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Chinese Doctors/C20 Thank You Truck Driver
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C20 Thank You Truck Driver

Through the mask, you can see Liu Hendong's tired face shrouded in fog.

The thick protective suit had long since been soaked to the point of sticking to his body.

Xie Hui, who stood at the side, did not think much of it. He even spoke in disbelief about the wind. A cold voice said, "If I don't use my plan, there will definitely be a lot of trouble. "

Liu Handong did not pay attention to his boring words. He dragged his legs, which were heavy with lead, and prepared to run to the ward to check on other patients.

"Doctor Liu, come and take a look at this treatment plan. "

. . . ""

Treatment plan: 1. Severe infection of blood source? Intestine source? Sipsis infectious shock cardiac inhibitor: Leave the relevant training and actively search for the source of the infection. The patient has serious shock, and considering the high possibility of blood source infection, Exemplary treatment of amine pedanus, Ding anti-infection treatment, initiating sepsis budle, Cardiovascular circulatory mechanics, monitoring the patient's cardiovascular function. He ensured the infusion of organs, infection, and infusion indicators. 2. ARDS Heavy Level: Surveillance of the patient's respiratory force. Lung protective ventilation strategy: Monitoring blood and Qi analysis. 3. AKI 3: Surveillance of the patient's urine volume and kidney function. CRT treatment when necessary. 4. Blood coagulation disordered: Observe if the patient has any bleeding tendencies and apply for a blood transfusion intravenous intravenous intravenous intravenous intravenous intravenous intravenous infusion. Positive correction of blood coagulation dysfunction. 5. Lung Infections: Strengthen the airway management, double check the chest scan to observe the condition of the lungs. Arthroscopy examination, phlegm extraction and fostering. 6. Electroelectrolyte disorder: Low Potassium Blood Disease High Sodium, High Chemistry Disease: Positive correction of electrolyte disorder. Observe the patient's consciousness and heart rate change. 7. Arachnid oscillation: Monitoring the changes in electrolytes, electrocardiogram, and myocardial enzymes, observing the patient's heart rate and heart rate. 8. Other:. . .

"There's no problem with the plan. However, when are you going to do the tracheoscopy?" Liu Handong read through the entire plan seriously and raised his doubts.

"The tracheoscopy should be done tomorrow. It has already been arranged. "

"Okay! Don't forget to make a record when you do it. "

"Understood. "

"Chen Shaoguang is the fiancé of a reporter who went to Jiang City to fight the plague. We will treat him equally. We will pay attention to him. "


". . . "

After instructing these tasks, Liu Handong went to check on another patient who was about to change from a serious illness to a mild one.

Just as he walked out of Chen Shaoguang's bed, he heard the head nurse running over excitedly.

"Doctor Liu, Doctor Liu, a patient has brought you a banner. "

"What? The virus is wreaking havoc, and there's still time for this formalism?"

"It shouldn't be formalism, right? If you don't believe me, you can go and take a look. "

. . . ""

Liu Handong could not stand the head nurse's words, so he followed her out of the ward.

After entering the buffer room, he changed out of the fully armed protective suit, did strict hand sanitation and conventional disinfection, and then walked out of the room thoughtfully.

It turned out that the person who sent him the banner was a patient called Huo Xiaojiang.

According to him, after successfully leaving the hospital, he was quarantined at the quarantine point for two weeks. Although he ended his medical observation, he still insisted on measuring his body temperature every day and tried not to go out. "We should be more careful. Our family and neighbors should be safer. "

Liu Handong thought for a long time and finally remembered that the patient was an ordinary truck driver.

Speaking of him, Liu Handong naturally thought of Thunder God Mountain.

February 8th, after Fire God Mountain Hospital was handed over, after more than ten days and nights of hard work, River City's Thunder God Mountain Hospital was also handed over. This astonishing speed was backed by the hard work of many loving and responsible people. These people included several truck drivers in Su Zhou, Handong Province, and Old Fire was one of them.

"Old Huo, are you going to bring the medical insurance room to Jiang City?"

"Go!" January 29th, 5th day of the lunar calendar. Huo Xiaojiang, the driver of the truck in Su Yu District, Suzhou City, received a call from his driver friend asking if he was willing to send the medical insurance room to Jiang City.

"At a time like this, there's no need for me. I must go. " Huo Xiaojiang agreed without another word.

As a truck driver, Huo Xiaojiang spent most of his time away from the city. He rarely had the time to reunite with his family, not to mention the epidemic. How could he tell his family that he was going to Jiang City? Huo Xiaojiang was in trouble.

Huo Xiaojiang stammered and told his wife that he was going to Jiang City. However, before he could finish, his wife expressed her attitude. "You can go. Put on a mask and protect yourself. Don't worry about your family. " Huo Xiaojiang's eyes immediately reddened.

Huo Xiaojiang immediately called Huo Erjiang, the younger brother of the truck driver, and drove two large trucks with another driver in Su Yu District. They joined the seven cars in Su Zhou District and headed to Wu He District in Gusu City. When they arrived at Wuhe, they found out that the medical insurance rooms were for the hospital at Thunder God Mountain.

After the medical insurance room was loaded, the convoy immediately rushed to Jiang City. I'm tired. The drivers went to the service area to rest for a few minutes. When they were hungry, they would eat instant noodles. The original 13 to 14 hours of travel had been reduced to 11 hours. "The hospital is in a rush. We can't fail at this part of the process. " Huo Xiaojiang said. After sending the first batch of guaranteed rooms to Jiang City, they immediately returned to Gusu. They transported the second batch. "I came back from Jiang City and rested in the service area. We hid at the side and ate instant noodles, not fast food. Because we've been to Jiang City before. We're afraid that we'll accidentally get infected and infect others. "

Huo Xiaojiang spoke for a while, then paused for a moment. Liu Handong could not bear to interrupt his narration, and the head nurse was even more fascinated by it.

During the delivery process, there were many things that Huo Xiaojiang would never forget. When they first got off the highway from Jiangcheng's south toll station, The staff members were so moved that tears welled up in their eyes. The traffic police immediately gave them the planned green passageway route. They promised to contact them immediately if there was any need. What moved Huo Xiaojiang the most was that when they arrived at the construction site, As they were unable to find the unloading site, the volunteers led the way for them on the muddy road. "At that time, the feet and pants of the volunteers were full of mud. As they walked, they gave us instructions and even thanked us. It really touched me. "

February 3rd, after all the medical insurance rooms were transported, the motorcade immediately returned to Suzhou. Huo Xiaojiang said, "We came out of Jiang City. If we really get infected and run around, wouldn't we be causing trouble for society?"

Who knew that his words would come true. Not only did he get infected with the new crown, but he also quickly became a serious illness.

In his words, it was fortunate that he met Liu Handong. Otherwise, he would have been afraid of losing his life.

After a difficult diagnosis and treatment, he was finally lucky enough to be discharged from the hospital.

He did not expect that he would still have the time to "enter the Palace for a second time. " However, unlike other patients, he was here to express his gratitude.

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