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C18 Flower protector

"Speak honestly, what happened between you and my sister?"

Li Mengjie arrogantly sat in the front passenger seat, waiting for Zhang Chao to send him to the company with great difficulty, she finally had the chance to inquire more.

"Ask your sister about this."

Zhang Chao did not answer Li Mengjie's question. These matters involved Li Mengya's reputation and he would never let anyone know about it. Even if this person was Li Mengjie, she could not do so.

"Quickly say it, perhaps I can even help you woo my sister."

Li Mengjie's curiosity had not been satisfied, how could she choose to give up just like that?

He just shook and rubbed Zhang Chao's arm.

Seeing Li Mengjie's shameless look, Zhang Chao felt a headache.

If she knew earlier, she wouldn't have agreed to Li Mengya's suggestion to send her to school.

The girl's soft chest rubbed against his arm, Zhang Chao felt like his world had started to spin.

To pinch or not to pinch, that was a problem.

"Hurry up and sit down. Do you want to get into a car accident?"

Zhang Chao's face fell, he would never be a beast.

However, if Li Mengjie wanted to force him, he would not retaliate.

"Speaking of which, are you a good driver? Why does the wolf brother respect you so much, and call you Master? "

Who knew that these words would not calm Li Mengjie down, but instead make him even more excited.


Zhang Chao wasn't willing to say anything more on this matter. He believed that as long as he could say it well, it would be equivalent to opening the door to a new world for Li Mengjie.

Li Mengjie would definitely grab him and ask all sorts of questions.

"Ordinary? Then why did he call you master? Let me take a look. "

Li Mengjie didn't give up and continued to pester Zhang Chao. At her age, she was especially interested in this kind of thing.

He looked at Zhang Chao with unrelenting eyes.

"This is on the road. Something will happen."

Zhang Chao touched his forehead helplessly. His aunt did not even look at where he was.

The police would probably invite him back for tea before long.

"Liar. "Boring."

's interest had been wiped clean by his repeated refusal. He sat on the ground listlessly, looking like a frosted eggplant.

Zhang Chao was a little helpless, from time to time, children this age were all this emotional?

"Here we are, get off." I still have to go back to the company. "

Zhang Chao stopped the car and looked at the little girl who had a face full of joy along the way.

Li Mengya might be out of the company at some point of time. As a bodyguard and driver, it was best for him to go back earlier.

Using money to settle matters, if something were to happen to Li Mengya, she would feel uneasy even if it meant her death.

"Fine, fine, fine. I won't disturb your lovemaking with my sister."

Li Mengya curled her lips, opened the door and disappeared from the school.

Zhang Chao shook his head helplessly. Why does it feel like I'm a father to a mother?

Am I getting old?

No, he was still a youth in the prime of his youth.

Just as Zhang Chao was about to drive away, he saw Li Mengjie place her phone on the chair.

This time, Zhang Chao really felt that he was not here to be a bodyguard, but a babysitter.

"What are you doing? I still have to go to class?"

Li Mengjie looked somewhat irritably at the man standing in front of her. She didn't care about the class, but she didn't want to get entangled with this man at all.

"Meng Jie, where have you been these past few days? Do you know how worried I am?"

The man looked at Li Mengjie with deep emotions. He had already pursued Li Mengjie for a long time, but Li Mengjie always looked impatient whenever he saw him.

"My problem has nothing to do with you. We're not familiar with each other."

Li Mengjie reached out and slapped away the man's claws, then turned around and prepared to avoid the man. Compared to him, the teacher who was standing on the stage chattering away was clearly much cuter.

"Li Mengjie, don't be so shameless. The Li Family's CEO is Li Mengya, not you. "

Being humiliated time and time again by a girl, He Qi could not hold it in any longer.

He did not believe that Li Mengya would really fall out with the He family for the sake of a useless cousin. Hence, he waved his hand and a few young boys surrounded Li Mengjie.

"He Qi! You told them to scram! "

Li Mengjie, on the other hand, did not have the good self-cultivation that Li Mengya did. Looking at the few boys surrounding him, her eyes revealed a ferocious light, as if she was about to bite someone.

"It's good that you listen to me obediently. I don't want to ruin you either."

Although He Qi said this, his smile was exceptionally vulgar.

Step by step, he walked towards Li Mengjie. Looking at her delicate face, he felt his lower body burning.

He was already starting to get impatient.

"I don't want to ruin you either."

He Qi's face was a little angered, who would actually dare to disturb his interest?

They turned around and saw a man in plain clothes standing by the wall. His eyes were frighteningly cold as he looked in their direction.

He Qi slightly frowned. It was obvious that he could not remember who this person was, and his tone became a bit more arrogant.

Although his family's business could not compare up to Li Mengya's, it was enough for him to walk sideways in this school.

"Who do you think you are? Get the hell out of my way!"

Actually, if He Qi was a bit more refined than yesterday, he would still be able to see some things.

But now, he had actually said 'dirty'. Without even thinking about it, he was just a duped, brainless, good-for-nothing.

"I'm your father."

Zhang Chao walked towards He Qi in big strides. Since he met him, he would let him teach this person a lesson about speaking human language and how to conduct himself.

Zhang Chao reached out and grabbed Li Mengjie's hand, mercilessly increasing the force.

With a creaking sound, the originally arrogant He Qi cried out.

"You … "You actually …"

He Qi only felt a sharp pain from his wrist that almost made him faint.

He looked at the man in disbelief. He actually attacked without saying anything? Could it be that he didn't know who the man was?

"Stay away from all this nonsense in the future. If you get bitten, you still have to go get a rabid dog vaccine."

Even if Zhang Chao knew He Qi's identity, what could he do? In his eyes, He Qi was nothing.

"Yes sir!"

Li Mengjie ran away with a smile on her face.

Zhang Chao's appearance caused those rich kids who had thought about Li Mengjie to restrain themselves. There was no other way, the school beauty's protective powers were too intrepid.

Before they clearly checked Zhang Chao's background, no one dared to move about carelessly.

Zhang Chao snapped He Qi's wrist, as if he was trying to make an example to He Qi.

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