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"Ugh …!" Anthea spat out the bile, and when she saw what was in front of her, she froze.

She was lying on the counter of a hotel room. A man covered in blood was lying on the floor one meter away from her! An Shengxia's eyes suddenly bulged and she held onto the back of her neck with one hand, trying to recall that she had been knocked out.

Having overheard her stepmother insulting her mother for her fraud, she committed suicide. Angry, she let her teasing stepbrother roll down the stairs.

Subsequently, she was knocked out by the mother and daughter pair. Wake up, in this room. An Shengxia gritted her teeth in anger and heard the sound of hurried footsteps!

In less than a minute, someone would rush in! At that time, wouldn't she be wrongly accusing the man lying on the ground of being killed by her? Killing her mother wasn't enough, so he still wanted to send her to jail, right?

She had to escape! An Shengxia quickly wiped off her fingerprints. With less than twenty seconds left, she gritted her teeth and climbed out of the window. Almost at the same time, the door was pushed open from the outside!

Hanging from the window, An Shengxia had nowhere else to go, her desire to live made her struggle to climb up. Fortunately, the window upstairs was open and she entered the room.

The scene before him was pitch black, as An Shengxia patted her chest with fear still lingering in her heart. That was close! If she had been even a little bit slower, she would have committed murder, and her life would have been ruined!

At this moment, the current An Shengxia didn't notice in the slightest that there was a tall figure that was like an Asura in the night standing behind her … The black pajamas on his chest opened slightly. The man's wild and deep black eyes seemed to be able to see through the dense night sky and see through her soul … In a strange room, An Shengxia's heart was pounding, she just wanted to leave as soon as possible.

His hands groping around in the darkness, An Shengxia slowly walked to the door, but unexpectedly, there was a hard wall of flesh next to her! Uh... "What the hell is this?" She squeezed it curiously.

All of a sudden, the world started spinning as An Shengxia was pressed into the bed. A man's sinister voice sounded in her ears, "You are also going to risk your life for the height of the 99th floor."

There was actually someone in the room! And it was a man! Anthea jumped out of bed as if she had seen a ghost!

Unexpectedly, a wave of curses came from the balcony, "Fuck, she must have run away!" An Shengxia was so shocked that her entire body was trembling. She couldn't believe it, this voice... It was her boyfriend, Han Zijin!

She had been with him for three years, but she had never thought that the mother and daughter pair would partner up to frame her! In the past, she was really blind to fall in love with that kind of scum!

Soon, the doorbell rang! "They are here to capture her!" Please, don't open the door! " She had the blood of the dead at the hem of her dress, and it would have been bad if she had been found.

In a moment of desperation, An Shengxia used her petite body to block the door, "Help me, they want to frame me!" "Even if that's the case, why should I help you?" You. You aren't with them, are you? " How infuriating!

An Shengxia angrily rushed up. She didn't know where she got the courage to wrap her arms around the man's neck, but the corner of her mouth was raised, sealing off his thin lips!

"Heh, a beauty's scheme." You asked for it. " The man took the lead as he rolled down her long, proud legs and squeezed between her legs. He then violently kissed her face and neck, lighting fires one step at a time.

This shameless! He was actually taking advantage of her! Very quickly, the outside of the door quieted down. It was safe now. An Shengxia wiped the corners of her mouth in disgust, turned around and pressed the doorknob, wanting to run away!

But when she was holding onto her slim waist, he actually managed to hold her down! I want to go when I'm done with it, huh? "

"Let me go!" "Do you take me for a bus? If I want to go, I'll go, if I want to go, I'll get off?" The man's voice came out of his teeth, cold as a cheetah's.

Just as he was about to refute, An Shengxia felt his body heating up. Could it be that he was … "Woman, be my antidote …" The man placed his hand on her waist exerted a bit of force, causing her clothes to fall …

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