Chasin After The Billionaire Widower./C19 First Day Of Filming.
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Chasin After The Billionaire Widower./C19 First Day Of Filming.
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C19 First Day Of Filming.

Unfortunately, David’s response had been perfunctory, and the two hadn’t really met each other in the course of the last month. Iris had memorized her script and she could narrate the whole of it by heart by the time filming started.

She had been so nervous about her first day that she was unable to sleep the night before filming had started. When her van had come to pick her up, her agent looked at her with dissatisfaction. Nancy, her agent, was very uncompromising with self-care.

“Why do you still have dark circles?” Nancy asked her, and Iris pursed her lips together.

“Are you nervous?” Nancy asked after a beat and was assured that that was the case when Iris gave her a very subtle nod.

“I understand this, but don’t put Mr. Lyons’s efforts to waste,” Nancy reminded, and Iris was forced to get back to her senses. Even though she did not have much opportunity to talk to him in the past couple of weeks, it was real that he had handed this opportunity to her on a silver platter.

“Mmmh,” Iris said and tried to curb her nervousness. She did not pick a typical female lead role, her character leaned more into the side of the antagonist. Although such characters were bound to lose out at the end of many plots, hers did not lose too much.

The character was very smart, conniving, and was also a good schemer. She was not sure if the general public would like her, but she was determined to play the character to the fullest.

Iris was so nervous that she felt like the forty-minute drive to the filming location was a ten-minute drive. When they arrived, Nancy took her to see the director before she was carried away by a flurry of people to go and do her makeup and costume.

She kept reciting the script as she was getting her makeup done, an act that greatly amused the make-up artist.

“Don’t worry too much, it’ll affect your performance later,” the make-up artist advised. Iris nodded and took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. She closed her eyes and let the make-up artist do her job as she immersed herself in her character.

“It’s all done,” the make-up artist said after she noticed that Iris did not move a muscle even though she was finished. Iris opened her eyes, and they widened from the new look she had. The makeup made her appear to be more fierce and untouchable, just like the character she was going to play.

It only served to help her get more into character. Not long after, her assistant came to take her and brought her to the dressing room where she was given her costume. After wearing the expensive black ivory coloured short dress, she walked out of the dressing room and went to wait for her turn.

When she showed up on set, all eyes were on her. She was much prettier than the heroine. But Iris was not willing to act in a role where she was supposed to Miss Perfect. She was more fond of more complex characters besides the protagonists. That was why she chose to ply this specific character.

She went back to set and watched as the leads performed their own characters as she seriously recalled her lines. In no time, the director called her forward to perform her scene with the male lead.

She was supposed to act coquettish in her attempts to snatch the male lead from the female lead. She stood at her spot, and soon Iris was seen on the male lead’s arms.

“I have someone I love,” the actor said to Iris, who raised her blue eyes to look at him and pulled him closer with the lapels of his jacket.

“Me too,” Iris replied, her eyes blinking lazily at the male lead. Even though the two of them were just acting, people felt the chemistry between the two of them. That was how the rumours started.

The two were unfamiliar with each other and Iris was already expecting to film scenes sporadically, so she did not mind it much.

“You should release me,” the male lead said unintentionally getting into the atmosphere Iris had created.

“Mmmh, but I’m not the one hanging off of you,” Iris said, and the male lead stepped back self consciously. That was why the director did not stop filming at all, due to the visual impact that they created. Especially Iris, who was looking coquettish. When the male lead stepped back, Iris followed him and even pulled him closer.

“Okay, Cut!” the director said with shining eyes.

“That was perfect. Prepare for the next scene,” he said and turned to his assistant director to discuss the scene with him. Iris released the man in front of her and was taken away by the stylist to go wear a different set of clothes.

Filming went on like this for the rest of the week. If she was not being aggressive in her pursuit for the male lead, then she was scheming against the female lead or acting coquettish with her rich parents.

She finished most of her scenes in one take after she had built some camera awareness after a few mistakes, so she was very satisfied with her day’s work. When she returned home from filming, she video called David after her shower.

The phone rang for a long time, and just when she thought that it was going to stop., David picked up the phone. But she was unprepared for the sight that greeted her. She was so flustered that everything she had wanted to say had gotten pushed out of her mind.

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