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C31 Warm Disease

"We need to focus 120,000 on every patient with serious illness. "

"It's still alright. How many of them have withdrawn today? Their recovery is really not bad!"

"How is that Qiu Jincan's condition?"

"He is still using the medicine!"

"All the medicine (name, dosage, usage, starting time): 2 / box of sodium chloride injection of Abidol of Salt Acid: 2 / box of sodium chloride injection of Mosisha Mosisha: D Sodium chloride: D Sodium chloride infusion of QD Libavirin infusion: D Sodium chloride infusion: XD Sodium chloride infusion: 12H Injection: A panacea spray of ambergrine acidic, D Sodium chloride, QD. "

" Other treatment: Regenerative Interference A2B infusion infusion, Oral TiD prescriptions 1 / vial of the current situation (the situation when he was transferred to another department):

The patient found no fever, no phlegm, no cough, and no phlegm. Aware of chest tightness and negligence, Lack of strength, poor spirit. Dry in the mouth and dry in the stomach, even feeling stuffy in the chest. . . No vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea. Secondly, it was alright. He did not sleep well at night. Body temperature: 36. 9 degrees Celsius Pulse: 92 times / minute, rules. Breathing: 25 times / minute, blood pressure: 120 / 60 mHg Shen Qing, Severe mental energy, no yellow stains on the skin and Gong film of his entire body. Shallow lymph nodes, no swelling, swallowing congestion +. . . The double side tonsils were enlarged by II degrees, and the lungs were breathing heavily. One could hear a small amount of wet rotunes, HR95 times / minutes, and so on. Lunisolar, all valves not hearing any noise, His abdomen was flat and soft, no pressure pain nor reverse jumping pain. His liver, spleen, and ribs were not there yet. His kidneys were not in pain. There is no edema in the lower limbs. "

"Pain evaluation: Agony rating: not rated. "

"Agony treatment method: None, non-medicinal treatment, such as psychological guidance, physical treatment, etc. "

"Aphrodisiac treatment: Evaluation of discharge plan: Evaluation of needs (-), evaluation of family support system (- -), resource requirement assessment (-). "

[Current Diagnosis (All diagnoses and complications), met the criteria to be transferred out of the ICU (IUC exclusive)]

Breathing Respiratory rate 8 ~ 30 times / point.

[B Blood Pressure: Unauthorized vascular activity drug, contraction pressure: 90 mhg] [B Blood Pressure: Unauthorized vascular activity drug, contraction pressure: 90 mhg]

[C oxygen saturation] Low flow of oxygen (2L / minute), Oxygen saturation: 95%.

D heart rate: 60 ~ 120 heart rates / point.

E's blood sugar was normal, and his consciousness was restored.

F blood red protein, white cells, platelets were basically normal, infection and bleeding control.

G electrolyte was normal.

Other circumstances:

Referral to another department for reasons or objectives: Continue treatment.

Matters to be taken note of when transferring to another department: Pay attention to chest tightness and lack of strength.

. . .

Zhao Wenxin once again interviewed a big cow. She was so happy that she looked like a child.

Ding Zongshan, a member of the medical team, officially got on duty and entered the isolation ward.

At 12 o'clock in the afternoon of February 1st, the members of Han Dong's Aighr Medical Team, the associate chief physician of the Second People's Hospital of Huai Hai City's Respiratory Medicine Department, Ding Zongshan, and his two teammates officially entered the isolation ward of Jiangcheng City's Jiangxia District's First People's Hospital. In order to save time and resources, They were all dressed in diapers. "This is the first time in my life!" Ding Zongshan said with a smile. Since he was officially on duty, he hoped to do his best to save as many patients as possible. He completed the mission perfectly.

