Chinese Doctors/C24 They Fought on both Fronts
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Chinese Doctors/C24 They Fought on both Fronts
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C24 They Fought on both Fronts

Liu Handong didn't have time to grieve for the spring or the autumn and immediately threw himself into work.

A pregnant woman got a new crown.

One of Liu Handong's doctors introduced the patient's husband to him. "When you came here, you only had two large white lungs. In this case, you have to be mentally prepared. I'm giving you a bottom line. It's about ten percent. At most, it might be twenty percent. "

He was sent to the isolation ward.

This did not make the patient's husband feel relaxed. He did not even dare to imagine it. He was really going to break down. The People's Hospital called. They asked him to quickly bring the child back, saying that it was not safe to leave it there at all. There was too much coronary pharyngitis now. He said that he could not find anyone right now. When there was a turn for the better, he would immediately pick up the child. He ran over and sat at the seat of the car. He was crying there. A few of the security guards came over to comfort him. They said, no matter what, you have to take care of yourself. At that time, he felt really powerless.

People who were as helpless as him appeared like clouds in the sky.

The primary school teacher's father received tracheotomy and unfortunately passed away.

The taxi driver's family of three left.

"Outer court checking the new coronary virus, RNA positive, chest CT indicating viral pharyngitis. "

"Doctor Liu, Professor Liu Guohui specifically instructed that you will be in charge of this patient. "

"Name: Qiu Jincan.

Gender: Female.

Date of birth. :1949-10-02。

Age: 70

When Liu Handong saw that it was an old auntie, he could not help but frown. However, he quickly threw himself into the treatment process. . .

Chen Shaoguang and the unfortunate citizens who had passed away due to the new crown were buried in Jiang City.

After a few days of adjustment, Zhao Wenxin could not help but be immersed in a trance from time to time.

Although she had seen through the so-called scam, she did not expect Chen Shaoguang to have such an irreparable ending.

She tried many methods to adjust her mood, but none of them worked.

It was not until she threw all her attention into her work that Zhao Wenxin finally found herself.

Without stopping!

Without stopping!

Without stopping!

After a few days of silence, Zhao Wenxin's program "Medical Follower" once again met with the audience.

Nine "Warriors" from the Cancer Hospital of Handong Province had set off for Jiang City. I want to name my future child "Wu Han. "

At around 5 PM on Feb. 10th, the Cancer Hospital of Handong Province received a notice from the Provincial Health and Health Committee that they wanted to send a medical team to support Jiang City. Because many medical staff had reported their names in advance. So in just an hour, the Nursing Department had completed the second batch of support for Jiang City's medical team. In the medical team formed by nine nurses, There were five male nurses and four female nurses. Three of them were Party members. This group of warriors would represent the Cancer Hospital of Handong Province to rush to the Topic Stone and head to the front line of the epidemic.

At the committee meeting at 6 o'clock on Feb. 10th at night, the Party Committee Secretary and the director said separately, You are the elite soldiers and generals of the hospital, representing the image of the medical staff of Handong Province Tumor Hospital and Handong Province. Before taking care of the patient, It is necessary to take care of yourself. He left neatly and returned safe and sound. One must not be missing. The hospital is your rear, all your difficulties. . . Please tell the hospital that we will definitely help you solve your worries.

Nurse A: If I have the chance to be selected, I will meet you in Jiang City!

Nurse A, who was 35 years old this year, was the secretary of the Nursing Department and the leader of the second batch of medical teams. Her lover, Doctor Feng, was also a doctor in the provincial Tumor Hospital. Long before his wife signed up, Doctor Feng had written a letter of challenge. He did not expect that only the nurses from the provincial hospital would be sent out this time. His wife went to the front line first. "As a medical staff, when the country needs it, you can go to the front line to provide assistance. It's our honor, you can go to Jiang City without worry. Leave the two children to me and my parents, and you can work in peace there. If I have the chance to be selected. . . See you in Jiang City!"

