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C30 I'll Wait for You Here

Zhao Wenxin was too tired to take a rest, so she secretly went to the hospital.

However, she found that other than the busy nurse, there was also the doctor's rescue figure.

Before this, her exhaustion disappeared in an instant. She quickly continued to immerse herself in the tense interview work.

"15 medical staff members swore a solemn oath. "

"I swore an oath: to raise the spirit of humanity, to revere life, to save lives and heal injuries; to pass on the essence of medical skills, to the utmost perfection, to diagnose and treat illnesses and remove diseases. . . " On the morning of February 2, during the Han Dong Su Chuan rescue team's departure ceremony, 15 medical staff raised their fists and made a solemn vow together. As the first batch of medical team members in the city, they went to Jiang City to provide assistance in the pharyngitis epidemic against the new coronary virus.

On Feb. 1, at 3 PM, Su Chuan City's Health Committee received a notice from the provincial government. They sent a treatment team for critically ill patients to assist Jiang City in dealing with the new coronary virus infection. At 11 PM that night, the Provincial Health Committee once again informed that they needed to gather medical staff overnight to prepare for Jiang City's anti-epidemic line.

"At the end of January, when the entire city's epidemic prevention project started, The City Health and Health Committee received more than 10,000 medical staff petitions from the entire city. This time, the members of Su Chuan's Jiang City Medical Assistance Team were all selected from the petitioning medical staff. Each of them has rich experience in treating critically ill patients and taking care of them, and their overall quality is high. " The staff of Su Chuan City Health Committee introduced. Due to the urgency of the time, most of the medical staff received the notice at night. But none of them hesitated, no one retreated. They quickly prepared for the trip to Jiang City.

At around 10 AM on February 2nd, Cao Xinhong, Yang Minglan, Ding Lili, Qian Jingjuan, Lu Ju, Cao Jianghai, Ni Pingping, Yin Meng, and Zhang Rong of the First People's Hospital of Su Chuan City, Xia Xiaofang of the Shu Yang Alliance Hospital, Wang Juan of the Shu Yang Kindness Hospital, Ren Jing of the Si Yang County People's Hospital, Liu Xiaoqing of the Si Yang County Hospital. Chen Qiucheng from Hongshan County People's Hospital, Zang Qiuju from Hongshan County Golden Pavilion Hospital. 15 famous members of the Jiangcheng Medical Treatment Team were gathered at the City Health Committee. Reporters learned that the oldest of them was 39 years old. The youngest was 24 years old.

"I'm 27 years old this year, and I'm not married yet. Compared to the other team members, I feel less concerned. " As the only male in Su Chuan's rescue team, the Hongshan County People's Hospital nurse, Chen Qiucheng, told the reporters, "Although my parents are a little worried, they support me. "

At 10: 37 in the morning, after the professional training and expedition ceremony ended, 15 members boarded the car in succession, carrying responsibility and mission as they embarked on the journey of going against the natural order.

"With me around, I will definitely lead everyone to do their job well, complete the mission well, and return safely!" Before they set off, Cao Xinhong, the leader of Su Chuan's Jiang City Medical Treatment Team, said confidently. She was the associate chief physician of the General Surgery Department in the First People's Hospital of Su Chuan City, and she was also a mother.

On February 2nd, at one o'clock in the morning, the 36-year-old Cao Xinhong received a special call. She was informed that she was going to Jiang City for support. She asked if there were any difficulties at home. "No problem! I promise to complete the mission!" Cao Xinhong replied without hesitation, but after hanging up the phone, Cao Xinhong had made a mistake. How should she tell her husband and child? Cao Xinhong said, "I told my husband about the situation first. Because he is also a doctor. He will definitely support my decision. "

How could she tell the child? When the reporters asked, Cao Xinhong choked. She said," Afraid that the child will be worried, I didn't tell him! " Cao Xinhong's child was 15 years old this year. Recently, she had been paying attention to the epidemic. From time to time, she would remind her parents to take precautions in the hospital. "I went out early this morning. The child hasn't woken up yet. I hope he can understand Mom after he finds out!" Cao Xinhong said.

During the expedition ceremony, Cao Xinhong represented Su Chuan's Jiang City Medical Treatment Team to receive the flag of the party. She felt that she had an additional responsibility on her. Cao Xinhong said, "The epidemic is an order, and the ward is the battlefield. I am not only a medical worker, I am also a member of the Party. I will definitely take good care of my team members and bring them back safely! We are ready, Cao Xinhong said. Jiang City, we're here!"

February 1st was the first birthday of Cao Jianghai's child, the nurse of the First People's Hospital of Su Chuan City. He had just celebrated the child's birthday. A few hours later, Cao Jianghai received a notice that he was heading to Jiang City.

"My family is fine. Please rest assured!" On February 2nd, at one o'clock in the morning, Cao Jianghai hung up the phone and held the child in his arms until dawn.

The child is so young. Can you bear to part with him? "I can't bear to part with him. But this can't stop my determination to rush to the front line. Only we can build a 'protective wall' on the front line. The family behind you will be safer. " Cao Jianghai told the reporters that from the moment he wrote the petitions, She had never wavered, especially when her parents and husbands supported her decision. This made her feel very at ease.

As a 90-year-old reporter, Cao Jianghai told the reporter that. . . When SARS occurred in 2003, although it was still a primary school student, However, the scene of the entire nation united to fight against SARS was still unforgettable to her. "Now it's my turn to protect everyone's safety, I feel very proud!" Cao Jianghai said. "Whether as a member of the party or as a nurse, When people need it the most, we should stand up for them! "

"I'll wait for you here. " "We're waiting for you. " "Be careful, go home early. " Before leaving, Cao Jianghai, who was making his final preparations in the hospital, received three WeChat messages from his husband. He looked at the messages on his phone. Cao Jianghai couldn't help but tear up. However, when he heard the call of his team members to gather, Cao Jianghai hurriedly wiped his tears. He turned around and resolutely walked towards his companions.

On the night of February 1st, Zang Qiuju, the nurse in the intensive care unit of Jinting Hospital in Hongshan County Branch, received the notice that she was about to rush to Jiang City to participate in the prevention and control of the new coronary virus. The moment she received the notice, Zang Qiuju did not have time to think and quickly packed his luggage. However, at that moment, her father was still lying on the hospital bed.

Zang Qiuju was 29 years old. In June 2011, he graduated from school and worked at Golden Pavilion Hospital in Hongshan County. After working in the ICU for seven years, she had accumulated a lot of experience in nursing care.

"I also have worries in my heart, but I have to go at this time. " Zang Qiuju told the reporters that as a communist, she had the obligation and responsibility to stand up and contribute to the country.

Hong Shan County Branch Jin Ting Hospital's ICU nurse Yuan Yuyuan had known Zang Qiuju for more than 10 years and had worked together for 9 years. Yuan Yuyuan told the reporters, Zang Qiuju was very meticulous in his work and had high expectations for himself. She often carefully recorded every patient's condition and explained the situation to her colleagues when she took over the shift. Moreover, she often wrote her party members' insights. Sometimes, she was busy until late at night when she got off work. She also had to seriously write down her party members' insights. "I left in a hurry and didn't have time to say goodbye to my father, who was lying on the hospital bed. " Before leaving, Zang Qiuju told the reporters that his father wasn't in good health. He stayed in the hospital all year round, hoping that his father would get better soon. She hoped that her family wouldn't worry too much about her. She would definitely return safely.

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