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Chinese Doctors/C17 Complicated Diagnosis
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C17 Complicated Diagnosis

One night in the Red Zone, seven critically ill patients were on the brink of death.

Even after putting in all the effort, three elderly patients still left the world that night due to basic diseases.

The next morning, they woke up.

Through the eyepatch, he could still see Liu Handong's bloodshot eyes.

He specifically instructed the nurse to show him the results of Chen Shaoguang's examination.

Routine of blood: 5. 04 x 109 / L, blood red protein 147 G / L, platelets 61 x 109 / L, neutral cell 72. 7%, lymphadenum 21. 7%, single-nucleus cell 4. 6%, acidophilic cell 0. 1%.

Biochemical full set: 2. 86 ml / L, Sodium 162. 7 ml / l, Cl 119. 6 ml / l, Calcium 1. 88ml / l, white protein 23. 6 g / l, cereal rhetamine 72IU / L, lactic acid dehydration enzyme. 647 ml, glucose 3. 62ml / l, ureine 16. 6ml / l, Muscle anhydrazine 262 UML / L, uretic 454UML / L.

The full set of blood clotting. Blood Solidification Original Time: 23. 3 seconds , INR2. 13. Fiber Protein: 1. 53g / L. Activated part of the Blood Consolidating Enzyme Time: 33. 4 seconds. [D-Demer 98790UG / L]

Cardiovascular Enzyme Recipe: NT-Pro BNP2990 PG / ML, PCT3. 7 / ML, CTNI 0. 039G / Ml, myocardium # 900 / ml

Blood and Qi Analysis (FO 2100%): PH7. 456 , Pco230. 5 mHg, PO 280. 7 mHg, Na164 ml / l , K2. 8ml / l, Lac6. 6 MHG / L.

. . .

After looking at the data, Liu Handong was shocked.

He remembered that during the resuscitation break last night, when he answered Zhao Wenxin, he was especially optimistic about this and comforted her.

He did not think that this illness would suddenly change.

"Doctor Liu, what should we do?"

"Let's have a diagnosis first. "

Soon, Yuan Fen and a few other key doctors started to take their positions.

They were much more optimistic than Liu Handong. After some observation, Liu Handong came to four conclusions.

The first was severe infection, blood origin, and intestinal origin. They all had question marks.

Second, it was an infectious shock.

Third was ARDS severity.

The fourth was level AKI 3.

These four points shocked everyone.

With so many questions, it was almost time to sentence him to death.

From the treatment plan given by Liu Handong, it was indeed not ambiguous.

"Immediately give the intravenous ventilator the assistance of ventilation!"

"Tenebrum can resist infection!"

"[Perbophenol to calm down and wait for treatment!]"

. . . ""

It was already night shift time for Liu Handong. Seeing this, he really could not go back.

After Chen Shaoguang inserted the trachea, his blood pressure dropped to 72 / 36 mHg.

"Keep his kidney in armor to maintain blood pressure!"

. . . ""

After Liu Handong gave the medical advice and worked together with the medical staff of Golden Pagoda Hospital, Chen Shaoguang's condition finally eased up a little.

Everyone felt that it was unbelievable.

How could such a strong young man who did not fit the age of the patient be in such a complicated and serious condition?

Almost no one doubted Liu Handong's "reckless" treatment.

However, just as Chen Shaoguang's condition was about to stabilize, he began to narrate the "secrets" of the past.

It turned out that Chen Shaoguang had six years of history of gout before he started working out.

Normally, he was afraid that people would find out, so he took "Don't Pupu Alcohol (3 pills per day) and sodium carbonate (6 pills per day)" to treat himself. Don't Pupu Alcohol (3 pills per day) and Sodium carbonate (6 pills per day).

Zhao Wenxin didn't know about these secrets.

What was even more unbelievable was that "at such a young age," he had once used carbonated drinks to replace water consumption for ten years. . .

Three years ago, he had also suffered from "cerebral infarction. "

After being bedridden for a long period of time, he was left speechless and had sequelae of paralysis on the right side of his body.

Two years ago, he had suffered from epilepsy once without any obvious induction. He had secretly taken the 'Penta acid sodium tablets' (4 pills / day) for treatment.

As for the history of "abnormal arteries and arterial fibrillation," it had also been five years. Usually, he had taken "Atovatine (1 pill / day)" and Aspirin (1 pill / day) for treatment.

Although he had persisted in working out and regained some of his youth, there had been a continuous edema of his lower limbs recently. Half a year ago, there were ugly spots on his limbs. He was so scared that he went to the pharmacy to open a "nut (6 / day)" and furosamium (2 / day) to take treatment intermittently.

These were all things that Zhao Wenxin did not know about.

Although they had known each other for two years, Zhao Wenxin did not know about this. All she saw was his bright appearance. Who would have thought that behind a new crown, There were so many medical histories involved. Furthermore, these questions. . . It seems to have exceeded the threat of the new crown itself. If they were to be combined together, even if Chen Shaoguang looked strong on the outside, I'm afraid not.

Past history. . .

In normal circumstances, his health was relatively poor.

Liu Handong looked at the electronic medical record in front of the nurse and did not comment on the words on it.

"The patient is not in a good mood. He has not treated feces for many days. . . "

"There is no obvious change in the urinal volume and normal weight. . . "

"Right, the preliminary diagnosis is clear. Doctor Liu Handong, you can remove those question marks. "

"Severe infection, blood origin? Intestine origin?"

"Serpsis infectious shock, myocardial inhibition. "

" ARDS Heavy Level, AKI 3. "

"Blood coagulation disordered. "

"Lung infection. "

" Electroelectrolyte disorder, hypocritical blood syndrome, high sodium, high chloride syndrome. "

"Coronary heart disease, irregular heart rate, arterial osclerosis. "

"Old cerebral infarction, relapse epilepsy. "

"Painful wind. "

. . . ""

After hearing what Liu Handong said, some people in the crowd immediately began to question him.

"What is the basis of the diagnosis? It's all nonsense if you can't say the basis. "

The one who spoke was none other than Tan Sitong's PhD student, Xie Hui.

When did he run over from Silver Pond Hospital?

Liu Handong was not in the mood to investigate. He only subconsciously glanced at Xie Hui, whose name was marked on the protective suit, and exclaimed: "Hello Xie Bo, long time no see!"

"Liu Handong! This place was not like Silver Pond Hospital. Nonsense there. My mentor will carry it for you. Right now, they were all big shots. If you keep bullshitting, there will be a lot of people who will teach you a lesson. " Xie Hui snorted snappily.

Hearing him, Liu Handong did not take another look at him. Instead, he slightly raised his head, which was wearing a heavy mask, and sighed with a tired but vigorous voice, "Diagnosing Chen Shaoguang's serious illness infection is not baseless. "

"Hurry up and say it. Don't keep us guessing. " Xie Hui's character did not change. He looked straight at Liu Handong and sighed.

. . . ""

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