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Chinese Doctors/C16 Good News and Bad News
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C16 Good News and Bad News

The news of Liu Handong returning to the Golden Pagoda Hospital spread like wildfire.

Department Director Yuan Fen rushed to the Red District immediately and brought good news and bad news.

The good news was that the oxygen plan provided by Golden Pagoda Hospital with high traffic was effective. The bad news was that there were too many patients in the hospital recently, and there were not enough beds. They could only add beds in the corridor. This kind of price made everyone more and more tired. Not only would it greatly reduce the effectiveness of the treatment, but it also could not guarantee the health of the medical staff.

Hearing this situation, Liu Handong stopped his hand and anxiously called Liu Guo Hui.

Liu Guohui, who was patrolling the various hospitals, replied directly and asked him to listen to the arrangements of the Golden Pagoda Hospital's New Champion Headquarters.

It was an extraordinary period of time, and he treated it very well.

The result of this response basically meant that there was no reply.

Because the current situation was based on the orders issued by the hospital's New Crown Command.

Therefore, no one could change the organization's arrangements!

Seeing that he was unable to change the situation, Liu Handong could only brace himself and fight.

Yuan Fen also volunteered to move from the light illness area to Liu Handong's side and fight side by side with him.

Although it was unbearably tiring, it was a good thing that many critically ill patients were recovering from critical situations, and there were even many who were recovering and discharged one after another. It was the best news.

A few days passed.

Liu Handong and Yuan Fen had gradually gotten used to the busy state they were in now.

One day, after the white shift ended, the night shift colleagues took over the work they were working on. The two of them made an appointment and prepared to drink a can of beer from the hotel to relieve their boredom. Unexpectedly, they received a call from Zhao Wenxin.

A patient called Chen Shaoguang barged into their line of sight.

It was a burly 38-year-old man.

He was covered in strong muscles. He looked more like a fitness coach in his early twenties.

If he hadn't said his age himself, no one would have believed that he was close to forty years old.

Chen Shaoguang mainly complained about the fever accompanied by the difficulty of breathing for a day. His consciousness was unclear for ten hours.

A fever appeared a day ago without any obvious induction. The highest temperature was 39 degrees Celsius, and it was difficult to breathe. He coughed and coughed, coughing out a small amount of yellow and white sticky phlegm. He didn't have nose plugging and crying tears, no throat swelling pain, no head pain and dizziness, no hepatic blood, no abdominal pain, diarrhea, no frequent uretic pain. Ten hours ago, the patient did not respond to the patient's call, and his consciousness was not clear. He immediately went to the Golden Pagoda Hospital to diagnose the patient.

In fact, this man had been lingering around the hospital for a long time.

In order to find Zhao Wenxin, he had put in a lot of effort.

Under Department Director Yuan Fen's request for verification, Zhao Wenxin reluctantly revealed the truth.

The man who was admitted into the emergency hospital was her fiancé.

He had come all the way to Jiang City to find her. He did not expect that when they met again, the two of them could only use their phones to communicate through the glass of the quarantine zone. What was worrying was that his voice was getting weaker and weaker, as if he was suffering from a serious illness.

Zhao Wenxin kept praying while wiping her tears. He just had an ordinary cold. He should be able to recover very soon. . .

Even though she put her hands together and made a wish to the sky for a long time, she was still unable to move the heaven and earth and give her a satisfactory response.

Not long after, the CT results came out.

Her lungs were clearly grinding the glass shadows.

This conclusion made her heart almost jump to her throat.

However, Zhao Wenxin was still unwilling to believe it.

Even more unfortunate, the test results were tested.

With the positive nature of the nuclear acid, Chen Shaoguang was diagnosed with new coronary pharyngitis.

Moreover, the progress of the illness was very fast. It had to be checked in time and be ready to be resuscitated at any time.

This time, it was like a bolt out of the blue for Zhao Wenxin.

She could not help but blame herself for being too willful. Otherwise, she wouldn't have caused her fiancé to be infected.

Liu Handong, who was wrapped in a thick isolation suit, used a hand gesture to comfort Zhao Wenxin. Then, he threw himself into the emergency treatment.

"Nurse, report the results of the examination for bed number 15, Chen Shaoguang. "

"Electrocardiogram 1, rapid cardiovascular oscillation accompanied by indoor differential conduction; 2, ST-T change; 3, Q-T period extended. . . "

"Head and abdomen CT, 1, left frontal lobe softening, 2, 2 lung grinding glass shadow inflammation; 3, right lobe chronic lesion; 4, right pancreatic lobe calcification; 5, spleen form and abnormal density; 6. Double femur bone density anomalies. . . "

"You're so young, why do you have so many problems?"

Yuan Fen could not help but interrupt the nurse's report. He shook his head and sighed.

Liu Handong, who was standing at the side, could not help but shake his head.

"The results were tested a few times in a row. The repetitive results were very good. There were no mistakes in the investigation. "

"This. . . Is really unbearable. "

"Department Director Yuan, do you still want to report your blood energy analysis?"

"Alright then. You can report one. "

"PH7. 55, Po259mHg. Pco233. 4 mHg, LAC 5. 1ml / l , K3. 3ml / L, Na168 ml / l, CL123ml / l. . . What about Director Yuan? What should we do?"

"Temperature reduction! Correcting electrolyte disorder!"

After Yuan Fen's medical instructions were passed down, the head nurse quickly got busy.

Liu Handong slowly walked to Zhao Wenxin, who was outside the isolation window, and nodded at her. Then, he walked side by side with Yuan Fen to Chen Shaoguang's treatment room.

"Department Director Yuan, the treatment for bed 15 has not been alleviated. What should we do?"

"The key is that the patient's consciousness is unclear, and his blood pressure is only 97 / 61 mHg. His heart rate exceeds 130 times / point, and his spo2 is only 72%. . . "

The voice of the nurse in charge was so anxious that she almost cried.

She knew who this patient was.

Of course, she always treated him equally. However, when she found out that Chen Shaoguang was Zhao Wenxin's fiancé, it was no longer up to her to be biased. Even if the standard of care was no different from that of a plain and simple patient, the balance in the depths of her heart could not help but lean towards this patient.

Yuan Fen's gaze looked towards Liu Handong.

"Mask oxygen absorption! 5L / min. . . . "

Liu Handong immediately reminded the head nurse with a few simple words.

Her eyes flashed with a trace of surprise as she quickly followed Liu Handong's medical instructions.

When Yuan Fen heard this, he kept nodding his head. He felt that the Liu Handong in front of him did not look like a young boy in his early twenties. He was more like an experienced old expert!

"The patient's condition has been alleviated a lot. " The nurse in charge reported to Liu Handong excitedly.

"Awesome, Handong!" Yuan Fen couldn't help but praise his performance.

"Don't worry, the situation isn't that optimistic. We need to check the blood routine, the complete set of biochemistry, the myocardial enzyme spectrum, and blood energy analysis. "

After Liu Handong gave the medical advice, he turned to the depths of the Red Area to check the other patients' conditions.

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