his face immediately flushed red.

"Master, why are you here?"

Just when everyone was waiting for wolf brother to take care of Zhang Chao, wolf brother did not stop talking and politely lowered his body and called him master.

This scene was indescribably strange. The change in scenery was so sudden that it was hard to accept.

Is this still that arrogant and unparalleled wolf brother?

"Little Wolf, don't call me master. I didn't give you anything."

Zhang Chao did not expect himself to meet such an acquaintance. He scratched his ears and earnestly said, "You are also a big brother, you should not care too much about it, don't think that you are amazing all the time. Be careful, or else you might get beaten up and might not even know what's going on."

"Yes, I will definitely teach him a lesson."

wolf brother glared at the subordinate behind him in disappointment and then started to strike up a conversation with Zhang Chao again, "Brother Chao, where have you been all these years? I didn't even see you come over to play. "

"No opponent. No meaning."

Zhang Chao left behind this line in an extremely pretentious manner. Looking at the dumbstruck gazes of the crowd, he knew that since wolf brother was present today, there was no longer any need for him to show off his might.

"I'll be leaving first. You take care of the rest and I'll treat you to a drink when I'm free."

After saying that, he turned around and drove away from Wolf Mountain.

"wolf brother, who is that person?"

The Driver got out of the car and looked at his idol with an ugly expression.

He didn't understand why he let that kid go so easily.

When wolf brother saw his own disciple, he was so angry that he immediately threw a chestnut at him.

"In the future, if you see him calling me grandmaster, won't you be courting your life?"

Seeing his master leave in such a huff, the Driver was at a loss. When he recalled what wolf brother had just said, his face turned pale.

The "Wolf King" who lives in the rumor

Could it be the person he provoked just now?

"Who exactly are you? It's really too cool! "

Li Mengjie had seen everything, and at that moment, she was looking at Zhang Chao with a face of worship.

If only he had such a domineering boyfriend.

"I just want to sell a carrot. If you want to eat a carrot in the future, I'll buy it for you."

Zhang Chao no longer had that domineering look from before, and had an unspeakable wretched look on his face.

"You must be lying …"

Li Mengjie looked at the Zhang Chao who was in a state of disbelief, and immediately felt that something was amiss with his view of the world.

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