Charming Delicate Wife: Fallen Husband

Modern Romance
1067 Chapters
9.0 (17 Ratings)
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Latest Release: C1067 Perfect ending
Jan 29th, 08:05
The wedding was over, and so was the trip to the Palace. Although Gong Sheng really wanted to continue, his wife really wanted to stay with her mother, so she had no choice but to return to T City first. Honeymoon, let's continue it in the future! Back in City T, when the sage returned to work, An Xin spent most of her time with Mother An and the old CEO. Take care of the heart while not forgett


Father does not hurt, stepmother bullies, in order to treat the hospitalized mother, she endured the humiliation. Until that day, when she was sent to a strange man's side. Ever since the day he had found her, he had been doing everything he could to tie her to his side, no matter the cost. The misunderstanding slowly revealed itself. When she finally noticed that he was the same 'he' as before, everything had changed …. This article is pampered but not greasy, masochistic but not injurious, quality assurance, welcome to fall into the pit



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