Chinese Doctors/C2 Filling in Technical Blanks
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Chinese Doctors/C2 Filling in Technical Blanks
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C2 Filling in Technical Blanks

"The effect is too obvious!"

Yuan Fen, director of the Infectious Disease Department of Golden Pagoda Hospital of Jiang City, clicked his tongue and praised Liu Handong.

In the past few days, Liu Hendong was the most praised among the members of the seriously ill medical assault team of Golden Pagoda Hospital.

Not only did it allow his technical reputation to quickly spread within the industry.

It also won a great reputation for the affiliated hospital that was thousands of miles away.

Three days ago.

In order to prevent more patients in the isolation ward from becoming critically ill, Liu Handong, who was a member of the critically ill medical treatment team, volunteered to participate in the ward inspection. That afternoon, during the inspection, he happened to see that Department Director Yuan Fen was using a mask on a patient with great difficulty. When he looked at the patient, he saw that the patient's mouth and nose had been completely covered.

The patient started to struggle in extreme discomfort due to the excessive pain.

Upon seeing this, Liu Handong immediately ran over and suggested that he should treat the patient with high oxygen flow through the nose.

Yuan Fen doubtfully glanced at the doctor who sounded like a young boy and did not immediately follow the instructions.

After hesitating for a long time, the patient could not take it anymore. He pushed the mask to the side.

There was really no other way, so he tried to coordinate the medical staff of the isolation ward. He installed the first supersonic high-flow oxygen inhaler in the quarantine area. After debugging for half a day, he shockingly found that the effect was very significant. The nose stopper catheter, which did not need to be sealed, directly transferred high traffic oxygen to the patient. Half an hour later. The patient who was suffering from extreme pain had his oxygen saturation increased from 90% to 97%. His chest tightness and breathing had also improved.

"Han Dong, you are really amazing!"

"Department Director Yuan, don't flatter me. "

"I'm telling you the truth. This technology of yours has directly filled the gap of the Golden Pagoda Hospital's oxygen supply technology. "

"This is really too exaggerated. "

"It's not exaggerated at all! There are already reporters who have heard the news and are ready to take action. Just wait for an interview. "

"Reporters? Interview? I say, Director Yuan, this matter is getting out of hand. What about fishing for fame? . . . "

"What kind of fishing for fame? You are the only one who can shoulder such a heavy responsibility. Do you want Professor Liu Guo Hui to be interviewed? They're trying to make use of this opportunity to get Doctor Han Dong to encourage everyone. It's not just to show you yourself. "

. . . ""

Due to the outstanding contribution of filling in the gaps in their skills, several patients' lives were saved.

After Liu Handong declined several times in a row, he was still pushed onto the rack and pushed for an interview.

This was an industry heavyweight media company that was connected to the Golden Pagoda Hospital alone.

The "Medical Followers" program of New Mirror News was in charge of the interview.

Liu Handong also made a special call to report to Liu Li about this.

When the old man heard the news of his "good grandson" becoming successful, he was extremely happy.

Through the phone's receiver, Liu Handong could feel his excitement.

Old Man Liu even specially mentioned this "Medical Followers of China" program. It was as if he was following the footsteps of Han Dong University's affiliated hospital, "Medical Follower," giving a lecture. He almost jumped out the word copied and plagiarized. After feeling all kinds of encouragement from Old Man Liu, Liu Handong's confidence suddenly increased by several points. After all, the lecture that Old Man Liu talked about had always been his responsibility. Furthermore, it had once been promoted to a famous program in the hospital's culture. So what about the interview? It was just a small difference. There was nothing to be nervous about. At this point, Liu Handong finally had a good night's sleep.

Yuan Fensheng was afraid that Liu Handong would stand up at the last minute, especially considering that the ICU in the main battlefield was very busy, so he specially arranged an interview time with the reporter until the end of the day. In this way, Liu Handong did not have to specially coordinate the work progress. In the end, he did his best to help Liu Handong consider everything.

That afternoon, a critically ill patient's condition suddenly worsened, and almost all the medical staff in the entire ward area were mobilized to participate. Only then could the patient be considered to have been pulled back from the hands of Death. However, when all the work was done, it was close to 11: 00 PM.

According to normal circumstances, the reporters would have already changed the date of the interview or postponed the date of the interview.

Unexpectedly, when Liu Handong entered the buffer room to change into a wet quarantine suit and protective suit, the reporters had been waiting for a long time. They even took a picture of him soaking in the quarantine suit. The whole picture looked very professional. Just like her current state, she followed her professional spirit and persisted until now.

Perhaps this reporter didn't expect her to know the interviewer.

Perhaps Liu Handong also did not expect that the person who had interviewed him would also know him.

This reporter was his ex-girlfriend, Zhao Wenxin, when he was in university.

After not seeing her for so many years, she had grown into an "outstanding medical reporter. "

Unlike the past where she "dug deep into medical negative news," this time, she independently established the "Medical Followers of China" program. She also got the forgiveness of her family and fiancé to postpone the wedding period and took the risk of being infected at any time to rush to the front line of the epidemic without hesitation.

In order to pick the first-hand information, after sealing off the city, many parties turned around to ask for help before rushing to Jiang City.

The civil organizations that she contacted transported the medical supplies that were in urgent need to the various large hospitals one by one to the various large hospitals. As Golden Pagoda Hospital and Silver Pond Hospital were the most important aides, they were praised as the most beautiful reporter for a moment.

"Haha, so it turns out that the 'most beautiful reporter' that everyone is talking about is you!"

Liu Handong was the first to break the awkwardness of looking at each other.

"Haha, so it's you, the big medical celebrity that everyone is talking about 'filling in the gaps in technology'?"

Zhao Wenxin also followed Liu Handong's tone and said with a smile.

"I'll go. You copied my sentences! You. . . "

" This can't be called plagiarizing, right? It's called using the same formula to solve different problems. "

"You? That works too?"

"Of course I can. . . "

" Don't write this paragraph of ours out loud. I'm afraid it will cause your fiancé to misunderstand. "

"If you want me to write it, I won't dare to. I'm also afraid that it will cause your girlfriend to misunderstand. "

"Oh, you can, you can, you really can. "

"It's already so late, why don't we go back to the hotel lobby and talk? In the hospital, it will affect other treatments. "

"Alright then. . . "

Liu Handong subconsciously looked around and found that his colleagues from the white shift were almost gone. His colleagues from the night shift came to see him one after another. Furthermore, he was staying there. No one knew whether he was on duty or on night shift. So, Hearing Zhao Wenxin say so, he nodded. Then, the two of them cleaned and disinfected themselves before getting on a bus heading to the hotel. As they had been stationed in Jiang City for a long time to interview the medical community, Therefore, the local epidemic command center also arranged for Zhao Wenxin to stay in the same hotel as the medical staff of the Golden Pagoda Hospital.

The journey from the hospital to the hotel was about half an hour.

When the driver stopped, it was almost 11: 30 in the morning.

It was probably because he was too tired that Liu Handong actually fell asleep in the car. Even the sound of snoring could be heard throughout the entire car.

The other medical staff on the same train were almost the same as Liu Handong.

Therefore, no one made fun of anyone.

They were all fighters who had fought with Death for a day. At this moment, they were so exhausted that they snored like this. It was as if they were more heart-wrenching. At that moment, Zhao Wenxin felt a warm liquid flowing down from the corner of her eye. She subconsciously raised her arm to cover it, until the moment she got out of the car. Tears evaporated in the warm spring breeze before she slowly walked into the hotel lobby.

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