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C4 Caught

Jane's POV

Luca and I agreed to meet in front of my house at eight am, since the fair was an hour away due to the large space they needed.

I wore my dark blue washed out jeans and a long, creme, full sleeved shirt that reached an inch below my butt. I topped it with a short jean jacket, the same color as my pants. I wore my white flats and wrapped a white wool scarf around my neck. I had my hair in a high ponytail, leaving my bangs falling onto my forehead. I didn't wear any accessories though.

It was already seven - forty-five when I left my house, and ten minutes later I was standing behind a tree next to school so no one would see me.

My mind wandered a bit about Luca. Thank god he wasn't repulsive from me. I know the hug was nothing but, for some reason I just felt weird and his expression didn't make it any better. Last nigh was fun though. Him adding vanilla to our pasta and the hot peppers. Unconsciously, a smile made its way to my face.

My thoughts were cut short when something lightly hit the top of my head. I looked beside to find Luca standing there, holding a flyer which he probably used to hit me. He was wearing some faded jeans with a navy v-neck shirt and his black leather jacket on top. He was wearing black converse and had a gray beanie on top of his head which was still long but his long bangs were pushed to the side of his forehead covering half his left eye while his right way fully exposed.

"Why are you smiling to yourself like that?" He asked in amusement.

I felt my face heat up and it was probably brick red by now. "Uh...n-nothing." I smacked my forehead inwardly at my stuttering.

"Liar." He stated flatly with narrowed eyes.

"I'm not." I fought back.

"Come on. We don't wanna be late." He said and started making his was towards a black motorcycle. My eyes winded at the sight. A motorcycle?! I almost squealed and jumped up and down in my place. I've always wanted to try riding on one. I know it's dangerous and all but the way some of people back spoke about it made me curious about how it would feel like to ride one.

Luca turned around to give me a helmet but his expression quickly changed to one of amusement and confusion, probably the huge grin plastered on my face.

"I've always wanted to try riding one." I admitted. Luca chuckled lightly.

"Is that why excitement is rolling off you in waves. I'm suffocating." He teased and I slapped his arm slightly.

"Let's go. Come on." I urged, snatching the helmet from him and practically running towards the motorcycle.

"Okay, okay." Luca said with a chuckle. He sat on the motorcycle and ushered for me to ride behind him. As I did so, I placed my hands on his back for support but quickly removed it when he winced.

"Luca, are you okay?" I asked him with worry.

He nodded his head but didn't turn around to face me. "Yeah, I'm fine." He replied monotonous. I didn't buy it thought but didn't press on it.

I attempted to ride again but this time didn't touch his back. He started the engine and we flew across the street. Saying that the experience was amazing would be an underestimate. The feeling of wind hitting my skin and the blurry scenery from beside us made me even more excited. I loved the speed and I wished my parents would allow me to buy one. I was smiling the whole time and enjoyed the ride, all the while making sure not to touch Luca's back. I held onto his jacket from the side and made sure my front didn't lean on his back. I knew he was hurt, it was so obvious but maybe it won't be such a good idea to ask. After all, we just knew each other and he might not be very trusting of me.

We reached the fair grounds about forty minutes later. We were twenty minutes early.

"I can believe your parents bought you a motorcycle." I said as I got off the motorcycle and removing my helmet. Luca removed his helmet but was still seated in his place.

"My parents didn't buy it for me. I paid for it on my own." He replied with an expression I couldn't quite pin point. He wasn't even facing me when he said it. I didn't know what to say next and I just uttered a pathetic 'oh'.

"Hey, did you have breakfast?" I asked, trying to lighten the mood.

"No. Did you?" He asked back. I shook my head in reply. I didn't want my face my parents so I purposely skipped breakfast.

"There's a diner two blacks away from here. Wanna go?" He asked again, this time with a brighter face and a small on his lips. I felt happy that I made him forget what was on his mind cause it sure isn't something good.

I nodded my head and we both started walking towards the diner. We walked in silence until we reached the diner. It was labeled 'Summers' and had a homey feeling to it.

