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C12 The Light of the Icu

"Dr. Liu, what is the method of this patient?" The intern asked with concern.

"This patient's condition is complicated. He has symptoms of double-heart failure. VA-ECMO is the first choice when the primary right heart failure is combined with the myocardial infarction, or right heart failure is combined with left ventricle failure! " Liu Handong continued to repeat his previous judgment.

"VA-ECMO?" Xie Hui couldn't help but repeat.

"Too precise. " Tan Sitong sighed.

Soon, the patient's body was reconnected to the ECMO.

The dark red blood started to circulate through the tube.

"Life signs are gradually recovering. . . "

"That's great. Just as Doctor Liu said. "

"This patient is saved!"

"Doctor Liu is simply the light of the ICU!"

"Yeah, we can't use the ECMO right away. I'm afraid that this patient is gone!"

. . . ""

The medical staff in the ICU changed from questioning Liu Handong to praising him.

Because of this, Xie Hui's support was lowered to a freezing point. Many medical staff began to doubt his original intention to stop Liu Hendong from installing the ECMO. Was it to protect the patient's life or was it because he had something on his mind? In short, Without the support of the ECMO, the patient would undoubtedly die. If the truth was true, Xie Hui would naturally become a clown and a schemer. As for his mentor, Tan Sitong, he was able to keep his head clear at the critical moment. He could be considered a wise man.

Outside the ward.

Although the family members of the patient who were fully equipped with protective gear could not see the face of the patient, when they found out that the patient's condition was stable, they were touched once again.

"Thank you, doctor, thank you. . . "

"Thank you for saving my life. . . "

. . . ""

Time passed silently. Unknowingly, a few hours had passed.

Liu Handong carefully observed the ECMO's operation status before handing it over to the other colleagues who were taking over the shift.

After returning to the temporary residence arranged by Silver Pond Hospital, Liu Handong was relieved of all his fatigue and allowed his thoughts to drift away.

Unconsciously, he opened his wallet, and what hit his eyes was a photo.

It was a photo of him and Zhou Wen.

At that moment, tears fell uncontrollably from his eyes.

After soaking in the bath, he wrapped himself in his autumn coat, wet his wallet, and wet his longing. . .

Liu Handong felt that he was currently trudging through the mud. If he was even half a step slower, he would have fallen into a deep pool.

"Wen Lan, don't be afraid. You said that when you see our photo, all the haze will disappear. Did you know? The day you left, Your most respected Grandpa Liu Li called. He said that he saw a cloud at the end of the sky. It's you, right? If it's really you, please bless us. Bless the victory of this war! My dear Wen Lan, I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I didn't fulfill my promise to meet you again in spring, I'm sorry. . . "

As Liu Handong muttered to himself, his entire eyes became blurry and he could not see what was in front of him.

He subconsciously squeezed the wallet tightly, then slowly pressed it against the spot where his heart was beating. He pressed it tightly, as if he could sense Wen Lan's muttering, her emotions in another world, her protection and blessings, and her telekinesis drifting in a certain corner of this world.

Liu Handong had never admitted that he was a sentimental person. Saving people was like putting out a fire, it was simply too late to hurt the spring and autumn. He was more focused on wiping away his tears and continuing to save people. And now, he still could not avoid falling into the enemy's hands. Zhou Wenlan faced the person he deeply loved, and the hope of withering before the spring flowers bloomed.

He also didn't know how he fell asleep.

When he woke up, Liu Handong shockingly discovered that he was lying at the foot of the bed and sleeping.

There were more than ten missed calls left on his phone.

SMS and WeChat flooded in like an explosion.

When he got up from the ground in a flash, there was a knock on the door that was light and heavy.

"Doctor Liu, Liu. . . Liu Handong. . . "

"He's here!"

After replying, Liu Handong gripped his leather armor and subconsciously rubbed the photo. He whispered to Zhou Wenlan, "Wenlan, I'm going to save him. Bless me. . . "

After a simple wash up, Liu Handong immediately boarded the volunteer vehicle that the local citizens used to transport medical personnel free of charge. He quickly drove to Silver Pond Hospital.

. . .

After rushing to Silver Pond Hospital, Liu Handong did not even bother with breakfast. He immediately put on the protective suit and protective mask and gloves and went straight to the ICU. In the midst of the anxious medical staff on duty and the panicked footsteps of the family members who heard the news, Liu Handong quickened his pace.

"Didn't we agree to be saved yesterday? Why did he become ill overnight again? Please, doctors, save him. He's still young. . . "

"Doctor Liu, the patient's condition suddenly changed drastically. Half an hour ago, everything was stable. Now, suddenly. . . "

"Professor Liu Guohui once said that the life of the ICU patient is determined. He can't relax for even a second. "

"We, we just narrowed our eyes for a while. We were really too tired, too tired. . . "

"Then, we'll just have to queue up and watch, and our lives will be determined! We'll keep an eye on them! "

. . . ""

The entire ICU was immersed in a dull atmosphere.

Xie Hui walked in front of him and mocked Liu Handong. "I feel that the ECMO you pretended to be was not proper, which caused the patient's condition to deteriorate rapidly. You're doing bad things out of good intentions. "

Liu Handong ignored him and rushed straight into the ward. He found that the parameters did not follow the patient's condition to adjust at all.

He took the medical advice that he had given earlier and adjusted the parameters according to the above requirements. The patient's condition slowly recovered.

"Unbelievable! The Light of the ICU!"

"Don't say that. A serious illness requires everyone to work together!" Liu Handong still said humbly.

At this time, Tan Sitong also heard the news and rushed over.

Seeing that Liu Handong had already helped him stabilize the situation, the gratitude in his voice was obvious. Thus, he pulled Liu Hendong into his office to discuss academics.

"The ECMO's direct support for the right heart is very small, but it can be used to reduce the pressure on the right heart, as well as to transfer sufficient oxygen to the carotid artery to provide sufficient indirect support to the right heart. The ECMO's direct support for the right heart is very small, but it can be used to reduce the pressure on the right heart, as well as to provide sufficient blood for the carotid artery. In addition, The ECMO can support the entire body's oxygen synthesis and circulation, and it can provide time for the patient to recover from acute right heart injuries. The right heart failure caused by low oxygen respiratory failure was indicative of the VVV-ECMO's support. If needed, VV or VA-ECMO could be converted into hybridized VAV mode. To better support the cycle or oxygen fusion. "

" When the ECMO is activated, the external intubation has the advantage of being fast, convenient and efficient. And the central intubation can only be performed immediately after cardiovascular surgery. For patients with external intubation, when they need the support of a larger number of patients, they can only perform cardiovascular intubation immediately after cardiovascular surgery. They might consider switching it to a Centre intubation. The decrease in the patient's cardiac function, the lack of front load, and excessive VA-ECMO support could cause the increased load. All of these factors could cause changes to the arteries' catheter wave-shaped pulses. The overload on the left ventricle was too high. It could be transmitted to the lung circulation, which could increase the postoverload of the right ventricle. By reducing the support of VA-ECMO, adjusting the dosage of cardiac strengthening drugs or vascular expansion drugs, placing IMPERA or IABP support devices, All of them can improve the functions of the heart muscle. "

. . . ""

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