Chinese Doctors/C15 To the Dark of Dawn
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Chinese Doctors/C15 To the Dark of Dawn
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C15 To the Dark of Dawn

Liu Handong was summoned back to the Golden Pagoda Hospital before the sharing at Silver Pond Hospital ended.

Many of his colleagues, who were still unsatisfied, were waiting for him to appear in front of the camera again.

Before parting, both parties agreed to restart the live broadcast sharing when the epidemic was under control.

Of course, in Liu Handong's opinion, it was better not to appear.

When the spring flowers bloomed, it was the perfect choice to watch the cherry blossoms together.

At the same time, a new patient who had difficulty breathing was urgently sent to the ICU of the Golden Pagoda Hospital.

"We have monitored the patient's respiratory function and found that it is very unsatisfactory. "

. . . ""

Liu Handong had just settled down when an elderly patient was transferred from a nearby hospital to the Red District of the Golden Pagoda Hospital.

The so-called Red District was the alias of the ICU's ICU for those in the industry. It was a place where there was a slim chance of survival.

The patient, Xing Junyi, was 59 years old. He was hospitalized by patients with minor illnesses in the nearby hospitals.

He did not expect that after just a week, the condition of the patient had rapidly deteriorated. He was promptly sent to the Golden Pagoda Hospital where the serious illnesses were concentrated.

Unfortunately, his family of three had been infected by the new coronary virus. His wife and son had taken their own medicine to treat them at home.

At this moment, his son, Xing Wenlong, who worked in the media, also rushed to the hospital's door.

According to the hospital's regulations, family members were not allowed to enter the Red District.

Before the outbreak of the plague, he resigned from the work of a famous Hong Kong media company and returned to Jiang City to accompany his parents.

After the epidemic happened, he made use of the sensitivity and intuition of the media to immediately broadcast the local epidemic prevention in real-time.

His achievements and magnificent feat, Zhao Wenxin had previously mentioned it in front of Liu Handong in a few words.

Now, his frustrated and frustrated appearance was forever fixed in the frame of the live broadcast.

However, Xing Wenlong, who had always been optimistic and optimistic, said at the end of the news broadcast with a smile. A retired old man like his father was just one of the millions of citizens in Jiangcheng. There was nothing special about him. As long as his life continued, his broadcast would continue, and he would continue to send medicine to those who asked for help.

Thinking about it made him feel sad. According to his father's usual personality, he rarely went out. This was almost the characteristic of most of the workers who were working on the case.

However, it seemed that he was worried about his son. When Xing Wenlong decided on this plan, Xing Junyi accompanied his son in battle.

Unfortunately, his father began to show symptoms of catching a cold.

At first, they did not have anything to do with the new coronary pharyngitis.

Unfortunately, Xing Junyi was still diagnosed with New Coronitis.

After that, Xing Wenlong and his mother were diagnosed as well.

Xing Wenlong comforted the old man for a while. Because the symptoms continued to worsen, he was sent to a nearby hospital.

The father and son would meet each other in the video every day.

In the beginning, the old man's spirit could be said to be hale and hearty. He even mentioned that after he had fully recovered, the cherry blossoms that he had planted with his own hands should also be in full bloom. However, An unexpected change occurred in the condition of his illness, to the extent that he was unable to control the situation now. The patient needed to be transferred from the hospital with light illnesses to the Red District Hospital of the Golden Pagoda for treatment. All the symptoms were directly or indirectly indicating that the situation was not very optimistic.

Liu Handong personally received the patient, and Zhao Wenxin also received the news at the first moment.

"Everyone, please don't think that this patient has no hope. . . "

"I feel that there is a lot of hope. "

"His lymphadenectomy cells have grown a little. We think this should be a good sign. "

"However, CRP is still a little high. We checked his lymphadenectomy the day before yesterday. It's especially high. 2000, greater than 2000, it can't be measured anymore. However, there's one good thing, what is it. . . "

" As long as he has the second form of the epidermal cells in the lungs, we will have a way to repair it. "

"The cells are alive. So it can still regenerate. When it's regenerated, it takes time! Comrades. . . He can't be regenerated in one or two days. That's why I think that as long as we can keep him through the regenerative period, this patient still has a lot of hope. "

Liu Handong's words always gave the doctors who were discussing on the scene more encouragement.

"Lu Bed Zhou Xiaofeng, a patient who is in critical condition due to newly contracted pharyngitis. The tracheotomy was connected to the ventilator to assist in breathing. After entering the hospital, Zhou Xiaofeng fell into a coma. There were many times that she had been informed of the critical condition. His husband ran over every day to watch over her. It seemed that the relationship between the husband and wife was quite good. We have tried to persuade him many times. He said that this is a hospital, a high-risk area. He won't listen. . . "

"I'll go and take a look later. " After listening to the doctor's explanation, Liu Handong nodded and sighed.

At this moment, the phone of an associate chief physician vibrated. She instinctively pressed the button.

However, the phone still rang.

She walked to the side door and answered the call.

It turned out that five new elderly patients had transferred over and filled up the only beds available.

These few elderly people all had aggravated minor illnesses, and their condition had deteriorated so rapidly that the previous hospital's doctors were at a loss for what to do.

The associate chief physician replied that she understood and turned to look at Liu Handong.

Her eyes seemed to have turned white. This Liu Handong was really a jinx. He had only been here for a short period of time, but he had already brought so many things with him. It felt like the entire Red District. . . In an instant, he entered the darkest moment. Of course, she was only chuckling in her heart. She could not help but sigh, "Comrades! Our beds are all full, they are all full. . . "

"Professors, why don't we take a look at the information on these new patients first? We can only work hard! They are all patients who are in urgent need of life. What else can we do. . . "

"The key is that they all have basic diseases. We need to pay special attention to them. "

"Now that our living conditions are better, it seems that high blood pressure diabetes has become a standard. Everyone has it. "

"Jokes are jokes. Let's get to know more about the laboratory inspection first. "

. . . ""

"Well, the CR-reaction protein is pretty high. "

"This, the myocardial enzyme spectrum is a little out of control. "

"This. . . Chronic kidney inflammation and cirrhosis. "

"Let's divide the work. "

"Dr. Liu, you are still in charge of the first patient. We will take care of these new patients first. If they can't take it anymore, we will come to you for help. "

"That's fine. "

". . . "

In the affiliated hospital of Handong University, with the guidance of Mr. Liu, he had made a lot of progress in his thinking.

Now, he had even taken the lead. The reporters had taken many group photos. As well as his personal close-up, they had all been published in newspapers and on the Internet. Liu Li, who was close to a hundred years old, still had sharp ears and sharp eyes. In his mind, there were very few practical young men like Han Dong. However, his thought process only lasted for a short while. The old man who had been flipping through the newspapers at home discovered that in this epidemic, There were quite a number of outstanding young people like Han Dong. Regardless of whether it was a first-tier Red District worker or a volunteer, There were too many places where young people were active in too many areas.

"Nan Xi, comrades, our 84th Hospital has a successor. Han Dong performed exceptionally well. . . "

Liu Li stroked the photo frame of his comrades and a smile appeared on his lips.

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