Chinese Doctors/C1 Fighting with Death
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Chinese Doctors/C1 Fighting with Death
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C1 Fighting with Death

"Liu Hendong, you were sent to the Golden Pagoda Hospital of Jiang City, the Sick Medical Treatment and Assault Team. "

"Can you assign me to the Silver Pond Hospital? My target is in the Severe Disease Surveillance Area there. "


"The medical team members in Handong Province are basically all allocated to Silver Pond Hospital! Why am I. . . "

"Are you a member of the Central Committee?"


"This is an order! An order from the organization! An order from the temporary Party Secretary, Liu Guohui!"

" Liu, Liu Guohui? I submit, obey orders! Accept, accept orders! "

. . . " "

Before Liu Handong, the emergency doctor of the affiliated hospital of Han Dong University, rushed to Jiang City, he specially went to Jiangning to bid farewell to the old man, Liu Jie, who was over a hundred years old. The old man was the hero of the 84th Army Hospital of the Liberation Army. The smart old man still did not forget to teach Liu Handong earnestly, "When war breaks out, save the country and save the people. These were the last words left behind by his comrades who had died in battle in the past.

It was not until the moment he landed at Jiang City Airport that Liu Handong learned from the captain that Liu Guohui, the most famous medical expert in critically ill illnesses in the affiliated hospital of Handong University, had already arrived at the center of the epidemic area as a specialist. He was still thinking. . . Could it be fate to meet this mysterious teacher who has been gone for a long time? That's right, he had been working hard for the past few years. Not only did he study a master's degree, but he also got into Professor Liu Guo Hui's PhD in Severe Disease Medicine. He became the reserve force of the hospital's Sick aircraft carrier team. However, the moment Liu Handong turned on his phone, The overwhelming messages from his girlfriend instantly washed away his thoughts of meeting the professor. He and his girlfriend hadn't seen each other for at least a month. For a passionate couple who hadn't seen each other for a day, it was like a few years. That was a state of absolute zero tolerance.

He pursed his lips hard and subconsciously replied a few lines: "Be good, we can meet soon! I heard that the hospital that our Handong Province's medical team is stationed at is your Silver Pond Hospital!"

"My family is all gone, you are my only. . . "

. . . "Family and reliance!"

Seeing his girlfriend's heart-wrenching cry, Liu Handong almost couldn't hold back the tears that were about to burst out from his eyes.

Ever since he learned that his girlfriend's family, who worked in Jiang City, had been infected by the new coronary disease one after another, he immediately volunteered to go to the center of the epidemic area. However, because of the ban in Jiang City, he, a hot-blooded young man from Jiangning in Handong Province, did not immediately fulfill his promise. Instead, he went through layers of selections and waited for a few days before he was able to accompany the first batch of reinforcements from Handong Province, the Ughr Medical Team, to Jiang City.

All their fellow countrymen were sent to Silver Pond Hospital.

Only he was detained in the most seriously ill center hospital in Jiang City - Golden Pagoda Hospital. He was also arranged to stay in the critically ill medical treatment assault team.

Although he was only one bridge away from the girlfriend of the attending physician in the ICU of Silver Pond Hospital, the heavy workload and strict discipline made it impossible for these two passionate young men to meet. When he heard that the person who sent the order was from the doctoral mentor, Liu Guohui, he acknowledged his fate.

In the spring of 2020, a sudden epidemic of coronary inflammation swept across Jiang City. In an instant, tens of thousands of people were infected and thousands of people died. Liu Guohui, the national famous medical expert with severe diseases, was urgently transferred to the front line of the "epidemic" and appointed an important member of the National Medical Rescue Specialist Group to lead the treatment. Before leaving, Liu Guohui paid a special visit to his father, who was a hundred years old and was hospitalized in Jiangning. He was a famous military doctor in the history of the eighth and fourth hospitals, Mr. Liu. He was carrying the old man's red family rules and wearing a white robe as he rushed to the front line.

The current Jiang City was in dire straits.

Liu Handong, a critically ill doctor who had once been Liu Li's personal secretary, heard that Jiang City's attending physician's girlfriend and family members were unfortunately infected by the new coronation virus and died one after another. He was so anxious that he took the initiative to volunteer. He did not expect that after a few twists and turns, he was still unable to meet up with his girlfriend. Instead, he was detained by his superiors at the frontlines of the epidemic area to participate in the "mine" battle!

"The doctors do not have enough manpower! Professor Liu Guohui said that you, Liu Handong, are experienced. He asked you to come!"

"Me? I. . . "

"What's wrong with you? Is there a problem with what Professor Liu has pointed out? "

"There must be no problem!"

