Chinese Doctors/C32 Nuclear Acid Test Negative
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Chinese Doctors/C32 Nuclear Acid Test Negative
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C32 Nuclear Acid Test Negative

Zhao Wenxin got into the fight almost everyday.

The New Mirror News had also made use of the famous effects of the "Medical Followers of China" program to quickly become widely known.

For the first time, they went deep into the epidemic area's clinical line, and the situation went smoothly.

On February 1st, Han Dong received a temporary notice that the second batch of reinforcements to Jiang City's medical team, Gusu Team members, Kunshan City First People's Hospital's associate chief physician in the field of critically ill medicine, Yuan Hua, immediately rushed to Jiangcheng City's Jiangxia District First People's Hospital to directly participate in the treatment of the patients.

This was the first time Yuan Hua went deep into the epidemic area's clinical line, and he expressed that the situation was going smoothly. As a medical expert of severe illness, he was more or less nervous before he went to face a disease that clearly had the characteristics of a person's successor. However, after many days of repeated inpatient training and protective clothing removal exercises, Yuan Hua expressed that everyone's safety was guaranteed.

Before this, Yuan Hua was more worried about the patient. In the beginning, he had communicated with the local medical staff about the patient's scans and condition through his phone. On the night of February 1st, he went to the ward and directly participated in the treatment. The patient cooperated very well and the treatment process went smoothly.

It had been a while since he left Su Ru, and Yuan Hua expressed that he missed Su's colleagues and family. "There is an epidemic all over the country, but Jiang City is a bit more serious here. No matter where we medical workers are, we'll do the same to protect ourselves and save lives and injuries. " When talking about family members, Yuan Hua couldn't help choking up. . .

This time, including Yuan Hua and the other 48 Gusu medical staff, The second batch of reinforcements from Handong to Jiang City went to the local hospital and went deep into Jiang City's clinical line. In the big family of Han Dong Medical Team, The relationship between the team members was very harmonious. "We are a group. " Yuan Hua said that on the night of the first day, he and Yangzhou's medical staff went to the hospital ward together. They cooperated very well. Everyone ate and lived together, fought together, communicated with each other, and allocated resources. They united as a city, and he believed that they would be able to resist time and hardship together.

Zhao Wenxin learned that on the afternoon of January 29th, Yuan Hua, who was in Jiang City, and the other 20 members of the team, submitted an application to the Party Branch of Gusu City's medical team "Medical Road Vanguard. " They used their actions to explain the meaning of "Vanguard. "

Liu Handong continued to instruct the work arrangements.

Other arrangements: Treatment effect : Current status of treatment after hospitalization (status during transfer):

The patient still had chest tightness and discomfort, and just a little bit of activity could aggravate it. There was no fever or coughing and phlegm. 98% blood oxygen saturation. The body was checked to be clear. Mental energy deficiency, blood loss of swallowing + Two-sided tonsils II swollen. His Gong membrane was not yellow, and his double pupils were large and round. Able to reflect light, soft neck. In the Air Pipeline, R32 time / minute. The sound of lungs breathing was thick, and there was a small amount of wet rotunes. HR99 times / score, Lu Qi. His abdomen was flat and soft, and he didn't hear any noise from his valves. No pressure pain nor reverse jump pain. His liver and spleen did not reach below the ribs. There was no pain in the kidneys, and there was no edema in the lower limbs.

Painful treatment methods: None, non-medication-related treatment, such as psychological guidance, physical treatment, and so on. Medicine treatment: Evaluation of the discharge plan: Evaluation of care needs (-), Family Support System Assessment (-), Resource Requirement Assessment (-)

Current diagnosis (All diagnoses and complications): Confirmed to be a new type of coronary infectious pharyngitis.

Warm, cold, and dampened lung disease as a classification of other diseases. Warm and dampened lung disease as a result of the classification of other diseases meet the criteria to be transferred to the ICU (exclusive to the ICU):

Respiratory tract Breathe frequency. 40 times / minute, 30 times / minute, and lasts for more than 6 hours, or 8 times / minute.

