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Zhang Chao stood at the entrance of the pub and sighed with emotion.

At this moment, the usual crowded bar was completely empty.

It was obvious that the consequences of Xu Linlin's previous inspection were still there.

However, it was understandable. After all, all those who came to the bar came for fun, and no one liked dealing with the police for no reason.

"Zhang'er, you're here."

Zhang Ling’er sat alone at the bar counter, her arrogance making her seem like a peacock, as if no one in the world entered her eyes.


Zhang Chao shook his head. Even when Zhang Ling’er didn't have any reaction, what was he thinking about?

This bar was only a place to stay, to hide from others. Zhang Ling’er didn't only have just that place, she wouldn't starve to death anyway.

"I haven't seen you out for so long. Did you get hooked by the beautiful CEO?"

Zhang Ling’er got the bartender to casually make a cup of wine for Zhang Chao, who must have something to take care of since he came this time, if he got completely drunk, it would not be worth it.

"Speaking of beauties, isn't there one right in front of me?"

Zhang Chao joked excitedly, sometimes, he didn't even know what these women were thinking, but their beauty just had to enter a pirate ship, if they were to fail in this line of business, they would end up in an extremely miserable state.

"Smooth, but I like that mouth of yours."

Zhang Ling’er laughed as she pushed the wine in front of Zhang Chao, supporting her head with her hand, she looked at him.

"Speak, what do you want us to do?"

"Li Tianhua received the extortion letter, I want you to find someone to help me investigate that piece of wasteland in the south of the city, is there anything special about it?"

Zhang Chao placed a copy of the extortion letter on the table and drank it all in one gulp.

The reason he took over this profession was to investigate that matter. It was true, but since he was already a bodyguard, he had an obligation to ensure Li Mengya's safety.

"Why don't you investigate it yourself, don't say that you don't have any manpower."

Zhang Ling’er was a little resentful. One must know that she was only a person in charge of conveying information, so why was she still an active member even when he was with Zhang Chao?

"There's no need."

Zhang Chao shot a glance at Zhang Ling’er. Indeed, if he used the power that was already frozen, everything would progress even faster, but the moment he used it, these people would definitely be exposed under the sunlight.

"I understand, I will investigate as soon as possible."

Zhang Ling’er also knew that he had said the wrong thing and sighed helplessly.

He put the paper away in his bag.

"Where have you been? I couldn't find anyone in your house. "

"I am a bodyguard, so I naturally live with Li Mengya."

Zhang Chao's matter-of-fact look made people unable to tell that he had any feelings for her.

However, Zhang Ling’er had a very thorough understanding of Zhang Chao, so he slapped his shoulder.

"Sure, you took his father's money and even ran over to harm his daughter."

Zhang Ling’er looked at Zhang Chao with disdain.

"Love each other, love each other."

Zhang Chao smiled shamelessly. The events of that night could only be understood and not told, and looking at Li Mengya's attitude toward him, she definitely had a little bit of intentions towards him.

"I'll be leaving first. Remember to investigate."

Seeing that Zhang Ling’er was ready to beat him up, Zhang Chao cleverly chose to turn around and run.

He felt that Zhang Ling’er's existence was a miracle of nature. She had the appearance of a goddess, but she was actually a valiant man, even when compared to men.

"You're in a hurry. You better be careful not to get found out by their father or be castrated."

Looking at Zhang Chao who had hurriedly ran away and angrily kicking the counter, for some reason, he felt a little sour in his heart.

She didn't understand whether Zhang Chao really didn't understand or was pretending to be confused. She clearly treated him … Zhang Chao stepped out of the door of the pub, raised his head and looked at the dark sky, and revealed a helpless smile.

How could he not understand Zhang Ling’er's thoughts, but he did not dare face him.

He didn't dare to ask for too much before he settled some matters.

Li Mengya was just an accident, other than that, Zhang Chao did not dare to offend anyone else.

"Hei Zi, tell me what he's thinking."

After Zhang Chao left the bar, Zhang Ling’er laid on the bar counter in a depressed manner, looking at the handsome bartender listlessly.

This bartender was clearly an internal staff member. More accurately, every staff member here was an internal staff member.

"I don't know, but he never missed out on his choice."

There were a few more emotions of admiration in the depths of Blackie's eyes. No matter how dishonest Zhang Chao looked, the former Zhang Chao was an existence that could not be surpassed. He was an idol to them.

"Whose are you?"

Zhang Ling’er pouted in dissatisfaction, extended his hand and poked the man on the forehead, his face black as he said: "This month's salary is half! "The complaint is invalid!"

"What did you do?"

Li Mengya laid on the sofa, holding onto her phone with one hand. Seeing that the sky had darkened and Zhang Chao had yet to return, she was a little worried.

Li Mengya was a little conflicted. Logically speaking, she and Zhang Chao were only employers and bodyguards, wasn't her concern a little too sudden?

However, she still couldn't help but give Zhang Chao a call.

"I'll be going back now. "Come out and find someone to investigate the situation in the south of the city."

Upon receiving Li Mengya De's call, Zhang Chao was startled, but when he heard the tone of the other party asking about it, his heart could not help but soften a bit.

Like a wife waiting for her late husband, he had never felt this way before.

"Yes." I made dinner. "

Since he had already reached her on the phone, Li Mengya did not hesitate any longer.

Li Mengya could clearly feel that her way of doing things was beginning to change because of Zhang Chao's appearance, and she, however, did not hate this feeling.

"Yes." I'll go back now. "

Zhang Chao waved his hand and hit the bus, reporting Li Mengya's location, and then said a few quick words before hanging up.

He tilted his head to look at the night sky. His mood was a bit messy.

"What is it? A call from your girlfriend? "

Nine out of ten drivers were talkative, looking at Zhang Chao's stupefied expression, they couldn't help but ask.

"En..." "No."

Zhang Chao felt a little awkward, but when he thought about what should have happened between him and Li Mengya, what shouldn't have happened before, seemed to have already happened. "Don't be embarrassed."

The driver had an expression that said "I know everything", making Zhang Chao smile speechlessly. He did not reject the driver, but neither was he certain.

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