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C5 Abuse

Jane's POV

That night my parents didn't spare me from the very long lectures. Talking about how I should be careful around boys. How I can't just trust anyone and a lot of other crap. They didn't trust Luca, just like everyone else, but he was my friend, even if it was for a short time. We had fun together. He won me the teddy that I wanted and even got me a necklace. I was cheap, yes, but the gesture itself made me happy.

The whole night I wasn't able to sleep. My mind kept on drifting to Luca's father. He looked like a very important and intimidating man. A look from him sent shivers down my spine. I wanted to know if Luca was alright since he probably fell into trouble because of me, and so, I wanted tomorrow to come faster.

I wish I never proposed the idea of us ditching school.


The next day I hastily put on a random outfit, white skinny jeans and a hot pink button up shirt. I let my hair fall loose, wore the necklace Luca gave me, put on my flats and quickly made my way out of the house.

"Jane! Put on a jacket." My mother yelled from the kitchen. I ticked my tongue and grabbed my thick, white coat on the way. I wasn't going to argue with her today and I definitely am not going back to my room.

I sped walked to school and made my way to math class. Luca wasn't in my math class so I had to wait for English.

Math seemed to drag on for forever. It's just not ending and I was on the verge of killing someone any minute

The bell finally rang and I practically ran to English. I was the first one in. I took my seat and kept on shaking my leg, my eyes never leaving the door.

Students came inside, filling the room. I looked at all the faces trying to locate Luca but nada.

The bell rang again and our English teacher started the class but there was still no sign on Luca.

The whole day passed like that. Me looking everyone fore Luca and him not showing up. During lunch I went up to the roof, hoping that he was there but only to find it as barren as a desert. I sighted deeply and made my way to the cafeteria.

I located Sarah sitting with a guy and a girl at one of the lunch tables. As soon as I walked up to them she looked at me wide eyed and stood up from her seat, coming towards me.

"Oh my god Jane! Are you okay?" She asked worriedly. I gave her a questionable look.

"Yeah I'm fine." I replied back. She pulled me into a tight hug.

"Oh, thank God! I was so worried when you didn't show up yesterday. Even Luca didn't show up so I thought he did something to you. I couldn't help but call your parents." She said. I gaped at her.

"You called my parents?!" I asked her with shock.

"Yeah, I had to. What if Luca had raped you or killed you or something." She replied back.

"Can you hear yourself? Rape me? Kill me? What the hell Sarah?!" I snapped angrily. Why is she so over dramatic about Luca. He's just a boy.

She gasped at my sudden outburst. I took a deep breath to calm myself.

"I'm sorry Sarah." I apologised. "I didn't mean to yell at you, I swear. I'm just worried about something and I'm dying from the nervousness." I confessed.

She nodded her head slightly. "It's okay. I just wanted to know if you were alright." She said back softly.

"I know. I'm fine." I told her with a warm smile as I placed my hands on her shoulders. She gave me a small smile.

"How about we hang out this weekend? Have a girls night and stuff?" I asked her. Her face instantly lit up as she nodded vigorously.

"That would be awesome!" She replied enthusiastically. My smile widened.


The bell rang and everyone went to their classes. Worry came back to me and as soon as the day was over I went my way to the main office to ask for Luca's address. The desk lady was reluctant to give to me but I somehow convinced her.

Luca's house was located in the rich part of the country, where all multimillionaires, important CEOs, celebrities, fashion designers, etc live. Things were way to expensive here for my own liking.

I walked down the street looking for villa number 1435. I finally found it after my fifteen minute search. The one saying that it was a villa, probably never got to see it. Like all the houses around it, Luca's house was more of a mansion than just a villa. There was a huge black, metal double door at the very front, the fence on each of it sides covered with vines and beautiful flowers.

I searched for the doorbell and pressed on it.

"Yes?" A lady voice answered from the intercom.

"Uh...I'm Jane, Luca's friend. Can I please come in?" I introduced politely.

There was no answer for some time before the lady spoke again.

"Are you sure your his friend?" She asked wearily. I scrunched up my face in confusion.

"Uhmm...yeah." I replied.