[B Blood Pressure]: Retractable Pressure: 0. 80mHg, or Average Arterial Pressure: 0. 60mHg

C Oxygen Endurance: When breathing in 50% of oxygen, 0. 90%

D Heart Rate: Dou Sex Heart Rate: 150 times / score, or 0. 30 times / score; Heart Rate is irregular and there are changes in blood mobility.

Blood sugar: 35ml / l, or 0. 2mml / l, and has a change in consciousness.

FHb: 50g / l, and there is a change in blood mobility; White blood cells: 2. 109 = 30x 109 / l, and there are serious infection symptoms; platelets: 20 x 109 / l, and there are serious bleeding symptoms.

G blood sodium: 120 ml / L, 160 ml / l, blood nitrogen: 2. 5ml / l / l, blood calcium: 3. [75 ml / l]

Other situations:

Reason for transfer or purpose Transfer to my department for further specialist treatment.

Transfer to post-treatment plan. [Postnatal Treatment Plan]

Diagnotic Plan: None.

Treatment Plan: 1. Conventional care from the Department of Infectious Disease, special care for diseases, Closely isolated; 2. Complete the relevant examination and further clear diagnosis; 3. Apply Abydola, antiviral to the virus. Treatment of diseases; 4. Medicine is mainly used to "dehumidify and cure lungs and expel evil. " The prescription is used to add and decelerate with the Markino Ganoderma soup. The specific prescription is as follows: Almond 6G. [Verdant Arts: 15 grams, Chen Pi: 10 grams. ] Thick and simple 10 grams, Patchouli incense 10 grams, Yi Ke Ren 10g, Ma Huang 6g, 10g Qiang live, 10g raw ginger, Areca, 10g. . .

One dosage per day, the formula granules would be divided into two portions, and they would be taken twice in a day or two.

Observing the changes in the condition, he could adjust the treatment plan at any time.

Health education plan: Perform according to the standard.

Treatment target: Nuclear acid test negative.

The patient still had chest tightness and discomfort. He could get more serious if he moved a little. There was no fever or cough or phlegm.

2020, 10th, 02, 2239 hours.

Physical examination: Body temperature: 36. 9 degrees Celsius, pulse: 82 times / minute. Regulations: Breathing: 25 times / minute Regulations blood pressure: 120 / 60 mhg blood oxygen saturation 91%. Clarity, mental energy deficiency. Pupils, blood clots, double tonsils, I'm swollen, Double side pupils and other large circles are sensitive to light reflection, His neck was soft, and his trachea was in the middle. R32 / minute, thick lungs breathing. He could smell a small amount of wet Luo Yin. HR82 times. The rhythm was perfect, the valves did not hear any noise. His abdomen was flat and soft, no pressure pain, and the reverse jump pain. His liver, spleen, and ribs were not there yet. His kidneys were not in pain. There was no edema in his lower limbs.

Auxiliary examination: Outer court checking the new coronary virus, RNA positive, chest CT indicating viral pharyngitis 2020-02-05 electrocardiogram, the results below V6 from the guide can only be used to refer to Dou Sex cardiac rhythm. The contraction period before the pharyngeal period is adverse to V2, V3. T wave flat I, AVL, V4, V5 and 2020. -02-03 Cardiovascular + Full abdomen, 1. Intravascular mutations in the lungs, viral pharyngitis may be possible. Please combine it with clinical and other diagnostic analysis, as well as post-treatment follow-up. 2. Aortic aorta and branch blood vessels atherosclerosis. 3. The double-sided vertebral bow of the waist and 5 vertebrae ruptured. 2020-02-03 head horizontal sweep 1. Brain atrophy, 2020-02-10 TCM - Liver Function 2: Total cholesterol 20. 3UML, directly cholesterone 10. 4UML, total protein 54. 5 g / L, white protein 32. 7 g / L.

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