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C5 White devil

The lights in the bar were dim. Zhang Chao raised his head and looked at the woman in front of him. She was dressed in a purple dress and looked fresh and refined.

At this moment, the woman looked unhappy. She looked at the White Demon in front of her and asked, "Is this the legendary 'White Devil'?"

Zhang Chao nodded.

"This' White Devil 'is the Lady Boss's exclusive secret recipe. I heard that after drinking it, one would forget all their worries and only concoct it for one person. This person should be you, Mister."

"Beautiful girl, I can see that you really want to drink the White Devil, but let me give you a word of advice. This White Devil is extremely fierce, even many men wouldn't dare to touch it. Be careful …"

"But please get drunk."

The beauty shook her short golden hair.

"Then let's give it a try."

Zhang Chao lifted his cup and invited the beauty in front of him.

"Thank you!"

The next morning.

In an old shack in the old city sector of Nightlight City, the morning sunlight shone into a dilapidated room.

Zhang Chao slowly opened his eyes. He felt a splitting headache as he crawled up from the bed — Damn, this Whitedemon Demon's strength is really strong. Although he did not have any desires while drinking, but this second day was really uncomfortable.


Zhang Chao smacked his head and just as he was about to get off the bed to drink water, he felt something soft and hot. Oh, what a lovely touch.

Zhang Chao was jolted awake and turned around. Beside him was actually a beautiful short-haired beauty who looked as if she had come out from a painting.

The woman's face was the same beauty who had begged him for the White Devil last night in the bar. At this moment, the short-haired beauty's naked body and fiery hot figure appeared in front of Zhang Chao, and the long skirt that the beauty was wearing yesterday was thrown to the side … "Oh no, I couldn't control myself after drinking it."

Zhang Chao looked at himself again and felt pain all over his body. It seemed that yesterday had been unusually fierce and extremely intense.

Zhang Chao felt a little pity: "I drank too much, and even forgot what happened, I really regret it!"

The woman's chest rose and fell, but in her sleep her brow remained furrowed, as if there were many unhappy things in her dreams.

Zhang Chao couldn't help but drool as he looked at the woman's alluring body.

The blanket covered a bit of the woman's body, revealing her exceptionally long legs. She looked extremely young and lively, attracting tender affection towards her … She looked to be in her early twenties and was also in her prime.

Zhang Chao wanted to get off the bed carefully, but the old and broken bed made a sound, as though the woman had noticed that Zhang Chao was lying on the bed and could not move at all … Zhang Chao's mind shook, his mouth was parched and hot, after drinking a few mouthfuls of water, he finally went out to buy breakfast, holding onto his breakfast, Zhang Chao was a little happy, happily walking on the road.

"Aiya, I really am a talent. When a beauty sees me so considerately buying breakfast for her in a moment, who knows what might happen if she's moved by me …"

As he was thinking blindly in his heart, he was suddenly hit on the shoulder. Then, Zhang Chao suddenly realized that the money in his pocket had disappeared.

Sneering, Zhang Chao locked his gaze onto the girl who was walking quickly in front.

Seeing that the other party was about to turn into the alley, he ran up and grabbed the girl's wrist, "Hey, little beauty, what are you so anxious for? Let's chat."

The girl in front of Zhang Chao was around seventeen or eighteen years old, he looked like a rebellious girl. She was wearing a short skirt which made his unable to cover his bottom, and her eyes were painted like those of a giant panda by her eyes, caught, the girl with eyeliner did not panic at all, and stared fiercely at Zhang Chao: "Where did this stinky brat come from, do you not want to live anymore?"

"Aiya, you stole my money, yet you still act so arrogantly. There is no justice left in this world."

"It's you who's assaulting me now, I advise you to quickly leave. If not, I'll scream. You won't be able to run when people arrive, get out of here!"

girl with eyeliner tried to break free, but to no avail, she threatened.

This made Zhang Chao extremely angry, he had thought that he would be done for after returning the money, but unexpectedly, she gave him a hard time, "If I really lack money, I can lend it to you for emergency treatment. "However, little beauty, stealing is a huge crime …"

Zhang Chao originally wanted to advise the girl, but he did not expect to see the girl immediately shout out, "Someone is playing hooligan, quickly help them!"

The pedestrians on the street stopped in their tracks and looked at them attentively.

"Shouldn't a small thief have too much guts in broad daylight?"

"Look at how he's dressed. He's a bit ragged, so he definitely isn't anything good."

"Don't even mention it. Look at that girl's clothes. She's almost naked. She's also an alluring person, and she's not a good person either!"

Very quickly, a group of people came over to discuss, and this time, even the girl with eyeliner realized that something was amiss.

Zhang Chao looked at her with ridicule, as if to say, "If you don't mind the embarrassment, just continue!"


But Zhang Chao still underestimated his. With girl with eyeliner's power, she rolled his eyes and grabbed Zhang Chao, her face revealing an extremely wronged look, he pouted his lips and started wailing: "Fellow uncles, aunties, quickly come and see, this person is actually my husband. He doesn't want me anymore!"

"Ah, what the f * * k!"

Zhang Chao was also stunned, what the hell was this?

"You used to be cute when you were with me like that, you pestered me everyday. You were once a darling but now you've got it. You don't care about me, and you're even looking for other women. Is there no justice in this world?"

"I was really blind back then. I believe you, you ingrate!"

girl with eyeliner got more and more excited as she talked. She cried as she talked.

Zhang Chao looked at the girl, whose tears were pouring down like rain, with a face full of admiration.

Even Zhang Chao himself suspected that he had done something extremely heartless. It was such a pity that this girl didn't want to be an actress, she was even more shameless than I was.

Hearing the girl cry, the surrounding crowd also stood by the girl in unison. Then, they looked at Zhang Chao fiercely, many of them still pointing at him, saying that he was really a man who abandoned the sect at the beginning and end.

"This man is Chen Shimei, how can he be so shameless!"

"That's right. Seeing how he looks like this little sister being with him can already be considered a blessing in disguise for him for eight lifetimes. And he still licks his face to go look for Little San. Has Little San also gone blind!?"

"As a man, you don't have a job all day, you only know how to go whoring, and you even went to look for Xiao San'er, using my money. If I didn't give you the money today, you would have hit me, and even said that I stole it, why didn't you kill me!"

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