"And does he know about that?" She asked again. Now, she was just being weird.

"With all do respect ma'am, but what kind of question is that? I'm Luca's friend, so can I please come in?" I spoke sternly. I waited for a couple of seconds before a buzz sound was heard signaling the unlocking of the door. I pushed it slightly and allowed myself in.

I stepped into a large, beautiful garden. There was a marble stone pavement leading to the inside entrance of the house, a water fountain in the middle. I looked at my surrounding in awe. That sure was something you don't see everyday.

I was snapped out of my thoughts with weird sounds coming from around the corner. I could her low whimpering and the sound of something swishing through the wind.

I went towards the noises curiously but what I saw shook my entire body and made me look at the scene wide eyed.

Luca was on his knees on the ground as two men were holding his arms from each side. He was shirtless as his father stood behind him, whipping his back repeatedly. I couldn't see Luca's back properly since I was getting a side view, but even from thus angle I could see his swollen, bruised, brick red back. It was opened in almost every inch, the wounds having blood gush out of them.

And that's when it clicked. That's why he was always tense, sitting with a straight back. That's why he finches every time I accidentally touch it. He was hurt.

This made boiled the blood inside of me and without thinking, I ran towards the scene. I wrapped my arms around Luca's torso, covering his back with my own as the next whip made contact with my own back and at that moment I thanked my mom for making me wear my thick coat.

"What the-" I heard Luca whisper weakly as he tried to look at me over his shoulder. Luca's father had already stopped and the men holding Luca were gaping at me with shocked expressions.

"Who the hell are you?" Luca's father's voice boomed from behind me. I mustered up all text courage I had and stood up, turning to face him.

"I suppose I should ask you, what the hell do you think your doing?" I asked bravely. I heard movement from behind me and then a pair of arms wrap around my waist weakly.

"Janey." Luca whispered in my ear as he buried his face into my neck, his body leaning onto mine for support. "Don't do this. You'll get hurt. Please just leave." He warned me but I won't listen. The word abuse itself made my blood boil so you can know what I feel right now from actually seeing it. If I could, I swear I would kill Luca's father right now.

"No Luca. He's abusing you. I'm not going to shut up about it." I replied back angirly.

"No Jan-" Luca's words were cut short as his father scoffed loudly.

"And what do think you are capable of doing?" He asked.

"I can do whatever to stop this nonsense." I replied back.

"Nonsense?" He asked mockingly. "Listen kid, you have no power over me. This is my house and I can do whatever I want in it." He said dangerously.

"That's pathetic. You're pathetic." I retorted disgustingly. I didn't wait for his reply as I grabbed Luca's hand and started walking towards the inside of the house.

As soon as we entered, an old looking woman ran towards us.

"Oh God!" She said with tears in her eyes as she looked at Luca. He looked like a zombie. His hair was messed up badly, his skin as pale as the dead, his lips chapped and rough and his eyes had all the lights in them turned off and it was obvious to anyone with eyes that he was in too much pain.

I placed his arm on my shoulder and made him lean onto me.

"Can you please get me a bowl filled with water and a clean towel? I'll also need the first aid kit." I asked the lady politely. She nodded her head and ran to get them.

"Where's your room?" I asked Luca softly.

"Second floor, first to the right." He whispered weakly with whatever energy he had left. My heart just broke right then and there at his voice. The Luca that was laughing and having fun with me yesterday was as good as an ancient mummy right now.

I slowly and gently started taking us to his room, trying as much as possible not to increase his pain.

I opened the door to his bedroom and gently made him sleep in his stomach on the bed, his back fully exposed now.

I bent down to his face level and started stroking his hair gently. His eyes were closed as he was struggling to breath properly.

Minutes later, a knock came from the door and I went up to get it when I felt a hand holding onto my wrist.

"Don't go." Luca whispered softly, his eyes opening weakly.

I bent down again and ran my hand through his hair.

"I won't Luc. I'll just get the water and first aid okay." I told him, the same way you use to ensure a child that he's safe. He closed his eyes and nodded. I got up again and went to open the door not helping as tears ran down my face.

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