Chinese Doctors/C29 The National Doctor Needs to be Taken Seriously
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Chinese Doctors/C29 The National Doctor Needs to be Taken Seriously
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C29 The National Doctor Needs to be Taken Seriously

"I have an interview. "

After Zhao Wenxin finished speaking, she immediately threw herself into the interview.

The person who was interviewed this time could be called an old official.

Sichuan Medical Assistance team log: The enthusiasm from seventeen years ago has returned!

Sunday, February 2nd.

"Today is the ninth day of my visit to Jiang City. I'm going to experience such an important moment at such a close distance. Observing such a hero's city, sensing the sincere feelings between people. It makes me feel both real and like I'm dreaming. " Zhang Fenghuo wrote such emotional sentences in his diary. He said that this was because during the few days he worked in Jiang City, The memories from seventeen years ago flooded to him like a tide, and the motivation from seventeen years ago came back! Seventeen years ago, in 2003, Zhang Fenghuo, who had just taken part in his work, stood at the front line against the SARS. At that time, he was assigned to the fever clinic in the hospital, and he had been in close contact with the "invisible" virus every day.

"That period was very tense and felt incomparably glorious. " When he talked about that period over the phone, he was still very excited. "That year, I was happy for three things: I was honored to join the party, my son was born, and I got into a postgraduate student. "

Seventeen years later, he once again used his actions to carry out the initial heart of the party members and displayed the style that the party members should have. When he heard that the province was recruiting medical experts in the field of testing in Jiang City, he immediately responded, "I'm willing. I'll sign up. I'll take the lead. "

He said that he had been working at the hospital research institute all year round on gene tests, A and B tests. Although he had never come into contact with any new coronary virus tests, he was confident that he would soon be qualified for the test after the relevant training.

"Seventeen years have passed in the blink of an eye, and I have become old. However, my heart is still there, and my mission as a doctor is still there. This is something that I cannot shirk from! "

Just like that, Zhang Fenghuo once again stood on the front line to resist the epidemic. He was the only member of the Sichuan Medical Team who had entered the front line of the Medical Laboratory Department. Early this morning, he entered the Medical Laboratory Department of Jiangxia District One People's Hospital. His main job was to do blood routine, urine routine, and shit routine.

"Don't underestimate these three major routine. This is a test project that directly reflects the patient's condition. It also has the risk of coming into contact with human fluid infection. " He said.

As he was wearing a protective suit that was stuffy and hot, his entire body was drenched in sweat in a short while. There was a layer of water vapor on the goggles. He could only examine the results carefully one by one in the blurriness. He smiled and said, "It's so difficult for me. " The patient's condition was serious. There were a lot of critical values, and he needed to analyze them one by one. Some projects also needed to be manually redone. In order to complete the fifty test batches on the same day, He added half an hour of work.

"You are fighting at the front line, so I have to do something for Jiang City too!" Zhang Fenghuo's wife donated 1,000 yuan to the charity headquarters in Jiangcheng Province. When he saw the WeChat message from his wife, his heart was filled with warmth.

17 years ago, Zhang Fenghuo's son was just born. Now that he was in his second year of high school, he wrote a letter to his father, who was at the front line. In the letter, it said, "In my father's heart, the country, work, and family are all top priority. The only thing my mother and I can do is to support him. . . " He looked at his son's letter. Zhang Fenghuo was very pleased.

. . .

"Liu Handong, give up on this patient! What a waste of time! He has taken away the right to treat other patients! "

" I really didn't expect that Professor Tan would say the same thing. "

. . . ""

" The current treatment plan has been adjusted to the regular care of the Infectious Disease Department, special disease care, and strict quarantine; the relevant examination has been perfected, and further diagnosis has been made clearly; Abydola has been treated, Interventional Anti-Virus has been treated; the medications have been mainly 'humidifying, detoxifying, proclaiming lungs to be evil'; the prescription has been used to add and reduce the speed of the apricot soup. . . "

"Hahaha, apricot sweet soup, apricot sweet soup, apricot sweet soup, apricot sweet soup. . . As I said earlier, The National Physician needs to be taken seriously. Why hasn't it been used yet?"

" Of course it has been used. The specific formulas are as follows. . . "

Almond 6g, Ashen 15g, Cream 10g, Thick 10g, Patchrysanthemum 10g, Alcohol 10g, Alcohol 10g, Alcohol 6g, Qiang live 10g, Ginger 10g, Areca 10g, Day 1 dosage. The formula granules were divided into two portions, and they were divided into two times of empty stomach temperature.

"Alright Not bad! Observe the changes in the condition and adjust the treatment plan at any time. "

" Oh. Doctor Liu, what is the Observatory of Secrets? That's a very simple statement. "

" Observe closely! "

"[Alright, I've seen it for myself. ] There was even such an abbreviation. "

. . . ""

Liu Handong looked back at him and did not say anything else. He turned around and walked straight to the nurses' station.

The nurse began to introduce and explain to Liu Handong in detail again.

Status of hospitalization: Before the patient entered the hospital, there was no obvious cause for fever, accompanied by cough discomfort. Without chest pain, the patient was diagnosed in the outer court. Examining chest CT, suspected to be viral pharyngitis, posterior nuclear acid test, indicative of positive. Diagnosed viral pharyngitis (New Coronary Virus infectious pharyngitis), today to seek the system's diagnosis, [Then transferred to my department for resident treatment, hospitalization symptoms seen: The patient has no fever,] Coughing without phlegm, self-conscious chest tightness. Nascharge, lack of strength. His mind was weak, and his mouth was dry. Occasionally feeling chest tightness, no vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea and so on and so forth. . . Secondly, it was alright. He did not sleep well at night.

Important signs: Body temperature: 36. 9 degrees Celsius, pulse: 92 times / minute. Regulations: Breathing: 25 times / minute. Regulations: Blood pressure: 120 / 60 mmhg. Inhale blood clot + +, double tonsils the size of II. Gong membrane untainted, His double pupils were large and round, and they were sensitive to the reflection of light. The neck was soft, and the trachea was in the middle. R25 times per minute. The sound of breathing was thick in both lungs. He could smell a small amount of wet rotunes. HR95 times. The rhythm is perfect, the valves do not have any noise. His abdomen was flat and soft, no pressure pain nor reverse jumping pain. His liver, spleen, and ribs were not there yet. His kidneys were not in pain. There was no edema in his lower limbs.

"Other than these, is there anything else?"

"Doctor Liu, this is the result of the examination. Do you need to take a look?"

"This densely packed data is really a headache to look at. Can't we change a big name?"

"Change a name?"

"Yes! In order to prevent dizziness, it will have a negative impact on the diagnosis and treatment. "

"Details! Details determine success or failure! "

"Don't be afraid of flattery. Otherwise, I won't bother with you. "

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