We both stepped inside and a warm breeze of air hit our faces with the scent of backing in tow.

We sat across from each other on a table near the window, and started looking through the menu.

An old lady came towards us, a warm smile adorning her face.

"Welcome to Summers, what can I get you two?" She asked sweetly.

"Pancakes." Both Luca and I replied in unison. Our gazes met and I saw Luca's lips curve into a small along with mine. The lady was looking at us in amusement.

"Alright. Pancakes for the couple." She announced and turned towards the kitchen. I felt my face redden for the second time today but then a thought passed my mind.

"Luca." I called, making him look at me.

"Why do you think people are afraid of you?" I asked bluntly. He shrugged.

"I don't know. Maybe it's because of how I look." He replied back. "I was surprised, and still am actually, that you aren't afraid of me."

Now was my turn to shrug. "You didn't seem like the type to hurt someone on purpose. Plus, if the rumors really were true, you wouldn't have saved me from the car before." I replied honestly. His words were true, for some reason, I was never afraid of him.

"But you saw what I did in that alley. I could've hurt you too." He argued.

"You know why I got the courage to run up to you and pull you away?" I asked with a sight.

His eyebrows creased together. "Why?"

"Because you looked afraid. You know how a lion fights other animals to protect his cubs, that's how the scene was to me. They hurt you and you did nothing but protect yourself. You didn't start the fighting, they did." I explained, all the while looking at him sternly. His looked at me in shock and question but they then softened.

"I guess you'd believe me then when I tell you that I am terrified every second of my life." He said in monotone. Terrified? Why?

I was about to ask him more but the lady from before came with our food, her smile still on her face.

"Your pancakes are ready." She said enthusiastically as she placed a plate in front of me and one in front of Luca. The pancakes were heart shaped. Again, I found myself blushing at the awkwardness. I looked up at Luca when I heard him chuckling.

"That woman really thinks that we're a couple." He said in laughter.

"Yeah." I replied with the same laughing tone. "Let's just eat." I said and he nodded in agreement as he started pouring syrup on his pancakes. He gave me the syrup bottle and I started pouring some on my own. I moaned in pleasure at the taste.

We ate in complete silence. I was dying to know what Luca meant by what he said earlier. Why was he always terrified and what was he terrified of?

We finished our food and much to to my dismay and disapproval, Luca paid for both of us. I tried to tuck him out of it but he wouldn't budge.

We made our way back to the fair to find it already started. I excitedly made my way inside, and could hear Luca chuckling at my childish acts as he walked behind me.

I decided that because Luca paid for the breakfast, I'd pay for the tickets and before he was anywhere near me, I stood infront of the ticket booth and asked for two.

I was getting my money out of my wallet to pay when a much taller body towered behind me and paid.

I turned around to look at Luca with a scowl. "Hey!" I yelled at him. "That's not fair. You should've let me atleast pay for the tickets." I scolded.

He just shook his head with a smile. "No can do." He said as he took the tickets from the guy. He grabbed my hand and practically dragged me inside towards the games and different booths. Happiness bubbled inside of me.

We decided to play the shooting games and stuff since we just ate and throwing up in the middle of everyone won't be such a nice scene. Luca and I made our way towards the shooting booth.

"Are you sure you can win that thing?" I asked curiously. Not anyone can use a gun easily and win. You have to be a pro.

Luca puffed his chest. "You'll just have to see." He replied with a smirk. I just rolled my eyes at him.

"Which one do you want?" Luca asked, gesturing to all the stuffed animals on the shelf. They all looked so cute but the one the caught my eyes the most was a large, light brown, fluffy teddy bear with with a red bow tie on his neck. It was almost my height and I loved it.

"Hot many ducks do I have to knock down to get that bear?" Luca's question snapped my out of my daze and made me look at him.

"Ten." The guy replied.

"Are you serious about this?" I asked Luca as I tugged at his sleeve.

"Why not?" He replied with a shrug. I gapped at him. Well, we gotta let him do what he gotta do.

