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"Dr. Xie, can you do me a favor?"

In the face of Liu Handong's unreasonable way of playing cards, Xie Hui immediately shrugged and shook his head.

"I say, Liu Hendong, don't avoid the question. "

"Dr. Xie, human life is at stake, please correct me. "

"Has the diagnosis been done?"

"The group has already discussed it. Cerebral vascular accidents, acute pulmonary edema, infectious endothermia, all of these have been eliminated. . . "

Hearing Liu Handong's smooth narration, Xie Hui was stunned.

From his tightly knitted face, he completely did not believe that Liu Handong had such a comprehensive consideration.

He casually grabbed a junior doctor from Liu Handong's group and interrogated him like an elder.

"Classmate, can you answer the key points of a brain vessel accident, acute pulmonary edema, infectious meningitis diagnosis?"

"Endothermia. The patient suddenly has an unconscious state, fever, and pathological symptoms. The head CT scan can be used to make a clear diagnosis. "

"Acute pulmonary aneurysm. The early clinical symptoms are similar to that of the pulmonary inflammatory myocardium. However, as the disease progresses, a large amount of pus, pus, and phlegm show. X shows that there is a pus cavity and a liquid level. "

"Infectious endothermia. Patients often have intermittent fever. It can be seen that there are pain or bruises at the end of the limb. We can hear the changes in the nature of the original heart hybridization or lack of noise. The new hybridization of the patient and the cardiac ultrasonography can help diagnose and diagnose it. "

. . . ""

Faced with this junior doctor's fluent answer, Xie Hui was even more unable to describe his current feelings.

"Doctor Xie, we really don't have much time left. We've already tried our best to think of a way, but unfortunately, right now. . . "

"Situation assessment: Sick. "

"Yes. "

After a simple reply, Liu Handong quickly explained the current situation.

"The patient has high heat, and the PCT scan is obviously higher than normal. The white blood cells and platelets are gradually declining, and the blood coagulation function is in disorder. Considering that the patient is suffering from a serious infection, but the source of the infection is not clear, and the possibility of blood source infection is high. "

"The patient's circulatory system is unstable, and epinephrine is continuously pumped into the patient's blood vessel to maintain blood pressure. However, the patient's blood pressure is showing signs of decline, and the patient's tissue infusion is monitored. PICCO indicates that the patient's cardiovascular function is poor, and the patient has low rejection and high obstruction. Take the patient's infectious shock into consideration and consider that there is myocardial inhibition in the patient's heart. "

"The patient is suffering from serious infections. His chest showed that his lungs are diffusing. He is monitoring the patient's P-F at around 80 mHg. The degree of ARDS is severe. "

"The patient has no history of kidney disease. The patient currently has no urine for 12 hours. The intravenous infarction is higher than normal. The diagnosis is at level AKI 3.

" Liu Handong didn't ask you to memorize the concept. " Xie Hui pulled on his protective suit with force, looking impatient.

At this moment, Zhao Wenxin, who had completed the interview in the morning, appeared in everyone's line of sight.

When she saw an inexplicable doctor come over and pull on Liu Handong's skin, she was so angry that she charged at him.

"Where did you come from? Someone has seen Shao Guang's illness. You don't need to worry. When you have time, take care of other patients. Perhaps it is more suitable for you. "

Hearing Zhao Wenxin say so, Xie Hui immediately became angry.

"This is Jiang City, not Han Dong. Who has the final say? Don't you understand?"

Xie Hui did not take Zhao Wenxin's warning to heart. Instead, he acted like he was sitting on the ground to deal with the current treatment.

Liu Handong saw his stubbornness. However, he also led him to the nurses' station.

Regarding the treatment plan, Xie Hui expressed his opinion until the afternoon.

The entire group of doctors was alarmed by Xie Hui.

His reason was very sufficient. He could not let a famous reporter become a widow. He had to do his best to save Chen Shaoguang.

When Zhao Wenxin heard this reason, she almost died from anger on the spot.

Fortunately, under the persuasion of a few nurses, Zhao Wenxin was sent away to a relatively safe area.

Because of this, Liu Handong and his superiors responded that they were probably busy saving the patient and could not be contacted for a while. As a member of the rescue team, he had no other choice but to face Xie Hui, who claimed to be the captain.

Xie Hui took out Chen Shaoguang's electronic medical records and read the medical advice.

Chen Shaoguang, Gender: Male, Age: 38, Resident Number: 20200129253548, Resident Number: 20200129253548

Bed Number: 15, Department: Severe Disease Medical Department 2, Severe Disease : 222E, Severe Disease: 2

Seraph Cillin, Zobatan, Special Treatment Planet [4. 5g x 1];

Inject it with Aamine Pinesh, Tettaine Energy] [0. 5g x 1 bottle];

Continuous central vein pressure monitoring (CVP);

[Brodenader Mixed Hanging Fluid Pmike Lingshu] [1mg * 5 / bag]

Exotic Tobu Ammonium Inspiration into Solution Love Quanle (500 ug x 10 boxes);

[0. 9% sodium chloride injection (plastic bottle) [10ml] [10ml] : 0 0. 9 x 1. ]

Salt ammonia intravenous solution: Mu Shuang [2 ml]: 15 mg x5 [Box]

Intravenous injection of the pentapein in the chest. [Up to 10 mg] One.

Exorcism epinephrine continuous intravenous pump;

[Permanent central venous pressure monitoring (CVP)] [Permanent central venous pressure monitoring]

Conventional post-surgical care for the cervical vein;

Rafatani continuous intravenous pump;

Miazole stabilized. Continuous intravenous infusion.

Phenol continuous intravenous pump;

Permanent intravenous pump of amine iodine;

Sterile injections water. 1000 ml * 1 bottle / bottle;

0. 9% sodium chloride injection (plastic bottle) : 0 0. 9 x 1. ]

Oxygen inhalation;

[When it is necessary to suck phlegm;]

Conventional post-tracheotomy care;

Respiratory support for breathing;

Remember the urine volume every hour;

Remember the 24-hour export;

Keep the ureter;

Gastrointestinal pressure reduction;


Maintaining the gastrointestinal tract;

. . .

Xie Hui raised a great objection to the necessary treatment method. As the captain of the Sickle Treatment Assault Team, he ordered the nurse to stop the medical advice and use his plan immediately.

The treatment group beside him was really unable to understand why such a person suddenly landed in the air.

Although Chen Shaoguang's condition was critical, with the cooperation of the treatment group, his current condition was still stable.

As long as he passed the most difficult period and passed the trial successfully, he might still have the strength to recover.

The nurse hesitated, and Xie Hui brought out the appointment document from his superior.

He had no choice but to follow Xie Hui's new plan.

The new plan was implemented for about half an hour, but Chen Shaoguang's condition was still stable.

"Look, the oxygen level has increased a little. If this continues, the oxygen level will increase again. He might be able to recover in a few days. . . "

"Dr. Xie, you're not that optimistic, right?"

"The most important thing about a serious illness is to be optimistic! What kind of attitude is this?"

"I am being realistic. Chen Shaoguang cannot tolerate such a torment! All of this is just an illusion. Why did you use so many antibiotics. . . "

Liu Handong, who was suppressing the anger in his heart, could not hold it in anymore and questioned Xie Hui's plan.

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