Nurse B: The "most beautiful laborer" who once saved people by the roadside has now become the "most beautiful traitorous. "

The young nurse B was quite famous in the hospital's nursing team. She saved people by the roadside in May 2017. She was widely reported by the media as the "most beautiful laborer. " She was elected as "one hundred excellent nurses in Handong Province. " As a nurse representative, she made a speech at the Provincial Nursing Conference. The plague in Jiang City affected everyone's hearts. Nurse B was the first group of people to register. "I'm a member of the party and also an excellent nurse representative. I should be the first one to sign up when it's difficult. " There were two children in the family, one over four years old, and the other was only 17 months old. Other than the night shift, The children were always accompanied by their mothers to sleep. They had never left for so long. When it came to children, Nurse B was a little reluctant. Fortunately, the teacher was very supportive. "I'll definitely take care of the two children and wait for your safe return. "

Nurse C: One of them went to battle to fulfill the wishes of the two of them, and he would definitely help his lover return from their dreams.

"If there is a battle, I will definitely agree to it. " When the hospital was selecting the first batch of people to assist Ughr, Nurse C in the operating theater of the hospital took the initiative to write a letter of challenge and express her wish to support Wu Han to Department Director Meng of the Nursing Department. "Although I'm not an ICU nurse, As a nurse, as long as there is a need, I'm willing to go to Wuhan and do my best. " The C nurse was a male nurse in the operating theater, and she had a 2-year-old child. Her wife is also a nurse in a hospital in Jingzhou. She had worked in the Department of Infectious Disease Patients and the Emergency Department before. She was a very suitable candidate to support Jiang City. Because he was five months pregnant. Being unable to go to the front line had become one of her regrets. If nurse C could go to the front line, Not only could she represent the hospital, but she could also fulfill her wife's wish. So he had reported his name earlier. At that time, both of them felt a little regretful that they were unable to enter the list of the first batch to go out. This time, they were selected to assist Jiang City's medical team. Nurse C was a little excited. "Don't worry, my wife. I will definitely help you come back from your dream!"

Nurse D: My surname is Wu, and I want to name my future child "Wu Han. " I want to let him know that my father is good.

Nurse D's wife is 33 years old this year. Due to her poor health, she did not have a child before. She had just been pregnant for more than four months and was recuperating in her hometown. Before registering this time, Nurse D did not tell her wife, afraid that she would be worried. "She only told her when she confirmed that she would be going out at night. She also expressed her support. "

"I only knew how much I loved her before we parted ways!" Nurse D said that she wanted to name our future baby "Wu Han. " She wanted to let the baby remember that this year, everyone in Jiang City was willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of Wu Han. She wanted to let him know that his father was a good man!

. . .

Liu Handong and Zhao Wenxin were in a two-way battle state.

The two of them almost lost contact.

"Report Qiu Jincan's brief medical history to everyone. "

"Patient due to fever and cough for 10 days is admitted. Patient before 10 had no obvious cause for fever, accompanied by cough discomfort. Without chest tightness and chest pain, the patient was diagnosed in the outer court. Examining chest CT, suspected to be viral pharyngitis, posterior nuclear acid testing, indicator of positive. Diagnosed viral pharyngitis (New Coronary Virus infectious pharyngitis), today to seek the system's diagnosis, [Then transferred to my department for resident treatment, hospitalization symptoms seen: The patient has no fever,] Coughing without phlegm, self-conscious chest tightness. Nascharge, lack of strength. His mind was weak, and his mouth was dry. Occasionally feeling chest tightness, no vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on and so forth. . . Secondly, it was alright. He did not sleep well at night.

Past history: Past history: Physical health denied the history of infectious diseases such as hepatitis, tuberculosis, and typhoid fever. No history of surgery and external injuries, no history of blood transfusion, and no history of drug allergic reactions. "

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