I watched Luca as he skillfully shot down fifteen ducks like a pro. I looked at him in awe. He didn't miss a single one. Even the guy at the booth looked astonished.

Luca looked at me and smirked. "Told ya." He winked and grabbed the teddy bear from the guy. He looked at me again and handed me the bear with a smile. I couldn't help but smile back and take it from him.

"Thank you." I said happily.

"Excuse me." The booth guy called making Luca and I look at him. "You shot down five extra ducks so-"

"Yes. They're for this." Luca said, cutting the man off. He was pointing at something in the glass counter infront of him. The guy reached his hand and pulled out a very beautiful necklace. It had a heart shapped, light blue stone with wings on the top. (Image of it on the side) I was very curious about who he'll give it to. Maybe his mother. I wish it was just his mother.

Luca took the necklace from the guy and uttered a 'Thank you'. He then made his way to the rest of the booths. I was about to turn around and follow him when I felt something cold on my neck. I looked down and saw the angel wing necklace. I felt Luca close the chain, allowing the necklace to dangle around my neck. I turned around and looked at him to find him looking down at me with a sheepish grin.

"That's from me. A thank you for being the first one to become my friend." He admitted. I felt my heart beat faster than normal, another word from him and it'll break out of my rib cage.

"Y-you didn't have to." I stuttered out. He shrugged.

"I wanted to." He replied casually.

"Let's go ride something." He said with a smile and held onto my hand again dragging me behind him. I chuckled, mostly from happiness than from his reactions.

We played almost all the games except of course, the haunted house since I was freaked out to even look at it. Horror movies and haunted house weren't really my thing.

It was already 7 pm and we had no energy left. We ate a lot if cotton candy, baked potatoes, corn dog and many other junk. I think I gained about 10 kilos today, Luca not better off.

We were dragging our feet to where his motorcycle and I was dragging the teddy bear too, behind me.

We were just about to hop onto the motorcycle and head home when we were suddenly surrounded by police officers. Two of them held onto Luca's arms and dropped him to the floor, holding him tight.

"What are you doing?" I asked the police officers, trying to get him off Luca. "Let him go." I yelled desperately.

"Jane!" I heard someone yell from behind me. I turned around to find my parents running my way, my mother looking worried sick.

They came up to me and my mother hugged me tight. She pulled away slightly and looked me up and down.

"Are you okay sweetie? Did he hurt you in any way?" She asked frantically. I looked at her in confusion.

"What are you talking about?" I asked her but was answered by someone from behind me.

I turned and looked at a police officer who was standing besides Luca's lying form. I saw Luca wince in pain as the officers were pressing his hands being his back and applying pressure.

"Ofcourse not!" I answered almost immediately. What the hell. "Now let him go." I ordered as I ran again to Luca and tried to set him free. I pushed the officers off of him and helped him up.

"You okay?" I asked Luca quietly. He nodded.

"Jane. What is the meaning if this?" My father asked. I was about to tell them all the truth when a car screeched near us. It was black SUV that screamed 'expensive'. The driver got out of the car and went to open the back door.

Another man stepped out of the car. He was very intimidating and I felt Luca tense beside me. He was wearing an expensive black suit and was holding a stick in his hand. It was black with a shiny smooth surface and had a large, diamond looking stone at the top where he was holding. The car looked like a rag compared to him.

"I'm think there was a misunderstanding about my son officers." He sternly told the police officers. He then turned to look at my parents. "And about the inconvenience, I'll pay whatever you want as compensation."

I gaped at him. That was Luca's father? I didn't know he was that rich. But his father he seemed.........dangerous and hard to deal with. He looked like some gang leader and just looking at him made chills run down my spine. My parents looked tongue tied. He gestured with his hand to the driver and flicked it over to Luca.

I felt Luca tense again as the guy made his way towards us and roughly grabbed Luca's arm. He dragged him towards the car and Luca was roughly pushed inside. His father followed inside the car too and so did the driver. The car came to life and left the place while I couldn't help but feel worried about Luca. Something didn't feel right about his father, something not pleasant.

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