Chinese Doctors/C26 Fight with All Your Might
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Chinese Doctors/C26 Fight with All Your Might
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C26 Fight with All Your Might

"Will this patient die? The situation is getting worse and worse. " The doctor in Liu Handong's group sighed pessimistically.

"Do your best. Don't give up! Keep your mind steady! "

"Alright, but I'm really afraid that the patient won't be able to hold on any longer. Furthermore, he's already so old, let's. . . "

"What about us? Just say it. "

"We can pour more medical resources into the younger group. That way, we can guarantee the best labor for the country!"

"This is a hospital. Everyone is equal! Not because she is an old woman. If the value of labor is not that high, then we will treat it negatively. On the contrary, They really had to give special preferential treatment to set a positive example for more people. After all, We will all be old. When that day comes, What will you think when you encounter the same treatment?"

"That's true. . . Then let's go all out, go all out. . . "

At the same time, Zhao Wenxin was fully immersed in the interview.

Apart from her results in the news industry, she also received high attention from the government.

. . .

In the face of the severe situation where the epidemic was quickly spreading, besides sending vehicles to Jiang City overnight to deliver the urgently needed anti-virus medicine, Xu Jing made a decisive decision. He quickly gathered the people in charge of production and quality and proposed to not rest during the Spring Festival and work overtime to produce anti-virus medicine. He did his best to ensure the supply of medicine and meet the needs of the people to resist the new coronated virus.

In the face of the epidemic, they would help and go against the flow. Qin Huaihe Pharmaceuticals immediately conveyed the concern and responsibility of Han Dong Enterprise. In Jiang City Fire God Mountain's construction work, Yun Long Heavy Industrial Group used "hard core" 24 hours a day and night to race against time, displaying Su Enterprise, who stood out bravely in times of crisis and had a mission to accomplish, to take the responsibility.

"The 1st day of the completion of the flat terrain, and the 2nd day of building the stable water. On the fourth day, a new building was built. On the sixth day, a brand new hospital rose from the ground. " On the 23rd of January, Jiang Cheng decided to refer to the Beijing Little Tang Mountain Hospital model during the year 2003 of the fight against the SARS: six days and six nights. Fire God Mountain Hospital, which had a construction area of 250,000 square meters and could accommodate 1,000 hospital beds. Behind the "Jiang City version of Little Tang Mountain" "China Speed," there was Su Enterprise - CloudDragon Heavy Industrial Group that had to fight for every second.

On New Year's Eve on January 24th, the dinner was just served. The Spring Festival Gala was about to begin. The person in charge of the Yun Long Heavy Industrial Group's Jiang City Fire God Mountain Hospital's construction project, as well as the excavator, Wang Wei, received the company's construction notice at this moment. He immediately braved the rain and returned. Wearing a thick mask, he stepped on the muddy ground and dived into the construction site like a warrior without hesitation.

"From digging to flattening, crushing, and suspending. We are racing against time, working day and night without stopping for twenty-four hours. Under the premise of ensuring quality and time, We have put in all our efforts, and we are actively helping Fire God Mountain Hospital to be built as soon as possible. " Wang Wei said, In order to ensure a quick and efficient operation in a short period of time, every minute and every second has to be used on the edge of the blade.

On the night of January 23rd, Yun Long Heavy Industrial Group immediately contacted the Zhongjian Three Departments after receiving the news. They quickly formed the Fire God Mountain Provision Group and gathered the mixer trucks and drivers to be on standby.

On the morning of the 24th, the 10 Jiang City client mixer trucks were assembled. They were then filled with concrete and rushed to the construction site of Fire God Mountain Hospital.

On the 25th, CloudDragon Heavy Industries' Jiang City representative office summoned the crane users near Jiang City to form the Jiang City CloudDragon Heavy Industries' emergency WeChat group. After the vehicles were assembled, they rushed to the construction site.

In addition, CloudDragon Heavy Industrial's Jiang City agent also set up the CloudDragon Heavy Industrial Action Team at the first moment. At the same time, they also set up the command team and the security team. In an hour, they completed the application of the pass, and the work of refueling and mopping the vehicles arrived at the site of the construction at a high speed on the morning of the 26th. . .