Zhao Wenxin called Ding Zongshan. It was 9: 30 that night. Speaking of the feeling of working on the first day, he smiled and said that it was alright. "Because we had made sufficient preparations before, and there might be a little pressure before we came, but when I stepped into the isolation ward, I quickly blended in. In front of me, there are only patients and work to be done. "

In order to increase work efficiency, they had made sufficient preparations. Among them was whether to pee or not. "There's no way to drink water or use the toilet after wearing protective clothing. " He said that unless he took off the protective suit, "But this is too much of a waste of time. It's not just a waste of time. It's also a waste of protective clothing. " Thus, for the sake of 'safety', In the past, I didn't wear it when I was young. At most, we wore diapers. " He said with a smile.

"A lot of the medical staff here are like this. They would rather be on shift. Even if they were to drag shift, they wouldn't be willing to change into protective clothing. We'll drink water and eat when we get off work. " Wearing a thick protective suit, he actually didn't feel comfortable working. "Wear it for half an hour. If you wear it for a long time, you will feel dizzy. You might not be able to breathe properly. " However, Ding Zongshan said that he was getting used to it better and better. The first two times he had worn it, he had felt a little better. This time, he was clearly much better. "Compared to the epidemic, This really isn't much, it can be completely overcome!"

On the first day of his shift, he felt the enthusiasm of the people from Jiang City. "I was deeply touched. " He said that the medical staff here had been in the same trench since a long time ago. "Let's advance and retreat together and resist the epidemic together!"

. . .

Detailed instructions needed to be carried out for the undergraduate special treatment project: Proceed according to the standard.

Patient's special psychological condition instructions: Proceed according to the standard.

[Important indications: [Under normal circumstances]: Clearness, poor spirit, Inhale congestion + +, double-sided tonsils # II swollen. [Gong membrane untainted] His double pupils were large and round, and they were sensitive to the reflection of light. The neck was soft, and the trachea was in the middle. R25 times per minute. The sound of breathing was thick in both lungs. He could smell a small amount of wet rotunes. HR95 times. The rhythm is perfect, the valves do not have any noise. His abdomen was flat and soft, no pressure pain nor reverse jumping pain. His liver, spleen, and ribs were not there yet. His kidneys were not in pain. There was no edema in his lower limbs.

Inspection result: Outer court checked the positive nature of the new coronary virus. The chest CT indicated that it was viral pharyngitis. 2020-02-05 electrocardiogram, disconnecting V6.

The following results were only for reference: Dou Sex cardiac rhythm, contraction before the pharyngeal period. R-wave incremental adverse V2, V3T flat I, AVL, V4, V52020-02-03 chest + full abdomen, 1. Dual lung interstitial lesions, viral pharyngitis possible. Please combine the clinical and other diagnostic analysis, and perform post-treatment follow-up. 2. Aortic aorta and branching blood vessels atherosclerosis. 3. The double-sided vertebral bow of the waist and 5 vertebrae ruptured. 2020-03 head horizontal sweep, brain atrophy, 2020-02-10 TCM - Liver Function 2: Total cholesterone 20. 3UML, directly cholesterone 10. 4UML, total protein 54. 5 / L, white protein 32. 7 / L, 2020-02-10 TCM - Calcium Subduing Origin Test: Calcium Subduing Origin Test 0. 11 / ML, 2020-02-TCM 10 - Normal Blood Examination: 5. 5549 / L, neutral cell percentage 81. 10%. Hospital Diagnosis: Confirm diagnosis of a new coronary virus pharyngitis.

Warmth disease, perineurium disease, coronary virus as a classification of other diseases: perineurium disease.

Treatment process: A little bit.

All the treatments and surgeries that had been carried out. Treatment: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Main medication (name of medication, dosage, usages, starting date): 2 / box of sodium chloride infusion of sodium chloride in Abidol, Salt Acid, D Sodium Chloride Infusion Serum D, Sodium Chloride Infusion Serum D, Sodium Chloride Infusion Serum D, Sodium Chloride Infusion Serum D, Sodium Chloride Infusion Serum D, D Sodium Chloride Injection Sack D, D Sodium QD09, Sodium Chloride Injection Sack D, Sodium Chloride Injection Sack D, D Sodium Chloride Infusion Serum D, QD. . .

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