. . . ""

The medical team that Liu Handong was in officially took over the seventy-eight newly-crowned pmonitis patients in the 21 and 22 infected districts of Jinta Hospital in Jiangcheng. On the same day, the medical team conducted a thorough examination of all the patients. They filtered critical, heavy, and high-risk patients. One of the critically ill patients attracted everyone's attention. The patient was 56 years old. He had smoked for more than 30 years, and he also had basic diseases such as lung edema, lung blister, and so on. The overall situation was even worse after he contracted New-Coronatitis.

Everyone determined in the morning that the patient's condition was too critical. Both of his lungs were almost completely white. The right lung blister occupied most of his chest, and it had already pushed his heart to the left. Once the lung blister ruptured and caused his chest to explode, the window of time for resuscitation was very limited. This caused the risk of his sudden death to suddenly increase.

Respiratory Medicine, Infectious Disease Medicine, Severe Disease Medicine, Cardiothoracic Medicine, Cardiovascular Medicine, Anesthesiology. . .

The Medical Treatment and Assault Team used the advantage of multiple disciplines to discuss the best treatment plan.

A series of comprehensive treatment measures such as pain control, sedative control, non-invasive ventilation, a small dose of hormones, and immune globulin were quickly and orderly effective. Two hours later, the patient's oxygen level returned to 95%, and his breathing gradually calmed down.

However, Liu Handong knew that the patient's most dangerous "Lei" was still not eliminated.

The lung blister could rupture at any time.

Once it happened, the patient would have difficulty breathing, which would lead to shock. It was extremely dangerous.

That afternoon, what Liu Handong was worried about still happened.

At that time, he had been on duty for the whole night. As soon as he returned to the station, he received a request from the doctor on duty.

The patient's oxygen level dropped rapidly to 50-60%, and his life was in danger.

Liu Handong immediately communicated with the medical team leader.

Everyone unanimously agreed that the patient must have had a rupture of the lung blisters, which caused the chest to be airtight. He must release the chest tube immediately in order to save his life.

The situation was urgent! The teammate who was also resting at night volunteered to be the assistant driver and quickly sent Liu Handong and the others to the hospital.

Liu Handong put on his protective suit as fast as he could and rushed into the quarantine zone.

At this time, the patient's oxygen saturation was 70%, breathing rate was 50 times / point, heart rate 150 times / point, blood pressure 160 / 90 mHg.

Judging from the indicator, there was still time to rescue him.

However, when the doctor on duty was ready to puncture her chest, an accident happened.

"What do you want me to do? I don't even have a needle in my chest?!"

"Even you can't do anything, let alone us! If it's not urgent, the person will be gone soon. . . "

. . . ""

Liu Handong realized that there was no needle in the chest tube. How could he put a soft tube through the tough chest wall into his chest?

In an instant, Liu Handong felt that the inner layer of his clothes was completely soaked in sweat, and the protective mirror began to blur.

At the critical moment, he recited the demonstration that his professor, Liu Guohui, had given him. He could insert the scalpel handle into the side hole to replace the inner core needle.

After two tries of inserting the tube, he clearly felt a breakthrough and successfully inserted the chest tube.

Liu Handong removed the knife handle and connected it to the water bottle. . .

With a series of bubbling sounds, he raised his head to look at the monitor. The oxygen level was steadily increasing.

75%,80%,85%,90%. . .

"Finally, it's a success!"

"It's a success! Doctor Liu was really awesome! No wonder Professor Liu Guo Hui insisted on keeping you here! "

"You flatter me. It's quite common for lung blisters to cause chest compressions in the clinic, and thoracic puncture and insertion is also a more conventional operation. "

Liu Handong, who had squatted down to rest, looked at his colleague, who gave him a thumbs up, and modestly sighed.

"We all saw that you were wearing a three-layer isolation suit, three-layer gloves, and goggles. Your sight and touch are extremely limited. . . "

"The piercing tool was not convenient, so it increased the difficulty. But from the fact that you only used ten minutes to install the chest tube, Doctor Liu will definitely be faster!"

Then, there was another round of clicking sounds of praise.

At night, his girlfriend heard the news and was very proud of him.

As he spoke, For some reason, he thought of his deceased family and felt sad again.

"How about I take a leave of absence from the organization and go visit you?"

"No need! No need! You are fighting with Death, I shouldn't have disturbed you! "

" Then let's stick together and save him. We'll meet again when the epidemic is over and the flowers bloom in spring. "

"Alright! Wait until the epidemic is over and the flowers bloom in spring. . . "

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