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C3 Acute poison

Her eyes suddenly became as gentle as flowing water, her eyes shone like stars as she looked at Zhang Chao with love and affection … Seeing this scene, Zhang Chao's eyes widened as water flowed out of his mouth.

Suddenly, a few sharp daggers flew out from the woman's hand!

With speed like the wind, Zhang Chao's mind was completely captivated by his beauty. He was not on guard at all as a sharp knife pierced into Zhang Chao's stomach in unison.

There was a faint green glow on the surface of the blade. It was obvious that it was highly toxic!

"You actually sneak attacked us!" "Sky flying knife!"

Zhang Chao's expression was in pain, he clutched his stomach, his eyes perfectly round, and slowly fell to the ground.

"Haha, the super King of the Underground World, Wood King, I never thought he would fall into my hands in the end. He's dead!"

The woman got up from the ground with an excited expression. The previous charm on her face had completely disappeared, and what replaced it was a smug expression on her face. She looked just like a lively and spirited big girl.

"It's a pity that you have cultivated the Charm Art to such an extent. I'm guessing you must be Matsumoto's killer, the 'Charm Art' Heavenly Girl, Song Benquan."

Zhang Chao said vexedly.

"Haha." You little rascal, in your eyes, know that I am a female! "

Phantom Shadow held his head high and stuck his chest out, looking down at Zhang Chao who could not move at all: "You are very powerful, but you chose the wrong opponent!"

"Oh my god, this poison is too terrifying."

Zhang Chao's body trembled intensely, "I didn't expect that you would be so poisonous, I, the dignified Wood King, would actually be carried by a little girl!"

Like a leopard cat in the dark night, he walked to Zhang Chao and stooped down, using his hands to support Zhang Chao's chin and teased, "Hey, what a pitiful appearance."

When she squatted, her already exquisite and graceful body immediately became even more stylish, matching with his slightly red face and the fragrance of her body. Seeing this scene, Zhang Chao felt like his body was on fire.

"Pei, shameless!" Even at the brink of death, you still have a perverted heart! "

Song Benquan grinded his teeth, he wanted to kill this disgusting fellow in front of him right now.

"Be honest, you left the Sky Wood Divine Jade there. If you say it out loud, I'll give you the antidote and spare your life."

Song Benquan ruffled his messy hair and said indifferently.

F * ck, he could even feel anger.

Zhang Chao thought in his heart, but on the surface he pretended that he was done for, "I'm finished today, I don't need to spend anymore nights with you, just kill me now!"

"Are you really not afraid of death?"

Song Benquan did not expect Zhang Chao to have such a righteous look before his death.

"So scared! Elder sister, don't kill me. "

Zhang Chao's fearless look instantly disappeared and he became completely cowardly, "Elder sister, let me go. I am just a carrot seller, how would I know what Heavenly Wood Jade is. If you rob me, I will give you all the money I have.

"F * ck!"

Song Benquan was so angry that he stomped his feet, "You dare talk glibly when you're about to die!"

"Search if you don't believe me."

Zhang Chao laid on the ground, blinked at the angry Song Benquan and said softly.

Song Benquan was already in a rage and directly struck out without him even needing to speak. His small, smooth, and ice-cold hands swept across Zhang Chao's body, including his thigh and abdomen, as well as some private parts.

"No, hell."

Song Shuquan was a little dissatisfied, and searched for a long time, but to no avail. His small face was very pitiful. "Tell me, where did you put the Sky Wood Divine Jade?"

Zhang Chao raised his eyebrows.

It was a bit comfortable: "Don't stop and continue touching, I've touched it. Heavenly Wood Divine Jade is yours!"

"How dare you play with me!"

Song Benquan shouted.

"Damn it, I was playing with you?" Although your request is a bit impolite, but I have no way of resisting it. "

Zhang Chao laughed, and with a flip of his body, he pulled Song Benquan into his arms.

"You, still have strength!"

Song Benquan was extremely shocked.

"Haha, what's wrong!" I really don't know what's going on with that good-for-nothing grandpa Matsumoto. If you want the Heavenly Wood Divine Jade, then don't come out of fear. Since you sent a big chested and brainless little girl, could it be that you want to seduce me?

"Bastard, let go of me!"

Song Benquan never thought that it would actually happen.

The poison on the dagger unexpectedly did not have any effect on Zhang Chao, so logically speaking, it should have been paralyzed for two hours.

"Haha, you just touched me for a long time. You are too polite!"

Being tightly embraced by Zhang Chao, Song Benquan no longer had any strength to resist. His hands caressed the ground to her heart's content, as if carrying some kind of magic power, causing to be unable to stop himself.

Zhang Chao was secretly pleased with himself. He, as the Wood King, had not come here for nothing. A pair of 'Flower Harvesting Sacred Hands' was even more effective than the most powerful aphrodisiac!

"Dirty, shameless bastard!"

"This is me."

Zhang Chao's face was filled with frivolity, as if he was enjoying this very much?

After a while, Zhang Chao reluctantly let go of the beauty in his hand. He even washed his hands in front of his nose and smirked: "Smells so good!"

Song Benquan was stunned where he was and did not dare move, he looked pitifully at Zhang Chao, she knew that if Wood King did not release her, she would not be able to retaliate at all.

"Let's go, don't provoke me again." This time, I am only being touched. I don't know what will happen next! "

Zhang Chao raised his eyebrows.

Hearing these words, Song Benquan felt a sense of relief as he ran away as if he had escaped. His graceful figure flashed and disappeared into the forest, not forgetting to say a few words, "Wood King, you shameless scum.

Maybe only after feeling that he had escaped far enough did Song Benquan dare to vent his anger.

"This little girl is quite smart!" "Haha, I hope you can come."

Zhang Chao was elated and smiled proudly. When he thought about the soft touch from his fingertips a moment ago, his heart started to undulate.

He took out a cheap cigarette, lit it up, and put it in his mouth. After puffing out smoke, he picked up his small cart and left while humming a song.

Ye Guang City, as its name implied, was brightly lit by neon lights at night. This was a world-class city.

Mint Dee.

Zhang Chao treated the dilapidated cart as though it was a door of a bar, and walked in as if there was no one else present. The security guards at the door did not treat him coldly just because he was wearing shabby clothes, and instead greeted him enthusiastically.

Mint Dew. Listening to the name and the other confused Dis, it was different. Within Dis, the serenade was slowly flowing and the air was filled with a faint smell of red wine.

Just as he entered the Di Bar, Zhang Chao saw the beautiful figure at the corner drinking alone. Zhang Chao walked over and sat opposite of the woman: "Sister Ling, drink."

The woman turned her head, stunning the crowd.

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