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C16 Seduction

"Cousin, when did you get a boyfriend? How come I didn't know? "

Li Mengjie sat beside Li Mengya, her face full of curiosity.

In her impression of Li Mengya, who always had the image of the beautiful CEO of Ice Mountain Beauty, actually sneaking around to get a boyfriend, he really couldn't be seen.

"Don't change the topic. If you didn't properly attend class, why would you be tricked by Jiang Rui?"

Li Mengya held onto the steering wheel with one hand and rapped it on Li Mengjie's head.

"The school is too boring. Today was just an accident. "

Li Mengjie replied half-heartedly.

In any case, Zhang Chao had already destroyed the bet, if he said it out loud, he would definitely be scolded by his cousin.

"The next time we cause trouble, I'll have uncle send you abroad."

Li Mengya stared at Li Mengjie in warning. Since Zhang Chao had solved the problem, what about the next time?

Not every time, Li Mengjie would be so lucky.

"Got it." "Don't change the subject. Tell me when you have a boyfriend."

Li Mengjie picked her ears, obviously not at all bothered by Li Mengya's words.

She was more interested in her own cousin's gossip about his endless teachings.

"How far is it going? Shouldn't I call you Brother-in-law instead?"

"What nonsense is this? He's my dad's bodyguard."

Li Mengya glared at Li Mengjie who was blabbering nonsense, but she couldn't help but look at Zhang Chao who was driving the car beside him.

Li Mengya suddenly remembered the scene from that night, and her face immediately flushed red.

Zhang Chao drove the car seriously, and felt that Li Mengya's gaze was fixated on him.

Turning her head to look, he saw that Li Mengya had quickly returned to her line of sight.

What did that mean?

Zhang Chao was confused.

Could it be that Li Mengya had given him a wordless invitation?

Zhang Chao pinched his nose to hide the vulgar smile on his face. Maybe tonight, this little bodyguard of his would be able to have an untold story with his own employer.

"We're finally home!"

Li Mengjie impatiently ran down from the car, and happily ran back to Li Mengya's small villa.

Zhang Chao got off the car and looked at the high-end villa in front of him. Only then did he realize that Li Mengya was the standard beauty, Bai Fu Mei.

"Thank you for today."

Li Mengya stood opposite of Zhang Chao, and said indifferently.

The amount of time along the way was enough for her to organize her emotions as she faced Zhang Chao with a calm expression.

"It's fine, I have a job."

Zhang Chao shifted his gaze back onto Li Mengya, his heartbeat started to speed up, thinking that if Li Mengya were to invite him to do some unsuitable things, would he have to retaliate righteously or obediently?

"Yes." You can leave work now, I'll double your salary this month. "

Li Mengya said as she slightly curled her lips. Then, she turned around and prepared to return home.

"What?" Sigh … "Wait!"

Zhang Chao was immediately depressed. He had already made up his mind to sacrifice himself to become Li Mengya, so how could the other party not abide by the rules?

It's all the same.

"Anything else?"

Li Mengjie glanced at Zhang Chao in puzzlement. After rushing for an entire day, at this moment in time, she just wanted to take a bath and go to bed early.

"Where do I live? When I came, they said they were there to provide lodging. "

Of course the other party's words were as follows: If possible, they hoped to protect Li Mengya twenty-four hours a day. Since it was at all times, it naturally included night.

Zhang Chao thought that living together seemed to guarantee Li Mengya's safety without pressure.


Li Mengya was also startled, but immediately calmed down.

Thinking that it was probably his father's arrangement, he couldn't help but feel a little awkward. He didn't tell him before, but it all happened so suddenly.

But when she thought about living alone with her wife, Li Mengya felt hot on the side.

"If it's inconvenient, I'll look for a hotel."

Zhang Chao continued to dupe Li Mengya, as if he had sold his house because he was working. At this moment, the pitiful look on his face made Li Mengya feel a little more guilt.

"Come in first."

Li Mengya sighed, the guest room at home was always empty, and anyway, no matter what, Zhang Chao was his bodyguard, he would not mess around.


Zhang Chao never thought that Li Mengya would actually be so easy to talk to. Could it be that she was too formidable that night, causing Li Mengya to fall in love with him at first sight?

As he swaggered into Li Mengya's house, he saw the simple yet elegant decorations inside, causing Zhang Chao to raise his eyebrows slightly.

"You should rest here for a while, I'll go clean up the guest room."

Li Mengya smiled, then left Zhang Chao behind and left.

Actually, she was only trying to avoid it. What if Zhang Chao mentioned about what happened that night, how would she reply?


In just a short moment, Li Mengjie had gone upstairs to shower and change into her pajamas.

It was as if he hadn't thought that Zhang Chao would actually be sitting in the living room. The collar of his pajamas were very big, and one could faintly see the two lumps of white on his chest.

Zhang Chao looked towards the direction of the voice and felt that he was definitely being tormented by the Peach Blossom God.

How come I didn't realize that this little girl was developing so well?

The two little bunnies jumping in front of his chest were actually much fuller than Li Mengya's.

"What are you looking at?"

Li Mengjie naturally did not ignore Zhang Chao's naked gaze, but she actually was not shy. Instead, she smiled and leaned closer to Zhang Chao, as if she was watching a good show.

She was used to seeing perverts, didn't she know that this Zhang Chao would be the same as those stinking men?


Zhang Chao reached out to grab a jacket from the sofa and threw it over to Li Mengjie. It was not that he wanted to learn from Liu Xiayao and learn how to sit still, but he had already left and was preparing to go downstairs when Li Mengya appeared behind the stairs.

Although no man could resist the temptation of Li Mengjie, this girl was definitely not a kind person.

"Not fun."

For some reason, when Li Mengjie looked at Zhang Chao's righteous appearance, Li Mengjie felt that it was a little boring.

Ye Zichen pursed his lips and felt a bit depressed. Could she not be sexy at all?

Thinking of this, the little girl actually looked at Erlang Shen, who was sitting on the sofa with her legs crossed, looking as if she would burst into happiness at any moment.

"Meng Jie, what are you doing? Go and change your clothes quickly."

When Li Mengya went downstairs and saw this scene, she immediately felt a little awkward.

His sister was good at everything, but she just wasn't reliable.

He scolded Li Mengjie in a low voice as he watched her leisurely walk up the stairs. There was a helpless look on her face.


Li Mengya sighed, she turned and smiled at Zhang Chao.

His evaluation of Zhang Chao rose by a lot.

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