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C6 Female police

Then the girl patted her stomach, "Child, I'm sorry, mom. I really want to die now, but I think it's better if you don't. Mom must be brave and live on, then raise you into an adult, not like that stupid dad you are.

"What shameless man? His wife is already pregnant and is still working for him to earn money for prostitution."

"This kind of man dying is not going to be too much. I've really learned a lot!"

"The young lady looks to be only 20 years old, she hasn't even reached the legal age to get married and is already pregnant!"

"Don't stop me! I'm going to kill him! I, as a man, only don't have this kind of scum!"

Suddenly, Zhang Chao felt like he was about to be drowned by the smeared stars, even two young men wanted to beat him up. All of the people, especially the women, were gnashing their teeth at Zhang Chao, as if they wanted to swallow him whole.

However, Zhang Chao was not an ordinary person, the boss of the underground world was not afraid of the excited crowd, he only smiled and watched the girl with eyeliner perform.

F * ck, finally opened my eyes today and gave me a deeper understanding of my shamelessness.

"What happened? Who told the police that there's an armed conflict here?!"

At this time, a man and a woman, two policemen, came out of the crowd and asked.

At that moment, everyone's eyes turned to look!

She was truly a beauty of a nation. Everyone's eyes automatically ignored the male police and looked at the beautiful and generous female police.

She was about 23 or 24 years old and had an extraordinary temperament. She was wearing a blue police uniform with a straight waist. She wore a police cap that made her look valiant and valiant.

It was so seductive. He couldn't open his eyes.

"Report to the police!" It's not a fight, but there's a scumbag who's bullying his wife here. "

A young man quickly ran out and reported with a smile on his face. As he spoke, he kept looking at the policewoman's body.

At the corner of this street, there was the police station of the luminous west region. As a result, the two policemen quickly walked over after receiving the police report.

After hearing the young man's exaggerating explanation, the male police immediately rushed over indignantly. Seeing the shabby looking Zhang Chao in the middle, he could not help but get angry.

F * ck!

I am such a country's pillar, a person who has dedicated himself to the motherland, but I don't even have a girlfriend.

The policeman handed over a piece of paper and comforted her, "Little sister, don't be scared. If you feel wronged, big brother police officer, I'll plead your case and I won't be afraid!"

After saying that, he immediately turned his head, and his tone changed by 180 degrees. Zhang Chao said: "That brat, let go of my hand!"

Because Zhang Chao was afraid that the girl would run away, he managed to grab onto her wrist. Now he had no choice but to let go of her hand, "Uncle Police, do you know what's going on?

Before he could finish his sentence, girl with eyeliner cried again, "Bastard, the police have come, and you're still not telling the truth!"

"Holy sh * t …"

Zhang Chao was immediately speechless.

Really, this girl was too daring. The police had already come, but she was still playing dumb.

"Bastard, it seems like I won't show you anything. You really don't plan on giving in."

Seeing that Zhang Chao still dared to be so slippery, the policeman rolled up his sleeves and was about to punch Zhang Chao.

"Cough cough, Sun Yu, don't be rash. Let me try to deal with it."

The beautiful police officer at the side finally opened her mouth. This child was truly mentally ill. Under such circumstances, if someone with ill intentions was posted to him online, he would be done for. As expected, the people brought out by Vice Chief Liu were all arrogant and despotic.

Although Sun Yu was currently angry, Xu Linlin was, after all, the captain. He was just a normal little police officer, so she shut her mouth and stood to the side.

"Tell me, what is going on!"

Xu Linlin asked Zhang Chao.

Zhang Chao said helplessly: "This matter is very obvious. I found out that this little girl stole my money, so I came up to argue with her, but I didn't think that she would retort that I was her husband, and also said that I had found Little San'er, and that she had made money for me to take advantage of other people. Do you think this matter can be true? Can I have a little hoodlum like him as my wife? I'm not blind. "

"I do."

Xu Linlin nodded seriously.

This answer... Zhang Chao did not know how to continue, but this girl was too honest, how could he continue?

When girl with eyeliner heard Zhang Chao call himself a hoodlum, he grinded his teeth in hatred.

Sun Linlin ignored Zhang Chao's helplessness and continued to ask, "So, this is the first time you two have met. You did not know each other before."

"Of course, we didn't register either. There are records for both of them."

Before Zhang Chao could finish, he was interrupted by the girl with eyeliner, "Big sister police officer, he is a hoodlum, I am only 18 years old. When we got married a few months ago, I was unable to get any proof of him, and all I could get was a feast at his hometown."

As she said that, she glared at Zhang Chao fiercely: "I have no choice but to marry him. His family is poor, and marrying a chicken and dog will always follow each other. This guy doesn't like to wear a condom.

At that moment, countless looks of disdain were directed at him!

Being framed all the time, Zhang Chao was also furious. He opened his eyes wide in disdain: "If you say I'm your husband, then tell me, what's my name?"

F * ck, you think it's so easy to lie, let's see what you can do.

At this time, girl with eyeliner blurted out without hesitation, "Your name is Zhang Ergou, and you were born in 1993. You live at No.153, River Gate Town, Dongyang City."

F * ck me!

Zhang Chao was flabbergasted, he was trying to turn black into white, it was too terrifying, "Slut, you're wrong, my name is Zhang Chao!"

"Aiya, are you trying to lie to your big sister police? You're clearly called Zhang Ergou, what Zhang Chao's name."

girl with eyeliner saw that Zhang Chao was wearing shorts coming out to buy breakfast in the morning.

Zhang Chao thought that he was already shameless enough, but he never thought that he would not be a match for this slut.

Zhang Chao had no other choice, he grinded his teeth in hatred: "Since you claim to be my wife, then let's test it out! There's a hotel right here, let's have a nap. "

"Sir, watch your words!"

Following that, Xu Linlin said with a cold expression, and looked at him unkindly: "What you're saying, is insulting a woman!"

Damn, I'm doomed again. Zhang Chao suddenly realized that he made a fatal mistake. How could he say such words in front of a female police officer who had an explosive sense of justice.

girl with eyeliner's observation skills, was also extremely powerful. Upon seeing this, he immediately ran over to Xu Linlin's side, and cried until his nose was snot red: "Police sister, I'm too bitter! To be honest, he was a pervert! If you don't have the ability, then torture me. The whip, the wax, I have to endure … but they force me to do something disgusting every time. "

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