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Chinese Doctors/C3 Liu Handong Is Indeed Excellent
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C3 Liu Handong Is Indeed Excellent

Zhao Wenxin went back to the hotel room, tossing and turning, unable to sleep.

At this moment, Liu Handong, who was standing across from her, was already snoring loudly.

Zhao Wenxin turned on the table lamp at the head of the bed and turned on the audio recorder pen.

"We don't have the experience of providing oxygen with high traffic. The specialists from the affiliated hospital of Handong University helped us solve a big problem. "

"Which specialist? Department Director Yuan. "

"Liu Handong. Doctor Liu Hendong from the Sickle Healer Medical Treatment and Rescue Assault Team. "

"Liu Hendong?"

"[Yes, Han in Mandarin, Dong in the east. ]"

"This. . . Maybe it's the same name, maybe it's. . . "

"The same name?"

"Well, it's fine. It shouldn't be such a coincidence that Doctor Liu has the same name as me, an alumnus. Department Director Yuan, please continue. "

. . . ""

Zhao Wenxin subconsciously pressed the pause button, and a shy smile appeared on her lips.

Back then, if it wasn't for the fact that her family insisted on her returning to her hometown to work, Perhaps her fate with Liu Handong would continue. However, in the end, due to the difference in the city, Coupled with the opposition of their families, the two of them could only part ways. It was no different from the tens of thousands of couples who had broken up with us after graduation. However, One thing was different. They didn't hurt each other because of one thing. It could be considered a peaceful breakup. Now, there was a new bond and bond between them. They should even give each other their blessings.

She had been holding back from listening to Liu Handong's recording.

It was a strange feeling. Half an hour ago, when she was taking a shower and listening to the recording, her tears fell like rain again.

The tears were mixed with the warm water vapor from the lotus head. It was hard to tell which was the tears and which was the bath water.

It was only when the bath covered her entire body that she discovered that her eyes in the mirror were glowing red.

She knew that those were traces of tears.

She couldn't hide it from others.

However, at this moment, no one came to investigate, so it didn't matter whether she cried or not.

"Liu Handong is a member of the Han Dong Province's Jiang City Medical Assistance Team. This batch of medical team members are basically allocated to Silver Pond Hospital. Liu Handong is an exception. He was transferred by the party to stay in the Golden Pagoda Hospital!"


"[That's right!] Liu Guohui, a member of the National Health Committee's Severe Disease Treatment Specialist Group, specially appointed him! It's right to transfer him! He had ambitions, but he was not old. He had no ambitions and lived for a hundred years. Now, it seems that this fellow is truly formidable!"

"What kind of formidable method is this?"

"First of all, he is an elite in the field of emergency and critical illnesses in the affiliated hospitals of Handong University! He has been working until now and has experienced the fight against SARS, participated in the A Type H1N1, H7N9 avian flu, and other 'epidemic'. He has also successfully treated many critically ill patients. Ever since the outbreak of the new coronary virus psionic disease, Liu Handong has been paying attention to the progress of the epidemic and the progress of rescue in front of him. He has also actively applied to join the Hubei front line. "

"This guy is really good!"

"Of course he can! His mobility is simply heaven defying! That night, after Liu Handong received the notice that he was going to go to Jiang City for help the next day, other than simply tidying up his' luggage ', he also rushed to the hospital ward from Jiangning overnight. After tidying up the detailed treatment information of the patients in his jurisdiction, he properly took over the shift before he left so that he could leave the next morning with a peace of mind. "

"As expected, he still has the same personality as before. He is strict and serious, meticulous and meticulous. "

"You know him?"

. . . "Fellow student!"

"It's fate!"

"That's right, I bumped into your name, Director Yuan Fen! "

"Hahaha, that's true, that's true. . . "

. . . ""

Zhao Wenxin subconsciously turned off the recording and prepared to sleep. She would wake up tomorrow morning to sort it out.

Later on, she discovered that even if she covered her head with the blanket, she could not sleep.

She subconsciously fumbled around and then turned on the audio recorder pen's externalization.

"After coming to Jiang City, Liu Handong and the relevant leaders, department directors, and the head of the Nursing Department of the Golden Pagoda Hospital have worked together and discussed the work process. They have also divided the medical team members into groups and arranged for them to be sent to the corresponding ward area. In the next two days, they arranged for all the members to undergo the training of sensory control and pass strict tests one by one to ensure the safety of the members during the anti-epidemic work. "

"Isn't this all part of the routine work?"

"This is not only the routine work, but also the most important foundation. If you don't pass the test, you will be at risk of getting infected at any time. Furthermore, Liu Handong was assigned to the ward area where he was the busiest and most seriously ill patient ward! The ward is mainly used to treat patients with severe and critical conditions who are suffering from a new coronary virus. "

" It's really hard on him! "

"That's right! Every day, the hospital would organize relevant medical personnel to discuss critical and difficult patients in the hospital. Not only is this young man not absent from consultations and medical case discussions, he also specifically pointed out that critical and critical patients need to pay attention to the treatment of individual treatment. This view is quickly adopted and has achieved good results. "

"I don't think so. Does he have such talent in medicine?!"

"Not only that! Talents are all put together! Faced with the treatment of critically ill patients, Liu Handong bravely shouldered the heavy burden. During the rest time, he still rushed to the ward area to make ward rounds and understand the changes in the patient's condition. After learning that the blood platelets of critically ill patients with various basic diseases were extremely low, he and his team members promptly carried out remote consultations. They contacted the Blood Department colleagues who stayed at the affiliated hospital of Han Dong University to consult for treatment advice and formulate a comprehensive treatment plan. As a doctor, As a communist, he went all out. . . He led the members of the Sick Medical Treatment Assault Team to use the best medical services to help the patient recover as soon as possible. This shows the responsibility of the doctor. . . "

"Liu Handong is indeed outstanding!"

"His excellence can't be without the help of society. We have to thank Jiang City's local and Handong Province's Jiang City Medical Treatment Team for providing us with good care. We have to ensure that we have three meals a day and adjust the meal time when we work in the clinic! We have to make proper arrangements for the transportation to and from the hospital. The local enterprises in Jiang City, as well as the enthusiastic citizens, have donated fresh fruits and clothes to the medical team members regularly. This has touched us greatly! And the various protective equipment and resources that you have prepared. They have also helped us solve many urgent needs. . . "

" It is possible to thank the various societies, but I am still far from enough. I pay my respects to you! I pay my respects to Liu Handong! We pay our respects to all medical staff!"

. . . " "

Zhao Wenxin felt that the time she spent interviewing Department Director Yuan Fen far exceeded Liu Handong's.

She vaguely recalled the scene of the two of them having instant noodles together in the hotel lobby an hour ago.

They seemed to be talking about the past years, but they didn't get into the main topic of the interview.

As a result, the content of the draft that was released the next day could only be found from Yuan Fen's second-hand material about Liu Handong.

After Yuan Fen's recording was finished, it was almost enough for the content of a communication. Moreover, his words were full of dry goods, full of praise. However, the moment she finished writing, she hesitated for a moment. If a student saw this draft, would they be certain that it was for Liu Handong? Or would they misunderstand that their old relationship had been rekindled?

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