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C3 Hot peppers

Jane's POV

Luca and I were currently sitting in the bathroom while I attended to his wounds. Thank god my parents were our for they night shifts, saved me a whole lot of questions.

When Luca calmed down in the alley, I demanded that we go to the hospital. The knife wound on his upper arm looked pretty bad and I thought it might need stitching, but Luca quickly refused. He seemed very frightened at the idea and that's what lead us to my house.

Indeed, his wound needed stitching and at that moment I was grateful for my mom that she made me learn those basic first aid rules three years ago. Ofcourse, that didn't make stitching his wound any easier. It gave me goosebumps every time I inserted the needle into his skin.

Luca, though, didn't seem to be in pain, and if he did he didn't show it. The whole time he was staring at me like some kid who found his long lost mother. His gaze made me slight uncomfortable but I tried to ignore it and finish fixing him up.

"Why aren't you afraid of me?" He suddenly blurted out as I was bandaging his stitched wound.

I stopped mid way and look up to meet his gaze. "Do I have to?" I asked.

" just that....everyone else seems to find me scary, but just don't." He answered stuttering like he didn't know how to express what he wanted.

"Yeah. I don't find you scary." I replied and went back to bandaging his wound.

"Even when you saw how I beat up the boys earlier?" He asked with hesitation.

"You looked afraid." I blurted out and our eyes met again. He looked taken back for a moment. Our gazes didn't hold onto each other for long before I averted my eyes back to his wounds. I already finished badging his upper arm and directed my attention to his knuckles. They were bruised and cut from all the punches he threw.

Luca didn't say anything after and I was left attending to his wounds in awkward silence.

When I was all done, I put everything back in the first aid kit, then placed it in its cabinet behind me. I turned around to face Luca and saw that his eyes were still on my face.

"Uhmm...would you like something to eat?" I asked. I was getting more uncomfortable under his gaze.

He seemed to have snapped out of a daze as he slightly shoke his head then offered me a genuine smile, a smile I've never seen from him before. "Ah....yes...that'd be great. I'm starving." He finished with a light chuckle. My face broke into a small smile and I started making my way out the bathroom, Luca following.

"So, what would you like to eat?" I asked as we entered the kitchen.

"Anything. I don't really mind." Luca shrugged.

"Wanna make some pasta?" I asked.

" it from scratch and everything?" He asked curiously.

I nodded my head. "Yup."

"Do you know how to make it?" He asked again to which I chuckled.

"If I didn't know how to, I wouldn't have offered." I said sarcastically, making Luca laugh lightly.

"Okay then. Lead the way." He said, gesturing with his hand towards the inside of the kitchen.


"LUCA! What are you doing?!" I asked exasperated, but I couldn't hold my laughter.

Luca stopped mid way of what he was doing and looked at me. "What?!" He asked innocently while I was trying so hard to calm down my laughter but to no vail.

"You can't add vanilla powder to the sauce!" I exclaimed between fits of laughter.

"But I like vanilla." He replied childishly. I just laughed like crazy.

"How many spoons did you put?" I asked after I was able to calm myself down.

"Uhmm....about three teaspoons." He replied, more like asked wearily.

I started laughing again. "Oh god! I'll just go chop the vegetables." I said shaking my head and making my way to the fridge. "You don't mind if we added some capcicums right?"

Luca shook his head. "No. Add everything."

I washed two, thin capcicums and started chopping them.

"Hey Luca." I called making him look at me from over his shoulder as he continued stirring the sauce on the stove.

"Do you think we ca-Achoo" I said but was cut off with my own sneeze. Luca looked at me, a smile tugging on his lips from how I look.

"Jane. Are you sure those are not-Achoo." He too was cut of by a sneeze.

" eye-Achoo.....ahh" I groaned as my eyes started burning and my nose itching.

"Achoo....I think those are chilly peppers-Achoo." Luca stated between his sneezes.

"Mmmm" I nodded in agreement as I fiercely washed my face it water, and rubbing my eyes like it was the end of the world. "Oh God, have mercy!"

I heard Luca chuckling from behind me. "I think we should just order some pizza and get it over with." He suggested.

"No!" I yelled almost instantly. "We'll finish the pasta and eat it. I don't like throwing food."

"Okay" Luca shrugged and went back to stirring the sauce.

After finishing attacking my eyes, I made my way to the fridge and got out some tomatoes, leftover cooked chicken and cheddar cheese. I chopped the chicken into small pieces and then did the same to the tomatoes. They were in small cubes. My eyes were still hurting and teary. I was thankful I didn't hurt my fingers, since my vision was a bit blurry.

I picked up the chopping tray and went to stand next to Luca. Slowly, I started dropping the veggies and chicken into the sauce.

"Jane. Do you like spicy food?" Luca asked from beside me.

"Not really." I replied, looking at him. "Why?"

"Cause you just added the peppers."

I looked at him in horror. "Shit."


We were currently sitting on the couch in my living room. Luca was laughing so hard at me that his eyes started tearing. The pasta turned out too spicy for my own liking and that seemed to have amused him since I start huffing like a dog, dangling my tongue out with every bite I take.

"Water. I. Need. Water." I begged as I started fanning my mouth with my hand.

"No. Your throat will hurt you Jane." Luca warned for the nth time now. I adequate some whiny noises and then looked at him and pouted, trying to give him my best puppy dog eyes.

"You look cute and everything Jane, but it won't help if tour throat starts hurting."

"Just a sip. Please." I begged again.

"Nope." He said, shaking his head.

"Whatever." I scowled, folding my arms across my chest.

"Uhmm...Luca." I called out making him turn his head and look at me, since I was seated on his right side.


"Uhmm....I heard that there will be a fair held tomorrow. Would you like to go?" I asked him, unsure of his answer. I wasn't asking him for a date or anything and I hoped he didn't misunderstand.

"When will it start?" He asked casually.

"Mm...about 9 am." I replied a little hopeful. He raised an eyebrow my way.

"We have school." He stated matter of factly. "We might get in trouble you know."

"That's a risk I want to take." I replied bravely. His lips twitched into a small smile and my proud reply.

His smile turned into a grin. "I'm in!"

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