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C16 Wait For The Call.

“Oh,” David responded to her sudden declaration. He was not a very expressive person, so even though he did miss her, it was not easy for him to say so bluntly like she just did.

“Did you enjoy the play?” she asked him, not minding how he was not as enthusiastic as she was.

“Mmmh, you are really good,” David said and turned to look at her once more. He really meant it. He was very impressed with her acting. She was very talented.

“Thank you,” Iris said, and her fair cheeks blushed pink. David looked at her in fascination and felt his heartthrob at the sight of her.

“Mmmh,” David responded and looked away from her. He had to resist the urge he had to pat his chest from how uncomfortably fast his heart was pounding.

“How has work been?” Iris asked him as she continued to look at him. He was still wearing the glasses he had on at work, and his overall atmosphere became even better than before. He looked even colder and more alienated than before. Iris with her special tastes found it even more attractive.

“Okay, just a bit busy,” David answered and his grey eyes focused on her. Iris smiled when they made eye-contact once more, her dimples making her beautiful face look cute.

“I quit my job to focus on this. Now I have to search for projects. Do you think I have hope?” she asked him and David nodded at her. He thought she had a lot of potential.

“Then I’ll just go ahead confidently. If I find nothing, I can still go work as a bartender till I find a project,” she thought out loud. David didn’t want her to go work as a bartender, so he was already planning on making sure that she gets secured somewhere.

“We’ve arrived, sir,” Felix said from the front seat before he got out of the car when he saw David’s expression. He knew when he was not wanted, and he also knew that he did not want to witness whatever it is that they were going to do in that car.

“Do you know where you are going to start?” David asked her, and Iris pursed her lips together. She hasn’t been signed by any management company, so she will have to look for resources by herself for the time being. David understood everything when he saw her expression.

“You’ll get a call tomorrow,” David said, his face as expressionless as ever. Iris looked at him with her blue eyes filled with questions.

“Are you offering me resources?” she asked him, and David nodded bluntly. What did he have to hide?

“Then I’ll thank you in advance, you can come to me with any requests in the future,” Iris said with a bright smile. She was not stupid enough to turn down his offer because of pride or morals. She was very clear about the situation in the entertainment industry.

She had nothing there, nor did she have any connections. She had no reason to turn down his offer for help, so she accepted it wholeheartedly. She would just register this debt in her heart and pay it back later when she was in the position to do so.

“Anything?” David asked her, and a small smile appeared on his face when he saw her nod readily.

“I’ll make sure to collect on it later,” David said, his expression going back to normal.

“Please do so,” Iris said with a laugh. She leaned over the armrest that was separating them and drew closer to him. David turned to look at her and didn’t try to avoid her closing in on him.

“Can I get something else from you? I promise to pay you back later,” Iris said when she was almost nose to nose with him.

“Hmmm? What is it?” David asked as he watched the little girl tease him. She was like a newborn calf who did not know how dangerous it was to play with a tiger’s whiskers.

“Are you going to come up tonight?” she asked him. Her blue eyes looking at his features. He was wondering how she could ask something so suggestive so innocently.

David had a lot of restraint on a normal day, but he was not confident in resisting the temptation she would pose when he went up with her. He felt that it would be better to avoid getting himself in that situation altogether.

“You aren’t, are you?” she asked when she saw the disapproval in his eyes. David’s gaze shifted from her eyes to her pouting lips before moving back to her eyes. This time, he didn’t let her be aggressive, and straightforwardly leaned forward and kissed her lips. Iris’ eyes widened before they closed and a smile appeared on her lips.

David’s kiss accurately exposed his hidden aggressive nature as his tongue plunged into her mouth and his handheld the back of her head. He bit on her bottom lip, the action just teasing the border of being painful, and Iris gasped and his sweeping tongue became even more aggressive.

She felt like he was trying to pull out her soul from her body. Even if she wanted to actively kiss him back, it was hard for her because of how overpowering his kiss was. She could only meekly receive his overwhelming kiss.

It was to the point where she ran out of air, but like a masochist, she was still reluctant to separate from him, which was made obvious from how tightly she was holding on to the lapels of his suit jacket.

When David released her lips, she took huge gulps of air as he kissed down her chin and bit on her fair neck before soothing the area with his tongue. The sharp feeling of being bitten followed by the warm wet feeling of his tongue sent shivers down her spine.

She continued to gasp for air as her body responded to how his lips were teasing her. She thought that they would end up going further from how proactive he was, but he stopped suddenly and pulled her head back to look at her.

His eyes searched her own for a few seconds and a wicked smile appeared on his lips. Iris’s already pounding heart felt like it would beat out of her chest. She felt herself tighten and even her nipples became hard just from seeing that look on his face.

“Good night, Iris,” David said and pecked her lips before releasing her. Iris was still dazed from his actions and couldn’t yet summon her brain cells to start working again. David wasn’t impatient with her and waited for her to return to her senses. When Iris was back to normal, she looked at David as if she was reluctant to go.

“Are you sure you don’t want to come up with me?” Iris asked him and heard a low chuckle that seemed to reverberate from his chest.

“Go in and rest, wait for that call tomorrow, okay?” David said and Iris nodded with a pout. How could he just do that to her and let her go so easily? She wondered as she got her things together and got out of the car.

David would have liked to escort her to her door, but the chances of them being caught on camera together were quite high, so he did not risk it, for the sake of her career.

“Good night, David,” Iris said with a dimpled smile before getting out of the car. Felix nodded at her when he saw her go into the building and cleared his throat. He had very keen eyes, so he noticed her swollen lips and the red marks on her neck.

He waited for a couple of seconds before getting into the car. And the two waited until the lights to her apartment turned on before they left the premises.

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