Chinese Doctors/C25 The Demand for Antiviral Drugs Increased Dramatically
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Chinese Doctors/C25 The Demand for Antiviral Drugs Increased Dramatically
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C25 The Demand for Antiviral Drugs Increased Dramatically

Liu Hendong is in a state of emergency.

The nurse interviews that Zhao Wenxin revealed caused a lot of resonance.

However, their footsteps did not seem to have any intention of stopping. They sped up even more.

Jiang City rescue diary: "Going out on a honeymoon. "

Interviewees: Han Dong University's affiliated Yi Fu Hospital's male medical subject.

Time: 29th, Jan. , 2020, Location: Jiang City

Since the first day of the Lunar New Year (Jan. 25th) Arriving in Jiang City in the night, it was the fourth day today. The six medical staff from our hospital who are supporting Jiang City have gone through comprehensive preparation and emergency training and are fully devoted to the work of fighting the epidemic.

January 2nd, I just got married. According to the customs of my hometown, in the first year of my marriage, I have to go to my relatives' house to pay my respects to them and send them off. But. . . The epidemic is an order. Treating diseases and saving people is the duty of medical workers. I signed up as soon as I received the hospital's recruitment notice for Jiang City's medical team. My wife is also '90 years later', even though she is very reluctant to part on her honeymoon. My father and brother, as well as the rest of my family, all supported my decision. My brother was a member of the CPC. He knows that it is a necessary virtue for a member of the party to stand up in times of crisis. The epidemic is an order, and prevention is responsibility. As a member of the Commonwealth, I was also duty-bound to do so.

I can't go back to accompany my lover and leave her alone in my hometown. I really feel sorry for her. Today, I called my lover to tell him that I'm safe. I said that I'm pretty good in Jiang City. I can eat and live well. Don't worry, the hospital I'm staying at is also very close to the hospital where the reinforcements are coming from. I'll just walk over. She said, "Actually, I'm not worried about your food and accommodation problem right now. You'll be fine even if you eat and stay there. What I'm most worried about is your safety and health. You have to wear a mask properly. You have to make sure that you're well protected! Pay attention to eating on time and come back safely! " What she said the most was safety. Her tone was full of concern, without a trace of complaint. With such a powerful backing, I can wholeheartedly devote myself to the frontline work.

The more than 800 members of the younger members in our hospital have signed up even though they know that they might face danger. We used our actions to prove that the young "after 90" could take up the heavy responsibility at the first moment of the epidemic and charge forward! Before this epidemic, I have already submitted an application to the Party for admission.

On the front line of Jiangxia People's Hospital in Jiangcheng City, which I had provided assistance to, there were many young medical staff like me. Some of them had yet to start a family, while some of their children had just entered kindergarten. Under the guidance of their seniors, They were not afraid of being dirty or tired, and they overcome all kinds of difficulties. They were racing against time to "fight" the epidemic. Whether as a team member or as a nurse, When the people need it the most, we should stand up.

I want to tell my wife: My love, in the face of the epidemic, I must choose to fight! Wait for me, I will definitely return safely!

. . .

"We have recorded the patient's physical symptoms. Doctor Liu, do you want to take a look?"

"Please describe it to us. "

Liu Handong, who was busy treating other patients, listened to the report of the junior doctor without raising his head.

Important signs: Body temperature: 36. 9 degrees Celsius, pulse: 92 times / minute. Rules: Respiration: 25 times / minute. Regulations. Blood pressure: 120 / 60 mHg. Normal growth, medium nutrition. Clearwater cooperation, mental exhaustion. . . Automatic body position, acute face, The language was clear. There was no yellow dyeing on the skin and Gong film on his entire body, it was very elastic. There were no rash or bleeding points. The superficial lymphadenectomy was not swollen. The facial features of the head were normal, no abnormalities. The pupils and other large circles were sensitive to the reflection of light. Its nose did not move, and its ears did not have pus. It swallowed blood, and its tonsils did not swell. There was no ulcer in the mucous membrane in his mouth. His neck was soft, and his trachea was in the middle. The pancreas were not as big as the swelling. His chest was symmetrical, and there were no abnormalities. The sound of lungs breathing was thick, and one could hear a small amount of wet rotunes. HR95 times / point, Lv Qi, Lv Qi, Lv Qi, Lv Qi, Lv Qi, Lv Qi, Lv Qi, Lv Qi, Lv. Each valve did not have any noise, and his abdomen was flat and soft. No pressure pain nor reverse jump pain. His liver and spleen did not reach below the ribs. There was no pain in the kidneys, and there was no edema in the lower limbs.