As of the 29th day, a total of 52 Yun Long Heavy Industrial machines were working on the site. Including 10 CloudDragon Heavy Industrial Digging Machines, 3 CloudDragon Heavy Industrial Cars, 28 CloudDragon Heavy Industrial Cars, 10 mixers, and 1 heavy truck to transport goods. Wang Wei explained that they were currently carrying out the construction of the house and the sewers. It was estimated that the construction would be completed tonight. Tomorrow, the road would be smooth and the road would be hardened. At the scene, all the personnel and vehicles were in the midst of continuous construction. The expansion of the life rescue channel to resist the new coronary virus infection was in full force.

If there was a battle, they would definitely come and win the battle.

The epidemic was an order, and the scene was the battlefield. The speed of CloudDragon Heavy Industrial and the speed of the Han and Dong merchants undoubtedly boosted their confidence in winning this cruel epidemic control battle.

It was difficult to use their advantage to suppress time.

In front of the epidemic, the Han Dong Merchant's temperature was shown.

The "traitorous" in the winter was not alone. In this epidemic prevention and blockage battle, the Han and East companies all fully displayed their professional abilities and industry advantages, contributing a portion of their strength to the fight against the epidemic.

The small new coronary virus nuclear acid test kit not only affected the number of diagnosis, but also the important part of suppressing the spread of the epidemic and defeating the new coronary virus infection.

On January 13, Handong Taichuan Medical Company, Shendu Biology, successfully developed a new coronary virus test kit - New coronary virus (2019) Nuclear acid test kit (fluorescent PCR). 28th, This reagent completed all the tests at the medical equipment laboratory in Handong Province and met the technical requirements of the product. It had become the first new Crown Virus test reagent approved by the legal inspection agency in Handong Province.

"1st month, 10th day, after the gene sequence of the new Crown Virus was announced, We started the research and development of the reagent as soon as possible. " The general manager of Shuo City Biology, Wang Guoqiang, introduced it. The company had completed the development of the new Crown Virus Nuclear Acid Test Drug Box. "This test kit can be used to test the new Crown Virus, Orlob, E, and N genetic markers. It can meet the needs of the various disability control centers and medical institutions. " Wang Guoqiang said.

As of January 28th, Master's Capital Biology had accumulated a total of 350 CARS and medical institutions in the country's 29 provinces, providing more than 500,000 people with diagnostic reagents. It provided important reagents and services for the early stages of epidemic prevention.

In order to cooperate with the rapid diagnosis of the new coronary virus and the new guidelines for epidemic prevention, on January 21st, Shendu Biology was the first to launch a comprehensive solution for the diagnosis of the new coronary virus and respiratory tract infectious disease. It was used for the accurate screening of suspected cases.

Currently, Shendu Biological Production Department was still working hard. It was estimated that they would produce a diagnosis reagent of 10 to 200 thousand people per day.

Wang Guoqiang introduced that Master's Capital Biology had also joined hands with the American Health Industry (Group) Limited Company and donated a total of 46,000 people's diagnostic test tubes and instruments to Jiang City in two batches. The first batch of medical supplies had been successfully handed over at three o'clock in the morning on January 29th. It had been distributed to Dingdian Hospital on the morning of the 29th. "We have prepared a total of 18 million worth of test tubes and instruments. In addition to the first two batches of donations, we will also donate them to local hospitals in Jiang City that need them in batches. We will add them according to the development of the epidemic. " Wang Guoqiang said.

Society responsibilities are not absent, and they will bravely bear the responsibility in front of the epidemic. Relying on their own research and development abilities, Han Dong Enterprise gave a strong helping hand in the fight against the epidemic.

Material reserves were also an important guarantee in winning the epidemic control and sniping battle. Ever since the epidemic was released, Hanjiang Holdings, which was headquartered in Handong Prefecture, had relied on their own global supply chain to send batch after batch of medical and daily necessities to the frontlines of the epidemic.

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