Tongue: Faint Red. Tongue Moss: White Moss, Pulse: Pulse.

Specialist examination Clear Mind, poor mind, blood flow + + swallowing, tonsils on both sides are not swollen, lungs breathing thick, can be heard with a small amount of wet roman sound. HR95 times per minute, all the valves did not hear any noise, the abdomen was flat and soft, there was no pressure or reverse jump pain, the liver and spleen below the ribs did not reach, the kidneys did not have pain from kowtowing, and there was no edema on the lower limbs.

Supporting examination [Outer court: Check the new coronary virus, RNA, positive. CT on the chest indicates viral pharyngitis. ]

"Have you considered the methods of TCM? Academician Zhong specifically mentioned the contribution of TCM in the treatment a few days ago. "

"What a gentleman thinks is the same. We did a TCM diagnosis on the patient according to Doctor Liu's instructions. "

"Tell me about it. "

"TCM identification analysis: Four Diagnotic Syndrome. This disease belongs to the category of 'Wet Disease' in the medical field of the motherland," Dr. Liu said. It belongs to the category of 'Wet Disease' in the medical field of the motherland. This disease is caused by the weakening of the vital energy in the body, and the severity of the illness is lax. It caused the external cold to become evil when it was cold and wet, and it was transmitted from the outside to the inside. It was caused by the obstruction of the pulmonary channel, which caused the circulation of the vital energy to go awry. When the skin opened and closed, it would cause fever or lack of heat. If the lungs lost control and fell, it would cause chest tightness, but if the skin opened and closed, it would cause fever or lack heat, and if the lungs lost control, it would cause chest tightness. If the patient swallowed dry and coughed, the patient would suffer from fatigue and fatigue in the spleen and earth. If it was wet and hot, the body heat would not retreat, or the cold heat would flow back and forth. Coughing, abdominal swelling aggravated, and the tongue's light moss white and greasy pulse was like a Ru. All of these are signs of cold and damp, and they bear witness to it. "

. . .

No lack of courage to take on the responsibility. The temperature of the Han and Dong merchants in the" cold stream "of the epidemic was not low, but the temperature of the Han and Dong merchants in the cold stream was high.

"Masks, goggles, protective suits are in short supply in Jiangcheng. Many local hospitals are asking for help!"

"The nuclear acid test reagent box is on fire. A large number of patients are unable to be diagnosed in time!"

"The epidemic is fast and violent, and the demand for antiviral drugs is increasing rapidly!"

. . .

The pharyngitis infection caused by the new coronary virus was constantly affecting the hearts of everyone in the country. Faced with the serious situation of the epidemic spreading, the people from all walks of life were even more anxious to reinforce Jiang City.

In China, everyone was mobilized. In this war of fireless epidemic prevention, many Handong enterprises reacted quickly, implemented efficiently, and donated. They took on the responsibility of society and used actions to contribute to the fight against the epidemic, gathering warmth in the "cold flow" of the epidemic.

In a race against time, the speed of the Handong merchants in front of the epidemic.

"The epidemic is like a military situation, it cannot be delayed! We will set off tonight, and send the medicine to Jiang City overnight. " Receiving the order from the Chairman of Qin Huai River Pharmaceutical Group, Xu Jing, January 22nd, 28th night of the lunar calendar, large trucks loaded with anti-virus drugs set off from the headquarters of Qin Huai River Pharmaceutical Group. They travelled day and night to Jiang City, where the epidemic was the most severe.

Ever since the outbreak of the epidemic, Qin Huai River Pharmaceuticals quickly increased the production of anti-virus drugs, and they quickly supported the people of Jiang City to prevent the epidemic. They transported ten thousand anti-virus drugs to Jiang City and all the other parts of the country.

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